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Comment: Re:I PC game, and have zero reason to upgrade (Score 1) 55

by hairyfeet (#47807951) Attached to: AMD Releases New Tonga GPU, Lowers 8-core CPU To $229

That is the dirty little secret both sides don't want to talk about and why guys like me have branched into home theater and networking setups as there really isn't any reason to upgrade if you aren't one of the 5% or so that push a system to the limit and even they are finding it harder to justify.

What neither chip maker wants to admit is that from 1993 to 2006 what we had was a BUBBLE, no different than the real estate or dotbomb bubbles. The MHz race meant that a 2 year old PC would be seriously struggling to run the latest software and a 3 year old PC probably wouldn't run half of the new programs. In one 4 year stretch I went from 300Mhz to 2200MHz, over 7 times the clockrate while having the memory and storage space just about double with each of the 4 systems between 300Mhz and 2200MHz. Since I too am a gamer during this period I was having to chunk my system almost yearly just because of how quickly the raw power was growing, it was insane.

Now compare to the system I have now....the system is nearly 5 years old, with a 4 year old hexacore and a GPU that has been out nearly 2 years....but why would I build a new one? Thanks to Turbocore my system has no problems playing the latest games, most of which only use a couple of cores, while the RAM is slower DDR2 I have 8 GB of it so games and videos are buttery smooth and with 3TB of HDD space and room for an SSD I'm certainly not hurting on the storage front. All I did was slap in a $100 HD7750 to replace my aging HD4850 (which frankly still played the newer games just fine, it was just a heat monster) and everything plays great, with more bling than I can pay attention to in the heat of battle.

And of course the gamers are the minority...what about the majority? Luckily I have just about the most perfect "Joe Average" test case any PC shop guy could ask for in my dad, his PC usage is about as ordinary and middle of the road as one can get. Webmail, video chat, watching movies, web surfing, you can't get more average when it comes to test cases. When the Phenom IIs dropped right before the Bulldozer release I thought "Ya know, its been awhile since I built him that $199 Phenom I quad special**, now that the prices have dropped maybe its time to upgrade his system" so I ran a log for a couple weeks on his home and office systems just to see how hard they were being slammed...the result? That Phenom I quad was maxing out at 35% and the Pentium Dual at work was maxing out at just 45%!

So there really isn't any reason to upgrade any longer, systems went from "good enough, but just barely" to "fire breathing funny cars that spend more time idling than working". This is also why I have no problem remaining an AMD exclusive shop, as it really doesn't matter if AMD releases on the smallest nm or even comes out with new chips as the ones they have is so overpowered it just isn't funny, and my customers just love how much power I can give them for very little $$$.

**- Man those that missed jumping on the Phenom I don't know what they missed, thanks to the TLB bug I was grabbing those chips for $30 a triple and $45 a quad and to this day they make great desktops, even have a customer that does 3D robotics design on a Phenom I X3 and it works great. The best "bang for the buck" deals right now for those that want a real steal? If you want an HTPC the socket AM1 quads are just nuts, you can grab the APU and the board for less than $100 and if you need an ULV server you can save $15 by swapping the Athlon quad for the Sempron. On the desktop front the Athlon X3s and Phenom X3 on AM3 are just highway robbery, with those chips easily found in the $45 range and paired with a cheap AAC board I'm seeing close to 80% unlocks on these. A 3GHz+ quad for less than $50? You just can't beat that. For the gamers many are recommending the Athlon 750K for FM2 but I'm bucking the trend and saying grab the FX6300 AM3 because you can grab an X6 with a turbo of 4.1 GHz for just $106 shipped. With the FX you are getting two chips in one, a really fast triple for your single threaded games and a hexacore for your $106? Its a steal.

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by mysidia (#47806981) Attached to: In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

I don't know. It sounds like they kidnapped him in the night, forced him to leave hims hometown, and have imprisoned him somewhere against his will, just based on a fictional novel --- probably a jail or psych ward, where they are already administering drugs, so he won't have the mental faculties left to pursue any action, not that he could without ability to travel and speak to an attorney.

McLaw was suspended by the Dorchester County Board of Education pending an investigation and is no longer in the area. He is currently at a location known to law enforcement and does not currently have the ability to travel anywhere.

