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Comment Yes, it's the LOW level employees (Score 5, Insightful) 473

If upper management is not aware that lower level employees are engaging in a massive fraud against their customers, than that means:

1) Upper management are morons that have no idea what is going on in their company. It's the equivalent of a farmer claiming he had no idea that his 'organic' corn is actually bio-engineered and covered with Round-Up.

2) That they personally are directly and legally responsible by failing to manage their employees. The buck stops at the BOSS, not the janitor.

3) Are also committing the Wage-Theft by not doing their official declared job of MANAGING their employees.

Claiming ignorance, stupidity, and incompetence is not a valid legal defense.

Comment All car companies will have to do this (Score 2) 203

Eventually they will see it as a "feature", rather than a bug. Buy our car and WE pay for the insurance. Of course, in reality, the price of insurance will be bundled into the vehicle.

Also, self-insuring is not as big a deal some people seem to think it is. Yes, there will be some legal/regulatory hurdles, but a lot of the that has to do with financial resources to pay it off, which VW will either still have or be out of business.

More importantly, it will eventually lead to huge profits as current computers are already far safer drivers than human beings.

Always remember it's like being chased by a bear - you don't have to be faster than the bear, just faster than your competitors.

Comment Re:Show us the data (Score 1) 415

The EPA has a better reason than most to put a high value (the people killed by pollution usually have NOTHING to do with the product - car owners take some responsibility for buying the car)., but even so, 9 million vs 6 million is not worth arguing about. Also, the EPA stuff lasts for decades, while cars, medicine, etc. can be upgraded almost immediately with new information.

The TSA on the other should be laughed at when they request we spend $180 million to save a single life, when no one else thinks it is worth $10 million.

Comment Re:Show us the data (Score 5, Insightful) 415

So does the TSA, the FDA, and many other government agencies.

The problem is that the set dollar values DIFFER .And not by small amounts. Most insurance companies value human life at about $50,000 per year with younger people having more years left, while older people having less. Basically, 70 grand parents = 1 baby. The NHTSA uses a value of around $550,000 - if it costs much more than that, they don't require a safety device, less it becomes a law. The EPA says a human life is worth $9 million. Economists tend to value it at just $1 million, while the USA anti-terrorism services estimates they spend $180 million per life saved.

So your 'solution' is not helpful - you just end up arguing about whose numbers to use.

Comment Was there any doubt? (Score 5, Interesting) 139

Once there was a creature called the Short Nosed Bear.

They weighed on average 900 kilograms - basically 2000 lbs. The largest of them were over 12 feet tall. - more than twice my height. They could reach up and grab things 14 ft above the ground. They could run over 40 mph. On all fours, were still taller than men.

They ate meat. Humans are made of meat.

Humans lived in the same place as the Short Nosed Bear. Humans that didn't have bows and arrows, let alone guns. Just spears. With rock points.

Humans probably didn't intentionally kill the S.N.B. - we just killed all it's food, and let them starve.

Humans: The most terrifying killing machine Earth has ever seen. Nothing is worse than a human.

Comment Re:How is it malware then? (Score 1) 79

Is doing good things, that's not malware.

If I walk into your house through the unlocked front door while you are not home, does it protect me from trespassing charges if while I am there I made your bed and did your dishes?

In that case, just because I can call you a tresspasser, doesn't mean it is proper to also call you a bed-messer-upper or a dish-dirtier.

Malware is software that harms you. This is not malware. No one said it wasn't an infection, or a virus if you prefer, because that it certainly is.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 577

The same is (or at the very least was) true for Roman Catholicism (Rome), Mormonism (Utah), and to a lesser extent the far majority of Christian churches.

The major innovation that the Christians created (and Islam copied) is the idea of "you must belong to us". Christianity used "if you don't you go to hell" - a concept unheard of before then, while Islam came up with "and you can't quit us afterwards".

Up until then, Judaism, Hinduism, and the rest of the world's religions were "If you want to join us, you have to prove yourself worthy".

So don't go complaining about Islam being expansionist, when they just copied the Christians.

Comment Others already do it (Score 3, Insightful) 397

It is now technically possible, we just have to work out the rules and regulations - insurance, financial and legal liability, regulatory approval.

I think that ten years from now, not a single wealthy person under 21 or over 70 will be driving a car. In 20 years, replace "not a single wealthy" with "only very wealthy American", as we flee the dangerous practice of allowing humans to drive on public roads.

Comment My summary of the article (Score 5, Insightful) 43

At heart, most of the issues he said can be described as follows:

Bioweapon creation is so deadly, that any attempt to create by a civilian it will most likely kill you before you succeed, unless you take expensive counter measures that will act as red flags, telling everyone what you are trying to do.

It does not prevent ISIL and similar groups from attempting it. They have sufficient money and size to hide their attempts, just like the USA and USSR did during the cold war.

Comment Re:Group work in school (Score 1) 307

Should have kept at it.

In my mind, this is the ideal situation - it forces those people that don't want to work to get off their bum and actually do the assignment, rather.

The other way, with one prime student and a mix of bums, the bums never learn anything.

Real Programmers think better when playing Adventure or Rogue.