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Comment Re:culture dependent (Score 1) 296

I've also seen at least a half dozen horrific accidents from that behavior including running a full red 2 seconds after it changed.

People should slow and prepare to stop at amber lights. It is actively dangerous on feeder roads because the combined blind spot with the other road coming under the freeway. A few years ago, I saw one truck wipe out three other cars including an SUV and break off the traffic light by running a red.

Submission + - Citi report: slowing global warming would save tens of trillions of dollars->

Layzej writes: Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions (GPS), a division within Citibank (America’s third-largest bank), recently published a report looking at the economic costs and benefits of a low-carbon future. The report considered two scenarios: “Inaction,” which involves continuing on a business-as-usual path, and Action scenario which involves transitioning to a low-carbon energy mix.

One of the most interesting findings in the report is that the investment costs for the two scenarios are almost identical. In fact, because of savings due to reduced fuel costs and increased energy efficiency, the Action scenario is actually a bit cheaper than the Inaction scenario. Coupled with the fact the total spend is similar under both action and inaction, yet the potential liabilities of inaction are enormous, it is hard to argue against a path of action.

But there will be winners and losers: The biggest loser stands to be the coal industry, where we estimate cumulative spend under our Action scenario could be $11.6 trillion less than in our Inaction scenario over the next quarter century, with renewables, wind and nuclear (as well as energy efficiency) the main beneficiaries.

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Submission + - Human induced climate change is shifting major climate zones->

GregLaden writes: Human caused climate change is changing the size and location of major climate zones, according to a new study just out.

It isn't just that climate zones move north; more complicated than that.

The most tropical of the tropical zones does not change much, semi-arid and arid zones expand a lot at the expense of areas that are important for agriculture. Overall this indicates a general bummer rather than good news.

This study confirms what other's have shown, but adds that there may be accelerated change in coming decades.

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Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 803

The reason you will still work with ridiculously wealthy is because if you don't work you'll soon get bored, or start to feel like a worthless leech only taking from society, but not giving anything back.

AGain...nope, I have plenty of hobbies and interests, and would not get bored.

And as for society...what do I have to "give back"? I don't feel I owe "society" anything really, I'm in the game for ME. You come into this world alone, you have a short period of time gotta enjoy it.

Sure I love my family and my friends, but when it comes down to it, where rubber meets the road, it is all about me, the individual and what makes my short time on earth here special and fun.

I don't owe anyone anything. I don't mind giving, but I don't feel obligated to give anything back to anyone.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 803

You can't hit the gym daily for 1-2 hours with a job? Tons of people do.. ok, it's the bottom end of your scale, but I do an hour a day (walking on a treadmill, watching TV on an iPad).

I try, but often, things get in the way....that and the job is not always close to where the gym is.

And it is rushed, if having to do the gym early in the morning before work, and a PITA if you have to go in the afternoons (4-5pm) when the gym is full, and traffic is a PITA getting there.

So, yes, much easier to do it as your pace, at your times if you don't have to force it into an already crowded schedule with a work day.

Comment Re:I don't want a fucking TV channel! (Score 1) 284

It wasn't so much that they had a falling out with the movie stuidios as that the movie studios decided they could all each charge consumers directly. So we got a disney channel and a warner move channel and etc.

None of which I subscribe to.

Netflix was actually a bargain. It's less of a bargain today tho I still subscribe (for now).

Once it's dead, I'll probably drop to subscribing to it every few years and perhaps go back to torrenting content (tho that's getting riskier than it used to be).

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 803

He did. They got a big payout when the company was sold.

More critical to me was his statement that some day he would opensource minecraft when it started to die off. Part of what made minecraft succeed was the open sourcey feel to it. If he had said upfront it would be closed source owned by microsoft many of the people who helped it succeed wouldn't have invested their time into it.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 803

How about entertaining yourself, travel, have with (old established) friends....

I don't understand, do that many people out there NOT have at least a thousand and one things they'd rather be doing on a work day? No hobbies, outside interests?

I mean, hell...the ONLY reason I work, is to earn enough $$$$ to support my lifestyle. If I didn't have to earn the money, I'd certainly not be working...and I"d have a blast till I died.

After any salary raise, you will have less money at the end of the month than you did before.