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Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score 1) 285

Don't be a fool.

Right back at you.

No one cared about Saddam's chemical weapons until it turned out he was never even close to having nuclear ones. The U.S. went into Iraq (for the second time) on the promise that Saddam Hussein had or would soon have a nuclear weapon and that he was likely to use it against the United States or one of it's allies. The information to justify this claim came from a single source, a drug-addicted Iraqi defector who basically said whatever his handlers wanted as long as kept him supplied with booze and drugs. This information was deliberately fed to intelligence agencies of several different countries to create the appearance of multiple sources.

The false pretences were nuclear, when the claims proved too absurdly wrong, the story changed to be chemical weapons, instead. Which Saddam didn't have either since he had long ago used the ones that the United States had provided to him.

Comment Re:Snowden unquestionably hurt the intel community (Score 1) 285

There is a book on the subject that details how Snowden negatively impacted US intelligence.

He certainly "negatively impacted" US intelligence, though it's a lot like how a police officer "negatively impacted" the criminal he just arrested. The US intelligence agencies did all the harm to themselves, and when you were made aware of their criminal activities, you chose to blame the messenger and the not the criminals.

Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score 0) 285

Iraq was invaded in 2003 under the official pretense that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Well it turned out that he had none which means either the US's intelligence is so shit that they found something that wasn't there or that US intellgience had lied about what they knew. Either way, this makes the invasion of Iraq purely stupid and illegal - the justification of invading Iraq was totally unfounded.

Don't be a fool.

First option is the chemical weapons were moved into some hole in the ground out in nowhere-land desert and the guys that did it killed on purpose by the regime or just through ordinary action in war. This is unlikely, but could have been done if an appropriate way to make it look like something else during spy satellite image processing.

Number two is that they never had those weapons to any appreciable degree, but the cronies told other cronies they had them, so there was a widespread belief that they existed. How does a spy tell the difference between information about chemical weapons that is true, and information about chemical weapons that is false but believed to be true? Saddam's underlings were weaving an extensive lie to him to stay alive.

Also. They DID have those weapons and used them against Iran. USA SOLD THEM to him.

Saddam having those weapons was entirely plausible at the onset of the war.

True, it was probably a bunch of Bush dick waving and a big distraction from the real problem (Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other places with islamists gathering strength) however your conclusion it was all about false pretenses for chemical weapons isn't a sound one.

Comment Re:Smart TV (Score 1) 148

Is there really any reason to buy a "Smart" TV, versus a standalone display?

There are good "dumb" TVs out there. I picked up a "hisense" which is apparently a very popular brand in south east asia, it's a dumb TV with HDMI input, component input and that's it. The remote is simple and it looks great. The speakers are even surprisingly good, much of the time for regular sitcom TV I just use those rather than my Onkyo reciever and surround system.

These things are out there, just be willing to go to a different brand than the usual line up. (BTW Hisense is available at Costco. Not sure where else, try Target.)

Comment Re:Transition (Score 5, Informative) 229

And in 20 years, both of you will realize a close in small screen is a completely dumb idea only a kid would want to have.

Eyesight beyond 40 is NOT conducive to any type of product like that. You'd have to assume lots of medical breakthroughs that are safe, effective, AND inexpensive to fix eyesight first.

Now get off my lawn.

Comment Re:Not too hard (Score 1) 67

So far as I've ever heard, all credit card numbers are generated according to an algorithm that can be fairly easily reverse-engineered, so this 'news' really isn't a surprise at all to me. Other than that he's doing more-or-less a brute-force attack on PoS terminals by tossing 'up to 40 (fake) cards' at them. I think in the end the only thing that will be impressive about this is what AmEx may do to him legally (criminal or civil) first for creating this device, then revealing it publicly; he gave enough details already that anyone moderately competent should be able to duplicate it and go on a fraud-spree.

Judging by the number of times I have seen people posting online "my card was compromised before I got it in the mail" or "before first use" ALL of the CC issuers have the same problem.

If the card gets compromised once, it's replacement is relatively easy to compromise as well.

Comment Re:Yeah, I've worked with a few of those (Score 1) 490

Yes, I'm pretty sure that the correlation is the other way than the headline.

Based on what evidence?

That would-be terrorists are more likely to become engineers, in part to get the necessary skills to make the "tools of the trade".

Seems like a slow and expensive way to learn how to make a bomb.

Comment Re: Time to change my job description.... (Score 1) 490

That is true, but stupid people often think that anyone wearing a turban is Islamic. Seriously.

As a side note, It's interesting to see that Gamergate's war against "corruption in the games media" now extends to fabricating evidence to slander their critics. I guess Gamergaters really are dedicated to showing us all who the truly dishonest people are...

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