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Comment NOBODY WILL EVEN READ THIS (Score 4, Informative) 99

I read the letter. Here's a Cliff's Notes for all you guys who don't read because why evenbother:

Some anonymous devs who are so addicted to github that they probably maintain their grocery list there wrote a letter with a bunch of feature requests. These users re mainly bitching about the fact that users of their own projects don't seem to be able to read or follow instructions. Naturally these people are smart enough and forward thinking enough that they have proposed a perfect solution which requires GitHub to do a shitload of work for free despite the fact that the problems will remain because the users still won't read. A surprising number of other developers clearly can't read or think either and as such signed off on this silliness. Naturally, these well meaning individuals posted all of this to yet another github repo despite the fact that there are many better places and formats to use.

Journalists have picked up the story and have jumped so some pretty wild conclusions, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that they really can't read either.

Comment Win-10 Nag included in the deal? (Score 1, Insightful) 103

I have Windows Update on a pure as-needed basis and glad I do after hearing about the supremely unethical 'Hey! Upgrade to Windows 10! Hey!' nag that came in some updates.

On another front a friend was having trouble with his boot drive and as we were shutting it down Windows jumped in to install a bunch of updates - that finished corrupting the boot drive and many, many hours were dedicated to recovery and repair.

I'll give these patches a look but want no shady behavior out of the Redmond Mob.

Comment Re:Happy the game is in still Development... (Score 1) 76

Happy the game is in still Development.... I really thought all work stopped completely and 3.4.3 was going to be the last version ever made by the Dev Team.

I'd still fire up the old version and play it. So many happy memories. I also was lucky enough to enjoy the color versions of NetHack, Larn and Moria on the Amiga.

Comment Re:Good Advice (Score 1) 370

It's not a fair fear because the idea that the numbers of these alleged malicious women are so high that it would require the extraordinary need to never be alone with any woman is ridiculous. And no, refusing to be alone with women at a technical conference is not a win-win for everybody, particularly where that means women are excluded from many of the activities you go to a technical conference for. It is just not a reasonable fear if you are not actually harassing women.

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