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Comment: Re:Clickbaiting Bullshit Works (Score 4, Insightful) 202

by ShieldW0lf (#48664941) Attached to: Tech's Gender Gap Started At Stanford

Doesn't anyone else see that it's immoral to press, entice or implore a woman to sacrifice her child bearing years so she can fix your computer, or to let other people do so?

Didn't the article about how Facebook is funding freezing womens eggs wake anyone's eyes up to just how fucked up we've become?

Is that what you want for your daughter? Sure as hell isn't what I want for mine.

If that's what you're going to use your power for, you shouldn't have it.

Comment: Re:I never have understood (Score 2, Interesting) 251

by ShieldW0lf (#48663839) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

Read up on Henry Kissinger. His conspiracy with the Saudi's created the situation, which really amounted to theft on a global scale by the US.

The war in Iraq happened mostly because they were going to start selling oil for Euro's.

In a nutshell, the reason the world has a fetish for the US dollar is that every time someone offers to sell energy for anything else, the US bomb the shit out of them.

You think we like accepting your funny money in exchange for real world goods, knowing that it will never be redeemed for real world good from the US, but will instead be passed around like a cheque that never gets cashed?

We don't.

Comment: sigh (Score 5, Insightful) 186

by SuperBanana (#48656799) Attached to: An Automated Cat Litter Box With DRM

"The cost savings is great, but isn't the biggest driver for me, it's mainly the principle that I don't own the device I paid for, and I'm really tired of having cat litter everything in my home."

So exercise your rights as a consumer to research beforehand and not buy it. Or return it. Or modify it, as you have. Or, for god sakes, ask your vet or friends with cats or reddit for advice on having cat litter everywhere (I believe the most common solution is a covered box with fairly high side.) You can also teach your cat to pee/crap in the toilet, believe it or not. There are little "litter box" inserts that reportedly make it pretty easy; the cat goes "oh, another litter box" and uses it for a week or two, and then you remove the insert, and if the cat notices, they go *shrug* and still use it. No more litter, no more stink.

But for god sakes....I was around on Slashdot when the fist inkjet printer companies started chipping their cartridges. I also learned about Gillette in...either middle school or high school. That was a century ago, if not more. The "handle is free, the blades are disposable and we have a very healthy profit margin on them" model is quite, quite old. Why are people surprised? Especially if you read Slashdot, why didn't you do research on it?

Your robotic, do-everything catbox would've cost substantially more if the company were not figuring on a continuing revenue stream. In fact, it might have cost so much that nobody would've bought it.

Comment: Re:haha (Score 1) 114

Statement from Attorney General Jim Hood/a>

Mr. Hood's letter is so cynical I just can't get my head around it. He has been caught red handed accepting bribes from the MPAA and what does he conclude?

"The Sony emails themselves document that long before the hack many attorneys general were working to make our states safer for our children. It would be a discredit to the public interest not to question Google's actions and consider the consequences."

Think of the children. It's all about the children! That is what Mr. Hood would have us believe. That is just so disingenuous that he loses any shred of credibility.

In fact, his entire statement follows in this vein. He only makes a single reference to intellectual property in passing, and the entire blog is focused on blaming Google for promoting all the ills of our society for their own enrichment.

To paraphrase Mr. Hood, It would be a discredit to the public interest not to question MPAA's actions and consider the consequences.

In fact, the Sony emails document a collusion of the MPAA with the state attorneys to subvert the laws of the nation. All these areas are governed by federal law. The state attorneys should simply pass their concerns on to Congress, and get back to dealing with issues that fall squarely within their jurisdiction.

Mr. Hood dismisses the MPAA's corrupting the agenda of the state attorneys is just a "a salacious Hollywood tale"? No, this is very real, and a very serious issue. Don't those state attorneys have more important things to deal with than the MPAA's agenda? The CID the state attorney launched was according to a plan hatched by the MPAA, and not about the children at all. Just a shakedown in attempt to force Google to do the MPAA's bidding.

"some of its more excitable people have sued trying to stop the State of Mississippi for daring to ask some questions."

