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Comment Re:Obey traffic laws; offer emergency override (Score 1) 233

Box the automated car in and slow the group of vehicles to a stop. Standard maneuver now with a completely compliant driver. No need to throw technology at it. Beyond that the driver should be able to cancel navigation and order a complete stop of the vehicle for all sorts of reasons not just the orders of an officer.

Comment Re:If only they weren't in the boondocks (Score 2) 270

I wouldn't be surprised if it was the opposite. I live near a tech town. There is no way that the town that my residence is in can actually compete with the tech industries. It isn't like they can pick up the tech savy kid who doesn't want to leave but the only IT position is the crappy paying local government IT spot.

Comment Re:You still go through HR for jobs? (Score 1) 242

The company I work for is very strict about HR. All our hires must go through HR. All the resumes have to go through HR. We can't interview anyone who doesn't make it through the HR process. Multiple employees can't recommend the same person to HR. Employee recommendations have to go through a specific HR process. So if it is working for you, great, but you won't get in everywhere like that.

Comment Re:Home Robots Already Useful (Score 1) 114

I wish I had some mod points. We have a rather strange obsession with making a robot butler when we already have offloaded tons of tasks to simpler robots. As you mentioned, we've got robots that will clean your clothes as long as you feed them clothes and soap. We've got robots that (mostly) clean the dishes you feed them. I've got a robot that will switch on my lights if I push a button on my phone. There are robots for admitting guests to your house or barring entry. Robots that figure out how to optimize your thermostat to keep you comfortable while minimizing energy usage. Robots for specific cleaning tasks. Robots that remind you of regular recommended maintenance. I imagine with the progress being made in robotics, before my kids start driving there will be a robot chauffeur. With the exception of physically moving objects around my house, an environment of task robots will very soon if not currently give Rosie a run for her money.

Comment Re:Part of a much larger problem, ISTS. (Score 2) 373

Software is a discipline and all your examples are industries. If there is a need for such checking: Food software (if there is such a thing) should be checked by the FDA. Stock software by the SEC. Automobile software by the NHTSA. Your desktop stuff for home use gets passed because very few people will pay 15 grand for a securely certified OS to keep someone from stealing the $500 from your checking account.

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