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Comment: Re:Avoiding responsibility? (Score 1) 156

by hairyfeet (#48900645) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10
Blame Ballmer and his "Herpa de derp, gotta ape everything Apple does herpa derpa" bullshit. Its part of a pattern, along with MSFT Kin, rushing the 360 to market, Surface RT being released with no software and a half assed market....its really not surprising, history will judge Ballmer as the MSFT version of the Pepsi guy at Apple.

Comment: Re:fglrx sucks, but it sucks less in this case (Score 1) 92

by hairyfeet (#48900549) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: GPU of Choice For OpenCL On Linux?
Very much a troll as AMD has been paying for open source developers to speed the turn around of the FOSS drivers in the hope to get them to parity with the proprietary release and eventually replace it, and when it comes to GPGPU its not a secret Nvidia pushes CUDA while AMD pushes OpenCL (which this ask Slashdot is specifically asking for) so the choice seems to be pretty cut and dried.

Comment: Re:Different than the H2O thing tho (Score 1) 295

by mysidia (#48900023) Attached to: Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Food That Contains DNA

Do you want to label foods with foreign DNA added from other plants, insects and animals (or even entirely created).

That would make sense. Instead the survey is for food containing any DNA, so Tomatos would always have to be labelled, even if there were no peanut genes........ that is, unless the Tomato were non-biological synthetic and sterile, to avoid having any DNA-containing surface bacteria.

Comment: Re:Perhaps ... (Score 2) 70

by PPH (#48899475) Attached to: Why We Still Can't Really Put Anything In the Public Domain

OK, so then who supervises the term of the public domain copyright? Who stops the content theives from downloading your stuff, claiming the rights to it, submitting bogus take-down notices and claiming 'public' IP as their own?

Prommisory estoppel (if I understand it correctly) only obtains an agreement from the creator not to pursue claims. It does nothing to prevent some third party from doing so, unless the creator or an assignee actively defends the public status of the rights.

Comment: Perhaps ... (Score 4, Interesting) 70

by PPH (#48898975) Attached to: Why We Still Can't Really Put Anything In the Public Domain

... its a matter of pro-actively placing the copyright into the hands of a government entity chartered to hold it for the benefit of the public. Such an entity would have to be carefully created, with clear definitions of 'public benefit' and by-laws written to prevent takeover by special interests. The down side would be the creation of another bureaucracy that would need a funding source to operate. And would eventually leverage itself into a rent-seeking entity to serve its directors and other minions.

Comment: Re:This reminds me... (Score 1) 137

by hairyfeet (#48896693) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

Sorry but while you are telling folks what it was called what you are NOT telling them is the bs marketing that Nvidia used back then, which was they would market them as "128GB cards" or 64GB cards" and then in teeny tiny print it would tell you that this was "the total memory including system cache". IIRC back then ATI wasn't doing that, they just sold them as 64Mb or 128Mb cards that could "go up to 256Mb".

Of course at the end of the day it didn't matter as both turbo and hyper blew ass so I told my customers if they wanted a discrete get the dedicated and avoid the crap cache like the plague, but I remember HP was bad about selling those crap cache Nvidias.

Comment: Re:Hey! I've been gypped! (Score 2) 137

by hairyfeet (#48896577) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

Because it can't actually USE all the RAM? Its like saying "Windows XP can have up to 4GB of RAM" which while TECHNICALLY true is bullshit because of the way 32bit Windows works the max you'll ever be able to get the OS to use is around 3.5GB, with most systems only hitting around 3.2GB-3.4GB.

If they were selling this as a 3.5GB card? I'd say fine and dandy, card makers often will disable parts that either don't work or to have different tiers at different price points but in this case they are advertising and selling it as a 4GB card when its really only a 3.5GB thanks to the way they gimped the chip.

Comment: Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 156

by hairyfeet (#48893921) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10 DO know MSFT didn't actually WRITE that software, right? That all they did was stick their brand on it, yes? The Zune was nothing but the Toshiba Beat that MSFT licensed and just stuck their name on it. Its no different than how a "Korean Fender" is nothing but a Samick with a Fender sticker slapped on the neck.

Comment: Re:Amazing work.. (Score 1) 106

by hairyfeet (#48893867) Attached to: <em>Star Trek Continues</em> Kickstarter 2.0

They LIKED Phantom Menace? Really? Were they high? I don't see how even a kid could like all those boring as paint drying senate meetings or not cringe at the "Meesa steppin and fetchin, I step in the dookie!" bullshit! My two boys were kids when those came out and they thought they were absolute shite and its not like they hate sci-fi or are immune to nostalgia, the oldest loves anything related to Aliens and AVP and we know how much those stank, but even as kids they thought PM and AOTK were just painful.

At least somebody enjoyed them, one of the worst movie watching experiences I ever had, hell they weren't even "so bad its good" they were just "so bad its awful". Hell I even enjoy some bad sci-fi, I loved the fuck out of the cheese fest that was battleship (c'mon he drifted a WWII battleship like it was a 70 Mustang, how can you not enjoy that cheese whiz goodness?) but the first 2 prequels weren't cheese, they were just rotten, boring, and as racist as somebody's grandpa, just sad.

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