What in the heck is that supposed to mean - "some of its more excitable people"? There was nothing in that sentence to even match the pronoun (some of its) . Talk about excited people, Mr. Hood is so excited that he is spouting gibberish. The state attorneys collusion with the MPAA has been exposed and "excitable people" have sued? This is a very serious issue. Google is reacting to mafia-like shakedown in a very calm and rational way. If this happened to me I would go berserk. "daring to ask some questions" These weren't just some questions. They were a shocking overreach, open-ended questions that were unanswerable because they didn't even make any sense.


"I am calling a time out, so that cooler heads may prevail."

What an astonishing thing to say. What is Mr. Hood trying to imply with this statement? That Google's lawyers are hot-heads for filling for an injunction against this shakedown? Mr. Hood is calling a time out because he has been exposed. Well clearly he needs one. He needs time to consult with his MPAA friends to plan a strategy as to how to shape this in the press. He certainly isn't handling it very well so far.

"I will reach out to legal counsel Google's board of directors to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the issues affecting consumers that we attorneys general have pointed out in a series of eight letters to Google."

A peaceful resolution: Is he saying he is going to back off and apologize? I certainly hope so.

Comment: Re:MS has been late to every recent tech movement (Score 1) 417

by scorp1us (#48645013) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is an Open Source<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET Up To the Job?

Ok ok. I always thought Angular was dependent on node because I always saw them together. I apologize for that one singular inaccuracy. The rest is true.

The point remains. To pick up .NET now, you are marring yourself to an out-of-date tech stack.

Comment: MS has been late to every recent tech movement (Score 5, Interesting) 417

by scorp1us (#48644155) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is an Open Source<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET Up To the Job?

I've been a cross-platform coder for about a decade now. I liked the ideas of Java and .NET when they came out, but they were lacking in execution. If you look at everything powering technology today: Big Data, Node.js, Android/iOS, cloud remember (Hotmail was bought by MS, originally on BSD servers) Microsoft hasn't done squat. Meanwhile MS has delivered a lot of failed tech: WinForms, Zune, Windows Phone. (I've only ever seen two people with a Windows Phone) Only the Xbox and .NET have succeeded. I would be very concerned hitching my trailer to MS. They don't do innovation anymore, they don't even do copying (embrace and extend) well.

A big .NET friend of mine has recently taken to web development. He develops on OSX, deploys to Linux (AWS). He loves how he can take one thing and just run it on another. He doesn't have to worry about putting IIS on Linux, Node works everywhere. The code he develops isn't tied to any specific OS platform. Angular is node dependent, but Knockout isn't.

And there in I think the real danger is realized. If you use .NET you are locked into MS stagnant mono-culture, and their failing culture of innovation. If you want bleeding edge, OS agnosticism, MS isn't going to deliver it. Their goal will always be to lock you into their vertical to protect their verticals.

With the very good developments in Linux and the Apple premium is gone, only organizations with legacy applications need consider any Microsoft technology.

PS. I use Qt for everything on Mobile and desktop, Node for server and Knockout/Angular for web client. There is a slight possibility that Qt's QML will work on the web. Python for anything else. This is crossplatform, and not one drop of MS. It is my speculation that MS is a wounded animal, realizing they are like Cadillac. Cadillac realized the average age of their customers were getting older, and over 60 and that market would be no longer driving in a few years. There's an exodus from MS platforms. Their new focus aims to fix this. Buyer beware. Where is the money in it for them?

Comment: There are two ways it can go (Score 1) 621

by ShieldW0lf (#48642889) Attached to: What Happens To Society When Robots Replace Workers?

We put a stop to the advertising machine that implores us to be endlessly wasteful consumers, get rid of the private property rules that allow a few to own everything while the multitude suffer deprivation, and start sharing the rewards of our technological progress freely.

When the costs of goods has been reduced to practically nothing, making sure everyone is well taken care of is worth the peace and stability that it brings.

Comment: Re:And where is my money?? (Score 1) 51

by cduffy (#48639445) Attached to: T-Mobile To Pay $90M For Unauthorized Charges On Customers' Bills

More like $20, and that's for people who don't look up how much they were actually charged.

And cash, not a voucher. I'm a former T-Mobile customer, and they looked up my new contact information and got in touch to let me know that this was available (how to ask them to research my actual charges, vs how to accept the default amount).

A lot of these settlements are BS, but you might do a bit of homework for claiming that this is just more of the same.

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