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Comment: why the hell does billg want to teach these kids (Score 1) 63

by swschrad (#49552943) Attached to: Think Tanks: How a Bill [Gates Agenda] Becomes a Law

and then hire a bunch of Tata Indians to do the work for half price, leaving all these students with new diplomas no way to pay their student loans?

damn stupid program he's pushing. jump one way or jump the other way, but get off the barbed wire fence. that's electrified, too.

Comment: Re:"forced" (Score 1) 605

by tbannist (#49545051) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

The government has no business forcing people to get any medical treatment or discriminating against those who do not.

Why? Why should you be allowed to endanger the health of your fellow citizens and their families?

Reasonable precautions to prevent epidemics seems like "promoting the general welfare" which is the very foundation of government.

Comment: Re:"forced" (Score 1) 605

by tbannist (#49540541) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

If they wanted to mitigate the risk of disease the medical exception would not be in there. They are just as dangerous if not more so (often it's compromised immune system as the medical reason so they pick up things easily). This bill is coercion by the state for parents to comply, it has no apparent medical effect if it leaves one class of unvaccinated children in school but not others.

Just like a $5 dollar discount coupon has no effect, since I still have to pay the rest of the bill?

The rate of medical exemptions is reasonable stable and small, and as long as the rate of people who had special exemptions was similarly low it was an acceptable risk, however, thanks to vaccine paranoia and the frauds who peddle it, the rate of unvaccinated children with special exemptions has rise dramatically, and no longer falls into "acceptable risk". So the exemptions are going away, and the parents of these children will have to find a different way to be ignorant and dangerous.

Comment: makes sense, my osX 10.5 died about that time (Score 2) 358

by swschrad (#49538555) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

so I just moved iTunes to the windows laptop and will have to re-rip the material not bought on the iStore. my iPod mini's third battery is about gone, so I'm picking up a Shuffle on the way home from work.

you know, it's funny, shit dies. my Atwater Kent 20C works, but the newer stuff dies.

Comment: recent revelations, my speckled behind (Score 3, Interesting) 64

by swschrad (#49537949) Attached to: New Privacy Concerns About US Program That Can Track Snail Mail

when the automated sorting system v.2 was installed, maybe 15 or 20 years ago, the USPS at that time said that they captured pictures of all mail. doubtless it was seen as a marvel of engineering that they did all that at one fell swoop, and a big boast. the initial automation system of the 70s/80s didn't.

Comment: Re:Bad Example, Maybe (Score 3, Informative) 605

by tbannist (#49537877) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California
You have to be very careful with Penn and Teller, they have a strong libertarian bent and they seem to frequently fail when researching issues that involve their politics. I wouldn't trust them on issues like second hand smoke that they are likely to view as "government interference". It tends to make them derp out and present a weak one-sided case as if there were no valid counter-arguments. Personally, I stopped watching "Bullshit" after a few too many political shows where they left me disappointed with their half-assed, one-sided, "facts".

Comment: Re:Disgusting. (Score 1) 675

by jafiwam (#49535879) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden

This country is so damn rotten. I can't wait for grandpa to die already.

Note that

Americans overall say by plurality that Snowden has done "more to hurt" U.S. national security (43 percent) than help it (20 percent).

doesn't mean that grandpa thinks that Snowden is a terrorist or that Snowden did anything wrong. The problem with surveys like this is that any interpretation of them will be skewed. Without knowing how the person interpreted the question you can't say anything about the answer.

Say that you find a wallet containing $1000 on the street. You have the option to return the wallet to the owner, keep it or keep the money and return the wallet. If you ask someone if they will be financially better off if they keep the wallet/money compared to if they return it then the answer will be that they are better off if they keep the money. If you ask what they think is the right thing to do you get another answer. (Hopefully.)

Short term I can agree that Snowdens actions probably hurt national security and the revelation clearly damaged the U.S. image. Over a longer timespan it was the right thing to do and will in the long run help with creating a global stability based on mutual trust. The NSA idea of security is to strike first against the neighbor. The ideal scenario is to have a neighbor that you can ask to look after your house while you are on vacation.

No. The fuckers "running" the US damaged the US's image. The NSA has all kinds of support in looking at the OTHER GUY's citizens.

The toolbags in charge turned all that around and used the government AGAINST the citizens, 99.995% of whom were doing nothing wrong and who's rights were absolutely violated.

If Snowden didn't do what he did, somewhere, someone else, would have. And the thing is, if you aren't doing anything wrong when your shit gets revealed then you don't have a lot to worry about.

Comment: Re:ok but (Score 1) 398

In the case of a police officer when they interpret the law wrong there should be repercussions.


When a politician sponsors a bill and its found unconstitutional, there should be repercussions. When a DA files charges against someone and loses, there should be repercussions.

There already are repercussions. These are elected positions, no? You and your neighbours can decide to not vote for these people come next election. What's that? It's hard to remove corrupt public officials from office? Yeah, I'm well aware of this. Doesn't mean it's not, at least theoretically, possible. Yes, it will take lots of work, but then this is your country. And mine too. Hopefully we will eventually get enough critical mass to remove them. I just hope we can do it before they manage to completely shred what's left of the Constitution.

Bullshit there are repercussions. The voters actually vote for the corrupt, anti-constitutional politicians specifically BECAUSE they intend to violate the constitution. Diane Fiendstien has been trying to wipe out the 2nd Amendment for FOURTY YEARS and is still in office, simply because liberal Commifornians want to violate the rights of others.

Go ask your local liberal hippie if it thinks you should be allowed to own a gun. The answer is "no". And it votes that way.

Comment: Re:Can't say as I blame them. (Score 1) 229

By spending $5 on something, you would be telling Valve that you're a paying customer and not a freeloader who's actively working to destroy their system?

However, with your rant you are telling me that you're a paranoid drama queen.

But I may be biased, because this will cost me nothing because I have already paid more than $5 to buy some cheap games during the summer and winter sales. I would imagine that for the vast majority of Steam's customers it will also cost them nothing because they are actually customers and have spent some money with Steam at some point in the past. You represent a corner case, a rare exception, a freeloader who legitimately (by your claim) uses Steam's services without ever paying Valve anything.

I'm telling Valve that I'm willing to pay additional money for a service that was supposed to already have been paid for with my purchase of the initial game.

I've seen this claim before (probably from you), but I'm don't know what game you bought that you think entitles you to permanent and unlimited access to all the services of Steam in perpetuity.

...though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"