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Comment Re:There could be reasons for skipping the broccol (Score 1) 256

This is an important point. Cafeterias are sometimes feeding 60 lb 7th grade girls side by side with 250 lb 12 grade male student athletes and everyone gets the opportunity for the same amount of food. A friend of mine had a son who was regularly near collapse after football practice because he wasn't allowed to take in a sufficient number of calories to fuel his body while at school.

Comment Re:There could be reasons for skipping the broccol (Score 4, Insightful) 256

My wife's cousin is has a PhD in health science, is in great shape, eats healthily, and is a middle school PE teacher. She won't touch what her students have to eat. It is not that the food is not healthy. It is that the combination of available ingredients, the time to prepare, and the skill level of those preparing don't often end up with things that taste on the majority good. It isn't any better to teach the "lard butts" that you've got to hate eating because you teach them that healthy food tastes like garbage.

Comment Re:No.... (Score 1) 315

From an article I read earlier, the best part is the manufacturers haven't been able to keep up with the demand for the new readers. So, many smaller retailers are going to be potentially on the hook for a couple of months for any card fraud while they wait for their machine.

Comment Re:Maybe we actually need fewer humans. (Score 2) 45

We are making some changes on that front. We are starting to look critically at overuse and misuse of anti-biotics. We are starting to look positively at some of the things that grow inside of us. Of the many things we do terribly, we actually might be able to turn this one around before it bites us too badly.

Comment Re:A new world? (Score 2) 683

The real biggest hurdle, if I am to believe the internet, is the entirety of humanity except the individual behind any particular keyboard is an inept idiot who is incapable of forming a single rational thought. We clearly have no hope for reaching Mars and we will do good if we make it to lunch on Earth.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 451

While they are indeed a problem, possibly the largest, there are two problems with that being THE problem. 1. Driving safely is often but not always about following the rules. 2. Sometimes the rules are written in a way that happen to counter safe driving to increase the local revenue.

Comment Re:Obey traffic laws; offer emergency override (Score 1) 236

Box the automated car in and slow the group of vehicles to a stop. Standard maneuver now with a completely compliant driver. No need to throw technology at it. Beyond that the driver should be able to cancel navigation and order a complete stop of the vehicle for all sorts of reasons not just the orders of an officer.

Comment Re:If only they weren't in the boondocks (Score 2) 275

I wouldn't be surprised if it was the opposite. I live near a tech town. There is no way that the town that my residence is in can actually compete with the tech industries. It isn't like they can pick up the tech savy kid who doesn't want to leave but the only IT position is the crappy paying local government IT spot.

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