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Comment: CDs (Score 4, Interesting) 613

by roc97007 (#47787879) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

...because there's something tactile and convenient and immediately gratifying about flipping through a box of CDs, selecting one and slotting it in the player. With most audio gear supporting thumb drives, this doesn't make a lick 'o' sense, I suppose, but there it is.

I could justify this, maybe as it being faster to find a physical CD than it is to navigate the rather clumsy interfaces in some gear, but it's really that it's nice to have something I can physically handle.

I also make it a point to go through supermarket lines with a real cashier rather than a do-it-yourself scanner. Not because I am a technophobe (quite the opposite) but because I like dealing with a real human.

Comment: Re:put a label on it. (Score 2) 281

by roc97007 (#47753317) Attached to: The Evolution of Diet

I'm pretty sure our ancestors didn't evolve to eat corn that was licensed by Monsanto. Just a thought.

But I understand GMO foods are going to totally fix world hunger, which is why they're primarily sold in the US, where judging from the girth of people I see on the street, everybody's hungry as hell.

We are guinea pigs for the rest of the world. Looks like it's working.

Comment: Re:Cyber is easy, EMP is possible (Score 1) 117

by roc97007 (#47749959) Attached to: Securing the US Electrical Grid

> Cyber is easy - simply no direct connect to the internet. Anything less is effectively nothing. Anything more is not needed.

From a purely electronic standpoint, true. But you also have to maintain a fairly high degree of physical security. Just one example: If you work in an office building, note that janitors have keys to everywhere, even the CEOs office. I know, many companies require a background check for janitors, but many don't.

What this country needs is a good five dollar plasma weapon.