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Comment Re:A better way (Score 3, Interesting) 151 151

What I want is all video, sound, script playing in all tabs to be always suspended, except when I explicitly permit them to operate. Just confining them to a tab is not sufficient, because you can be watching a video in a tab and have the sound cluttered up by one to three commercials auto-running on the same page. (And I'm not talking about pr0n sites -- certain news sites have been especially annoying lately.)

Comment that would be... every weekend (Score 1) 614 614

The machines that receive pop cans and bottles and (if you're *very* lucky) print a receipt that you can use to claim the deposit, found extensively at supermarkets in Oregon, *still* boot up with a Windows 98 (not SE) splash screen. They're so unreliable that people consider the deposit as an additional tax and just throw the cans away instead of trying to get their deposit back.

Comment Re:Uhmmmm (Score 1) 614 614

My last two jobs were both still using 3270 terminal emulators to connect to CICS systems. I understand that's still fairly common in both government and industry.

...and many companies, usually in the billing department. There's a couple reasons for this: (a) the code may have been written as long ago as the 1960's, and there may not be anyone *alive* who still knows how it works. (b) A certain three letter acronym famous for having what is probably the most aggressive customer retention teams in the business world.

Comment Re:Sure yeah (Score 1) 227 227

(but seriously) my company issues smart phones as work phones, so there's no issue with using them. As long as you're not using them for pr0n.

A relative works for a company where IP is a sensitive issue, and the phone they issue him has no camera. Which, as I understand, is becoming harder and harder to find these days.

Comment Depends. (Score 2) 318 318

It depends on whether a machine is one on which I do work for which I get paid, or not. My main workstation, which is the source of my income, warrants a very conservative update approach. I was very slow in leaving XP, and with a mature, stable Windows 7 environment, I'm in no hurry at all to adopt another version of Windows. Yeah, like everyone else I've seen the popups inviting me to upgrade to Windows 10. You first. I can't afford to be down while I figure out why things aren't working or figuring out where Microsoft hid certain buttons this time.

I will sometimes install a new version on a spare machine just to see where technology is heading, and acquaint myself with what I will eventually have to deal with, but that's a lower priority. I'm not really interested in spending half my life doing upgrades and figuring out what broke.

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