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Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1829

We've created a society where it is encouraged to live inside your own echo chamber on every topic. We physically seek out places to live that conform to our standards. We seek out online news and data sources that conform to our biases. We elect the people who talk like us on issues and the "intelligent and sane" party is happy with suggesting the other side to be shot into space because they aren't even human. Letting people curate their own information isn't doing what you say it should be doing.

Comment Re:Promised throughput (Score 1) 153

When I was on cable, it never really bothered me that they weren't delivering the advertised speed until they oversubscribed the neighborhood. Everyone gets home from work/school and uses the network at the same time. Speed crawled to a snail's pace and primetime TV went blocky and unwatchable. It is one thing to do best effort, it is entirely a different thing to oversubscribe to the point that you can't provide usable service during peak usage.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 164

In the US, our contract disputes play out on little bars at the bottom of the TV. The network gives us a little bar telling us to call our provider and tell them to cave. The provider gives us a little bar to call the network and tell them to cave. The only time I have any sympathy for my provider is when someone is asking them to pay more (and subsequently raise my bill) for channels that I don't watch.

Comment Re:Makes sense to me. (Score 1) 223

Terrible gas mileage but no worse than anything else that will hold 6 people. Get a bed cover, you'll have a place to store groceries and may even improve your gas mileage. It is difficult to park, but it is a big vehicle. What I don't get is why it doesn't make any economic sense to make a fuel efficient vehicle for a family size that should be well within 1 standard deviation above the mean.

Comment Re:The Bake Sale Model (Score 1) 285

The idea of a single payer system is good, but saying single payer is the solution and implementing single payer are different animals. How deep do you make it governmental? Every place the government and private sector have to interface is the opportunity for profiteering and potential denial of care. It is easy to say that other countries have done it successfully, but you are going to take the largest health care system on the planet out of private hands into government management. That is going to have severe market ripples. Can we talk about side effects and mitigation strategies before we dive in? Instead of this is the solution, when we find problems with it suck it up like we've done with ACA?

Comment Re:trying to figure out how to survive (Score 2) 293

As a customer, insurance isn't about getting more money out than I put in. Insurance means that I will have the cash flow to deal with an unexpectedly and required large payout that I could never reliably have savings to cover. I've been working for 12 years now and one automobile accident could easily exceed the entirety of my collective savings including retirement. Over the same period the amount that I have paid in premiums over all my family's vehicles has been less than the replacement value of my current vehicle.

Comment Re:Liability... (Score 1) 293

Not just liability. My car isn't going to put itself in a full garage because a hailstorm is coming. It isn't going to turn itself on and dodge a tree during a tornado. It isn't going to roll down the windows to protect itself when I'm mowing. I'll probably expect lower rates based on the lower risk to my vehicle, but I'm still going to need coverage.

Comment Re: Go Vegan (Score 1) 212

It has been a while, but I read something from a proponent of insects in the diet. The argument was that the additional farming to provide necessary protein for vegans/vegetarians caused more pollution and harmed more "traditionally-feeling" animals than eating insects as your protein. He stated that insects don't process and feel pain in the way that traditional meat sources do and that vegans would be environmentally and ethically better off using insects for protein. I wasn't particularly interested so I didn't fact check, but it seemed plausible.

Comment Re:People eat (Score 1) 212

And the data says: western nations are already at or close to replacement levels. There isn't any point to restricting the pursuit of happiness for the few individuals in developed nations who enjoy large families. So, you've got to go through the sticky situation of telling developing nations how many kids a mother can have, despite higher mortality rates than in the developed world, despite the fact those children may be the result of assault. Good luck with that. Maybe we could just worry about mortality rates and poverty in the developing world and see if it corrects itself like it has in the developed world.

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