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Comment: Isnt it about time for reserved internal lan TLDs? (Score 1) 164

by intangible (#46363983) Attached to: ICANN Considers Using '' To Tackle DNS Namespace Collisions

I wish ICANN would finally give us some real "reserved" internal TLDs, but we do have a few we can work with:
RFC 2606
      test, example, invalid, localhost
"gTLD Applicant Guidebook", Section "Reserved Names"
      afrinic, iana-servers, nro, alac, icann,
      rfc-editor, apnic, iesg, ripe, arin, ietf,
      root-servers, aso, internic, rssac, ccnso,
      invalid, ssac, example*, irtf, test*, gac,
      istf, tld, gnso, lacnic, whois, gtld-servers,
      local, www, iab, localhost, iana, nic

Most of those aren't really suitable for internal network names except perhaps "tld" and "local" but we can't use "local" because of multicast dns... but that RFC does reference some other names we're PROBABLY safe to use:
RFC 6762
      intranet, internal, private, corp, home, lan

It'd be great if we could just get the alternate example domains from RFC 6762 explicitly reserved.

Comment: Re:Remote check deposit (Score 1) 333

by intangible (#46339449) Attached to: How Mobile Apps Are Reinventing the Worst of the Software Industry

The input[type=file] field in mobile browsers allows upload from the camera, and you can put:
depending on your needs.

You can also style that field on mobile fairly easily (on desktops it's a lot hairier because of the usual suspect: IE).

Comment: Krugman Not Wrong? (Score 0) 187

by intangible (#46272389) Attached to: Krugman: Say No To Comcast Acquisition of Time Warner

I've been living the last few years of doing and believing the exact opposite of anything Krugman says and it's served me very well.
Never before has there been someone as consistently wrong on every subject as that guy...
Yet this time, he gets something right?

I'm so confused as to how to proceed...

Comment: Re:From a comment there (Score 3, Informative) 341

by intangible (#45832013) Attached to: Linux Distributions Storing Wi-Fi Passwords In Plain Text

TPM is hated by Slashdot because the mobo manufacturers have a dirty habit of preloading the Microsoft keys and not allowing you any way to remove the Microsoft keys or use your own, effectively making it useless for any real security purpose (beyond vendor lock-in to Microsoft).

In fact, the ARM Windows RT tablets were required by Microsoft to force Microsoft's TPM SecureBoot keys only.

Microsoft's dirty tactics and motherboard manufacturers with their head in their ass are the reason TPM is shunned.

Comment: Upstart (Score 4, Insightful) 362

by intangible (#45261133) Attached to: Debian To Replace SysVinit, Switch To Systemd Or Upstart

So upstart has some things that need to be fixed (mostly the clean shutdown thing)...
Systemd is a monster that gets to infect more of you packages over time, plus you get the benefit of binary log files!

I hope they choose upstart and just fix it up a bit.

OpenRC has been proposed by some too, which seems like a nice sysvinit replacement, but event driven startup and shutdown of services (think laptops and hotswap stuff) is more important than just a fast startup time.

Comment: Re:Who's responsible for the ads served (Score 1) 146

by intangible (#45097549) Attached to: Some Bing Ads Redirecting To Malware

Rather than making them all point at, I like just killing their dns lookup when using dnsmasq (this only looks in /etc/hosts for the dns entry instead of a response)...


It's faster / less resource hungry then 404s hitting myself (since I often run a local apache for some static content and development).

I mostly KILL WITH FIRE the stupid "textual" ad providers... I HATE when I hover/highlight over text and it pops up crap.

Comment: Re:They fouled their own bed (Score 1) 147

by intangible (#44365531) Attached to: Nobelist Gary Becker Calls For an End To Software Patents


What would really happen:
Small development company sued over and over by large company who wants to prevent them from competing with ridiculously broad software patents until small company goes out of business. Large competitor has 10's of thousands of dubious patents...
Just dealing with a single assertion from large corporation costs $200,000

Comment: Enable Click to Play (Score 1) 102

by intangible (#43717447) Attached to: Massive Amount of Malware Targets Older Java Flaws

In Chrome, Firefox, and all Android browsers, just enable "click to play" for all plugins, instantly 99.9% of your vulnerabilities are gone.
Bonuses: no flashing ads, fewer CPU or RAM chugging browser tabs, no random audio ads, better battery life.

On the few sites where you want it on by default (youtube for example) it's just a two click "enable permanently" whitelist.

WHY isn't this the default on all browsers by now?

"Life sucks, but it's better than the alternative." -- Peter da Silva