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Comment: Umm, who are these guys? (Score 1) 63 63

This product doesn't appear to be outside of the realm of the possible; bulk metallic glasses are a real thing (and apparently not excessively expensive for consumer electronics, a number of Sandisk's adequate-but-cheap-and-wholly-unexciting MP3 players used them as chassis materials); and the rest of the specs are on the high side; but available.

However, there appears to be almost nothing about this 'Turing Robotic Industries' except a couple of sites with the same 3d renders and vague puffery. Is 'cryptic' just what all the cool kids are doing these days, or is this the ever delightful scent of vaporware?

Comment: Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 1) 314 314

The users are eyeballs for the advertising. If enough of them leave, reddit will die. Digg is a tired but apt example of exactly where reddit is heading.

Is this specific incident gonna kill reddit.. of course not, but the "it's our site, we do what we want" attitude over time will. Reddit doesn't produce content, it provides and environment for others to produce content, and benefits from their presence via ad views. If those users stop liking the environment, they'll pick up and move elsewhere, and without a user base, reddit is done.

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 1) 314 314

Yes, that's how the whole world works. You really think it doesn't work that way on reddit? Only complete fucking idiots would think otherwise.

I never said reddit didn't work that way (infact, pretty sure I explicitly said it did). For that matter, when did reddit even come into this discussion, my post and the one I originally responded to have mostly been about 4chan...

No, they are taken seriously... seriously enough to be worth harassing. You have that backwards.

Usually people ignore anything they've said and just tell them to drop the trip/etc. The fact that they are trying to have an identity on an anonymous board may be taken seriously, but usually whatever they've said isn't.

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 1) 314 314

The big difference is that just about anywhere else, people posting anonymously or with an obviously throw away identity are treated as lesser. Here on slashdot (and on reddit) a post by an established identity holds a lot more weight, and the previous behaviour of said identity may also weigh heavily on how the comment is perceived.

It can also take time to build up an identity, and a lot of people value their online identity to a point where they are hesitant to post controversial opinions for fear of ruining it. Yes I can close this account on slashdot if I posted something so hateful that people would immediately jump on any unrelated post I made under it, but I'd be hesitant to do so.

4chan is significantly different in that everyone is expected to be anonymous to a point where people trying to have an established identity without a good reason are harassed and usually not taken seriously. It creates an interesting post-by-post level playing field (as it's often not even clear if the person who counters a response is even the same person who made the original comment). And of course because no one is protecting an established identity, they are free to post whatever the hell they want.

Comment: Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 2) 314 314

Agree, but they should have had a much better response prepared.

It's like if you suddenly fire the company rep that your main customer has been dealing with exclusively for years. You don't just call them up and say "hey, Joe's no longer with us, we'll get back to you in a bit about his replacement."

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 1) 314 314


I've been involved in some really amazing discussions on 4chan, and honestly if you avoid /b/ and a few others, the other boards tend to be surprisingly sane.

There's some serious gold under the shit, and it's very cathartic to speak freely with effectively no consequence to yourself (or even an online identity). You can say the most hatefully insane thing you've ever wanted to say in one post, and then immediately make some comment with no connection between the two.

Comment: Re:Structure & microstructure (Score 1) 43 43

Agree, very promising technology with lots of small scale uses right now. This is the first time I've heard of printing ships and I like the idea of printing buildings on site using recycled building materials.

Living bone awesome, they have their own independent neural network that can function without any help from the brain, (as does your gut). The neural network in your bones is responsible for the structural adaptations made in response to environmental stresses in individuals, it basically senses stresses in 3D and orchestrates bone building to compensate. It is light years ahead of our current materials science but not so much as to be totally implausible.

Comment: Treasurer for sale (Score 1) 236 236

It's actually relatively rare for Aussie politicians to sue people for what they say, Sir Humphrey would call it a "very courageous decision". There was however the recent case of our Federal treasurer who sued a major newspaper for printing the headline "Treasurer for sale". He won a partial victory, the article and headline together were deemed ok because a "reasonable person" would not conclude he was corrupt if they read it in toto. However, using the same logic, promotional posters that just displayed the headline were deemed defamatory. It was also shown via internal emails that the person responsible for the headline had a personal grudge against the treasurer, ie: intent to defame was established.

Disclaimer: Personally I dislike the federal treasurer on multiple levels and think he is guilty of many misleading headlines and public statements that have caused significant financial harm to millions over the last couple of years, but I consider myself a reasonable man and agree with the court's reasonable decision.

Comment: Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 3, Informative) 236 236

Free (political) speech is the traditional interpretation of relevant common law that dates back almost 1000yrs, it is not specifically codified in most commonwealth countries but I'm pretty sure the people who wrote the bill of rights were well aware of English common law and similar traditions in France. Speaker's corner in Hyde Park has been the icon for that tradition since the 1850's. Under the traditional interpretation you have a right to broadcast your opinion and you can poke fun at me via parody, but you don't have the right to deliberately misinform the public in order to defame me, nor do you have the right to follow me around and shout at me. For example, in most commonwealth countries the Phelps family would be classified as a "serial pest" and would quite likely spend some time in the lock up for harassment. It has nothing to do with the vile things they say, it's all about the time, place, and manner, they choose to say it.

Commonwealth countries also do not elect unqualified judges from the general population, they are appointed on merit and experience, not popularity.

Comment: Bullcrap! (Score 2) 236 236

Cheap, reliable, VPN's are everywhere, ya wanker!

I use a VPN daily, as do many people I know here in Melbourne. Malcolm Turnbull (the federal communications minister and first heir to the Aussie throne) recently stood on the steps of parliament and strongly recommended their use as a privacy tool, his words were broadcast and dissected ad-nauseam all over the national MSM for days on end. I'm in my 50's, and sure, our current far-right government is the worst pack of amoral bullshitters I have ever seen in parliament but the "anti-piracy" legislation does not ban VPN's and was never intended to do so.

Pro tip: Might want to get someone knowledgeable to check that the "blockage" you are experiencing is not due to a malware infection.

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