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Comment: Fucking moron journalist. And guy is a she. (Score 0) 1134

by itomato (#40513627) Attached to: Has the Command Line Outstayed Its Welcome? A smattering of the pithy morsels from this dedicated enthusiast:

Five last-minute gifts for open source fans (Dec 23, 2011)

10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Linux Geeks (Dec 21, 2010)

12 Ubuntu Derivatives You Should Consider (Nov 22, 2010)

Fact or Fiction? Top 8 Linux Myths Debunked (Sep 10, 2010)

Top 5 Mistakes Made by Linux First-Timers (Oct 14, 2010)

Linux Barbies Battle the Command Line (Mar 28, 2009)

I *did* cherry pick a little bit, but generally speaking, I've seen cotton candy less fluffy than this.

Comment: External (Score 1) 300

Buy a nice USB 10-key pad.

Here's one from Lenovo:
..and one from Adesso with mechanical keyswitches:

I can't bear the thought of limiting the whole of the machine by whether it has a (nearly) usable 10-key pad.

Comment: Devs don't sit on clouds. (Score 1) 382

by itomato (#33588962) Attached to: Shuttleworth Answers Ubuntu Linux's Critics

I'll tell you what needs to happen. All these grateful and passionate Users need to band together and organize a conference.

Once that happens, invite all the Developers to 'come down from their cloud' to visit and participate in this conference.

The list of workshops you'll want to develop will include 'The life of a Bug; From Discovery to Patch', 'Version Control for Laypeople', and a three parter on 'How Open Source Works'.

Get off your cloud? How about 'get off your duff'?

Just like Shuttleworth started Canonical to address userspace conditions, someone needs to get going on the meatspace support structure. Even older than your xfree86.conf file are the arguments 'Devs don't understand Users' and 'Sales doesn't understand Engineering'.

Now, how about stepping up to the plate?

Comment: Dell should start with smaller potatoes. (Score 1) 169

by itomato (#33468774) Attached to: Where Does Dell Go After Losing 3Par?

Sorry SuperMicro, but you could use a bigger umbrella.

So, Dell: Buy SuperMicro

Also, Dell, you need to make some serious inroads in the backend service arena. There are several dozen cloud service and storage business starting up every week. Buy two or three of each. Three billion Dollars should go pretty far in this arena.

Split the software and services from the hardware. While you're at it, buy or invest heavily in implementation and sales engineer forces.

Once all the divisions are established, take some of the leftover funds and run a few Super Bowl ads around Dell Ver. 2.0, where directly offered services come with the requisite backing (whether cloud or otherwise)

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