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Comment Just try it (Score 4, Insightful) 366 366

Shutting down all online porn-sites in the UK? Yeah, go ahead, see how long the public is willing to play along; I predict quite an uproar. Besides, it wouldn't stop porn-sites from outside the UK anyways, so it would both upset a lot of people and yet be wholly ineffective.

Comment Re:Why do we need H.265? (Score 5, Informative) 184 184

No. HEVC provides similar image-quality at half the bitrates as H.264, so that'd automatically make it much more appealing for e.g. streaming-services -- think of Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, and so on and so forth. On the other hand, HEVC would provide much higher image-quality if you used the same bitrates as for H.264, which would make such content much more appealing to end-users. I, for example, am often annoyed by the banding and compression-artifacting with e.g. Netflix, but if they switched over to HEVC and just used otherwise the same bitrates I'd be getting much clearer picture. Basically, HEVC allows you to save in bandwidth or storage or allows you to improve quality. All of these are very good reasons to upgrade from H.264.

Now, VP9 is similar to HEVC in that that it'd also allow for saving in bandwidth or storage or to improve quality of video, but support for VP9 is pretty much non-existent.

Comment Re:Gigabit speeds, though? (Score 1) 120 120

Well, I don't have a 1Gbps connection, I only have 260Mbps, but e.g. Github always seems to saturate my connection more than happily. Similarly, when I download latest ISO of Ubuntu or updates to one with apt-get I get close to cap. Quite frankly, the only servers that I can think of at the moment that have trouble handling faster download - speeds have been those where ASUS and AsRock have their driver - and firmware - updates; everywhere else I am pretty consistently getting full bandwidth's worth. It's especially fun installing a 40GiB game from Steam at full blast -- doesn't take all that long.

Yes, this is all anecdotal and all, so take from that what you will, but I am definitely under the impression that at least all the bigger servers can totally handle such speeds these days.

Comment Re:Gigabit speeds, though? (Score 1) 120 120

I never said anywhere that the rest of the world is the same, I was quite specifically asking about the US ISPs mentioned here. Here in Finland I have always gotten the advertised speeds myself, like e.g. right now I'm on a 260Mbps connection and I get that full 260Mbps day in, day out -- there's no variation to that, it doesn't go up when people go to work/school and drop when they come back or anything like that. However, I often come across stories from the US where ISPs can't even maintain 1.5Mbps connections, let alone 1Gbps, and I was just kind of looking for if someone here had some first-hand experience to share on these things.

Comment Re:Fail2ban (Score 1) 157 157

Hm. I don't quite frankly know, I have no IPv6 - access and thus I have zero experience with that stuff. You could always set the number of tries to a very low number and apply rate-limiting in addition, but I suppose even that won't work forever, the IPv6 address-space is too big.

Comment Re:Any professional tools available? (Score 4, Insightful) 157 157

trying to move away a bit from the open source stuff just to avoid nasty surprises like this.

You don't know if there are more or fewer bugs in proprietary stuff since most bugs and vulnerabilities aren't made public and as such I do have to ask if this is really an informed decision on your part and not just bias -- you're seeing a lot more exposed bugs and vulnerabilities in F/OSS - stuff because they're more openly publicizing such details, thus you start to believe that there are more bugs and vulnerabilities in F/OSS - stuff to begin with.

Comment Re:I hope it's a standard API (Score 1) 203 203

Great, it uses less CPU power and disk space to create a horrible quality video that half of the time it manages to write a video without corrupting it. Again - lossy, low-bitrate H.264 compression. Unless your goal is create a crappy blurry video on YouTube (and for many gamers, I guess that is their goal), ShadowPlay is useless. I'll stick with the tool that works (and creates better quality videos) than the one that doesn't.

You're asserting your ignorance as a fact. Shadowplay defaults to 50mbps bitrates at 1080p 60FPS, that's hardly "horrible quality." Also, I have yet to see even one instance where it corrupted the captured video. You can always transcode the 50mbps video to something more reasonable in software afterwards if you feel like it, but when you're actually playing it makes sense to let the GPU handle the encoding as there's no drop in framerates, but with Fraps there most definitely is.

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