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Comment Macromedia FreeHand MX (Score 1) 889

It's ``just'' Altsys Virtuoso for NeXTstep w/ some updates (Virtuoso 2 was ~= to FreeHand 4, plus some bugs).

The thing is, what I'd really like to have is Altsys Virtuoso (which was announced for Windows NT), but on NeXT/OPENstep. Using Windows at a new task at work, and every day, I miss Mac OS X, or at least the things which OPENSTEP afforded to Mac OS X:

  - pop-up main menu
  - tear-off / repositionable sub-menus
  - Services
  - Shelf (Sidebar on Mac OS X)
  - Miller column filebrowser
  - Display PostScript (Quartz née Display PDF on Mac OS X)

Could we just finish up GNUstep?

Comment Re:Beans not brains (Score 1) 200

They're the only people making an operating system which:

  - runs on a wide variety of hardware and form factors
  - has a good handwriting recognition system
  - allows one to run arbitrary apps

FWIW, I'm still fuming over being forced to quit using my just about perfect Fujitsu Stylistic ST4121 w/ its irreplaceable daylight viewable display, 'cause Microsoft needed to kick people off Windows XP and the web is now using so much JavaScript a 933MHz Pentium III w/ 768 MB RAM (and a 4GB SSD) can't browse it.

Best option I could find was a Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 (tried an Asus Vivotab Note 8, but the screen was too small and the digitizer gave out, otherwise, it worked well), but:

  - it runs Windows 8, which I mislike (and Windows 10 is looking to be worse on the tablet front)
  - doesn't have a daylight viewable display

I suppose I should buy yet another docking station for my Stylistic (my wife and son killed the previous two somehow) and then try Linux on it again.

Comment Re:Please celebrate the Pad angle as well (Score 1) 219

Right, the T900 is from 5 years ago, the EEE Slate is almost as old.

I'd like something contemporary, ideally something w/ the potential to last as long as my Stylistic (oh yeah, and it needs to fit in my old laptop bag, so no larger than the ST-4121, which both machines you noted fail at).

Currently making do w/ a Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10, but the lack of a daylight viewable display is really starting to annoy me.

Comment Please celebrate the Pad angle as well (Score 1) 219

The initial ThinkPad was conceived as a tablet computer (named for the leather pad holders embossed w/ ``THINK'' which IBM issued to its employees — see the book _ThinkPad: A Different Shade of Blue_ for the backstory on that).

Really wishing that my ThinkPad x61T were a real replacement for my Fujitsu Stylistic ST-4121 --- features I need:

  - better stylus implementation (Wacom EMR is fine, so long as it's done well, Samsung certainly has this down, Toshiba w/ Wacom’s new AES has done well)
  - daylight viewable display --- that's the big failing on most machines now, one can only get a true daylight viewable display on rugged machines sold to (and priced for) military, LEO and construction

Comment Why not use the email server as CMS front-end? (Score 1) 203

This is something which I've been wondering about for a while --- given that people won't be disciplined enough to use a wiki or other content management system, why not just dump all corporate communications into a single archive?

Use some sort of expert system to make an initial effort at putting things into a hierarchy based on sender, recipient and subject line, strip out all attachments and replace them w/ a link to the stored copy of the file.

If need be, have some sort of system for determining access levels based on recipient.

Bonus is people would be forced to accept that work e-mail was to be used for work stuff only.

Comment Need to understand it's not a memory typewriter (Score 1) 302

The problem for how most people use technology is that they accept the defaults, then laboriously, manually, at each necessary point, alter things by hand so as to achieve the desired effect.

Understanding how to set up:

  - style sheets (even in a basic word processor)
  - macros (yep, word processors have these too)
  - piping commands at the command line
  - semantic tagging

will go a long way towards making them more productive (and me much happier when I get book manuscripts which are properly set up).

Hint, if you find it necessary to turn off the viewing of special characters 'cause of the visual noise, you're doing it wrong.

FORTRAN is not a flower but a weed -- it is hardy, occasionally blooms, and grows in every computer. -- A.J. Perlis