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Comment: Disruption is always good? (Score 1) 166

Long-term, established transportation companies with powerful lobbying arms or the newcomer making use of disruptive technology?

Who will win, long-term, established ecologies or kudzu?

Maybe it's inevitably kudzu, but does that mean we should cheer for it? Cancer is also a disruption. Should all laws be dissolved if they get in the way of anyone's business plan? Why insist on anyone having drivers licenses at all, let alone commercial ratings and proper insurance to carry fares? It would be cheaper to build cars without seat belts and airbags. Let's disrupt that!

Comment: Beware updating if using KDE (Score 1) 255

by wytcld (#49611483) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Received Well By Linux Community

A 14.10 system that my kid had an elaborate KDE desktop setup on, we upgraded to 15.04, and it totally lost his desktop arrangement. This had originally been Xubuntu, then with KDE installed, so not straight Kubuntu, and we were able to revert to using his old Xfce setup for now, which came through the upgrade okay. But it really was a bad experience losing his work with KDE that way. KDE is just the barest desktop now, which is frankly ugly and it seems it has lost features as well as his prior configuration.

Comment: Unsurprisingly, no one bothered to read (Score 1) 356

by wiredog (#49519689) Attached to: 'Mobilegeddon': Google To Punish Mobile-Hostile Sites Starting Today

The original google post about this, which makes it clear that mobile friendly sites get a higher ranking when you search on mobile devices . This change will affect mobile searches. Mobile. Not desktop. So if you're searching from a mobile device then results that are more mobile friendly will be ranked higher, on the assumption that people searching from mobile devices would prefer mobile content.

Comment: Is there a Dutch RICO law (Score 1) 48

Uber is clearly racketeering. Are there special penalties there for it, as in the U.S.? There must be a solid extradition treaty between the two nations. If convicted, could the top Uber execs be facing years in Dutch prison?

Personally, I hope so. The idea that it's legal to be a crook as long as you're using smart phones and unlicensed contract labor to do it is pernicious. The Dutch literally invented capitalism. Let's hope they show the world again what it can be at its best, with the proper controls and ethics.

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