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Comment Re:Definitions (Score 2) 112

MRI scans of transgender people have consistently shown that transgender peoples brains show the same patterns as those of the gender they identify as, Caitlyn's patterns would show up as female on a scan.

If they focus on just sexuality section, that too follows the same pattern, gay men and straight women show up the same.

The story you're posting on is literally fucking claiming that MRI scans show barely any difference between the brains of men and women.
Yet you're literally fucking claiming that MRI scans can match transsexual brains to one of two distinct genders.

You can't have it both ways, SJWs.
If you want to push your narrative that transsexuals have a brain of the gender they want to be but they're trapped in the wrong body, you have to define and differentiate the brains of men and women.
If you want to push your narrative that women aren't into science and math as much as men NOT because of a difference in interest but because of oppression, you have to show that the brains of men and women are the same.

Comment Re:Untrue according to the study (Score 1) 112

Slashdot went from being a site that loved hardcore science to one that now worships at the altar of political correctness, and this is super politically correct

You don't think the National Academy of Science is "hardcore science"?

Here is the supporting information from the peer-reviewed article, and this dope doesn't think it's "hardcore science".


Comment Re:Alternative (Score 1) 153

EME isn't really that much of an improvement over plugins, though it does its best to never call the 'CME' a 'plugin'. It's slightly better than just using the 'object' tag, since it standardizes a few details of interaction between javascript on the page and the 'CME'; but aside from a bunch of 'this section is non-normative' comments at the bottom to the effect of 'please don't write insecure CMEs, especially if they are going to run in a trusted context'; EME requires absolutely nothing of a CME aside from support for setting up a playback session.

If you feel like implementing a pure toy of a system, they have their goofy little cleartext-key javascript thing; but fully replacing the browser's media playback mechanism is accepted(and probably expected, since any DRM system that just hands the decrypted media back to the browser for play is going to be absurdly weak); and the standard neither requires any particular methods for interacting with the CME to be available, nor forbids the CME from having additional functions, communicating through channels unknown to the browser, or doing just about anything else it wants to.

The 'CME' does have the advantage of not starting with legacy baggage, which certainly isn't true of Flash; but architecturally browser plugins are much more tightly under the control of the browser than CMEs are.

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