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by Gaygirlie (#47806417) Attached to: AMD Releases New Tonga GPU, Lowers 8-core CPU To $229

I suspect my next CPU will be arm(MIPS)

ARM-devices are awesome, fun toys to play with. There's a good selection of them on if you happen to be interested. I think it's amazing how full-fledged a computer you can get with a 60€ ARM-device, you just need to supply a HDD, kb+m and display and POOF, you're all set. Plus most of the board allow you to tinker with all sorts of addon extensions and whatnot.

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by mysidia (#47801889) Attached to: New Nigerian ID Card Includes Prepay MasterCard Wallet

The government confiscating all your cash in a time of financial turmoil however... that's pretty much guaranteed to happen.

If they had wanted to be truly innovative... the card would not be a Mastercard, but a Bitcoin hardware wallet, where the user would have to program it with their Public/Private key pair, and each citizen would be given at least three... one pair of e-cards primary/backup, and a paper document that could be used to prove ID in order to replace documents in case the other two were lost, so they could carry the first, lockup the second someplace safe, and put the third in a safety deposit vault.

Comment: Re:UNCENSORED high-speed internet (Score 1) 490

by PPH (#47800681) Attached to: Grand Ayatollah Says High Speed Internet Is "Against Moral Standards"

Thus I conclude that internet porn is just fine, so long as it's consumed slowly, scanline by scanline. He clearly wants you to enjoy the anticipation.

Or he wants his wives to think that stopping suddenly in the middle of having sex* is normal behavior.

*It's called 'buffering' honey. I saw it on the Internet.

Comment: Re:Sue police department, this is routine procedur (Score 2) 417

by PPH (#47800635) Attached to: Deputy Who Fatally Struck Cyclist While Answering Email Will Face No Charges

Therefore I think it may be correct that the police department that established the dangerous policy is held responsible.


Sadly, the courts have eliminated all expectations of judgement in the performance of police duties. So we should expect officers to comply with the letter of department procedures rather than applying common sense. And if an error occurs, it is the result of flawed policy rather than an individual's responsibility.

Comment: Re:cycling facts (Score 1) 417

by PPH (#47800519) Attached to: Deputy Who Fatally Struck Cyclist While Answering Email Will Face No Charges

Cyclists came first and were the impetus for modern roads

I think that would be the horse (or ox) and wagon. Not many bicycles in ancient Rome.

The advent of the automobile was heralded as a major environmental improvement in many cities as it eliminated the problems of horse shit and dead horse carcasss.

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by PPH (#47800161) Attached to: The Passenger Pigeon: A Century of Extinction


Not so much of a problem anymore. People don't often hunt for sustenance anymore. Mostly for sport.

habitat loss

I don't know how similar passenger pigeons are to their modern relatives. But it would seem that they could easily adapt to urban life, given enough cars and statues to shit on. The problem here would be, which species would survive the competition for the good habitat? This could end up being another spotted owl vs barred owl story. Where the stronger species drives the weaker one into the worst habitat, like old growth forests.

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by hairyfeet (#47798713) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?
So let me get this straight...I can spend $200+ on thumbsticks that I will most likely never see again, or buy a 50 pack of blank DVDs off of Newegg for $6...hmmm....sorry, not really a hard choice pal. Not to mention how the hell am I gonna reproduce 20 thumbsticks when I need to hand out Windows updates to customers whose net is dodgy or who have shitty captastic cellular net? With DVD I simply push the "make another copy" button and tell it how many I want, then I can just slap in another disc when the drawer opens and not even pay attention to am I supposed to do that with thumbsticks?

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by hairyfeet (#47798689) Attached to: Microsoft Shutting Down MSN Messenger After 15 Years of Service

Yeah and believe me a lot of people were PISSED, as Skype really is a piss poor replacement. On a positive note many of those left for other services, thus showing what I've said all along that Steve Ballmer was a cancer upon MSFT and brought nothing but dwindling numbers and failure with him. Hell if the rumors are true the only reason they were able to get Win 7 out the door without him shitting all over it was he was busy squirting the zune on all the talk circuits (boy THAT worked well) and couldn't be arsed with the flagship product.

So here's hoping that the new guy has a brain, a market with only Apple and Google doesn't sound very nice to me as it would probably be locked down and online only and at least with MSFT you can skip versions you don't like.

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