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Comment: Fucking moron journalist. And guy is a she. (Score 0) 1134

by itomato (#40513627) Attached to: Has the Command Line Outstayed Its Welcome? A smattering of the pithy morsels from this dedicated enthusiast:

Five last-minute gifts for open source fans (Dec 23, 2011)

10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Linux Geeks (Dec 21, 2010)

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Fact or Fiction? Top 8 Linux Myths Debunked (Sep 10, 2010)

Top 5 Mistakes Made by Linux First-Timers (Oct 14, 2010)

Linux Barbies Battle the Command Line (Mar 28, 2009)

I *did* cherry pick a little bit, but generally speaking, I've seen cotton candy less fluffy than this.

Comment: External (Score 1) 300

Buy a nice USB 10-key pad.

Here's one from Lenovo:
..and one from Adesso with mechanical keyswitches:

I can't bear the thought of limiting the whole of the machine by whether it has a (nearly) usable 10-key pad.

The absent ones are always at fault.