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by roc97007 (#46826309) Attached to: Supreme Court OKs Stop and Search Based On Anonymous 911 Tips

...but anyone can say "I think I smelled something" or words to that effect.

Example: I used to work a contract in a different city, coming home (200 miles one way) on weekends. Often I'd be on the road either going to work or coming from work in the wee hours -- 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM. I got pulled over often. The cop would check my papers and let me go.

When I asked why I was pulled over, they'd say "you were weaving" or "you did not signal a merge when your lane ended". (Which I don't believe you're required to do but I didn't argue.) Finally, when the same cop realized he had pulled me over three weekends in a row at 2:00 AM, he admitted they pull lone vehicles over during the wee hours "just to check them out", and they can always find some excuse to pull someone over if "they needed checking out".

There's a small additional step from there to "I smell something" or ...what is the latest law enforcement tool?... oh yes, "I observed debris".

My original point is that in a world where anyone can phone in an anonymous tip that leads to a vehicle being pulled over or a cop at someone's door, it inevitably follows, at least in some police departments, that cops will be phoning in their own anonymous tips. That the tip has no relation to the actual stop is a bonus. It only means the tip can be pretty much anything.

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by roc97007 (#46819019) Attached to: AT&T's Gigabit Smokescreen

you can port that number to anything of your choosing :)

google voice is especially nice, since you can make your phone carrier a commodity via forwarding. IE: port primary number to google voice, get burner/landline whatever, and then just have google voice forward your primary number to whatever number you get from the new provider. it breaks caller-ID and confuses people regarding your callback number, but it's a small price to pay.

Small anecdote: I was using straighttalk wireless, and had an issue with their soviet era website (I have zero patience for companies that make it difficult for me to pay my bill.. seriously, i'm fucking trying to give you my money.. ). So, thanks to call forwarding I was able to drop them post-haste and switch to a different provider without losing a beat (or worrying about notifying people of a number change.).

The thing that worries me about porting to Google Voice is the articles that Google is going to kill Voice in the near future and bring some or most of the features into G+. Whether it's still useful for my purposes will depend on what they do with the changeover. What they did with Latitude made that feature unuseable and we ended going to a different solution. So I'll wait and see and take another look post-transition.

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by roc97007 (#46817651) Attached to: AT&T's Gigabit Smokescreen

I dunno, it must depend on the area. I got FIOS from Verizon when it first became available, and when they sold it to Frontier (apparently because Verizon Wireless wanted to enter into a business deal with Comcast) the only thing that happened to us is that the customer service became more responsive and more pleasant to talk to. What I've seen is that the "minimum" speed keeps going up (probably pressure from Comcast cable modem) and our cost has not increased.

Mind you, I do not buy cable TV from Frontier (or anyone). These days, cable TV is an unnecessary expense. I only get internet and phone. (And the land line is also unnecessary, really. I only keep it because we've had the same phone number since the late eighties.)

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