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Comment: Re:Even if Google plans to accept Bitcoin ... (Score 1) 157

by hummassa (#46054947) Attached to: Google Says It Has "No Current Plans Regarding Bitcoin"
Anyway, TNW's article reveals some read comprehension error (on everyone's part?); according to Ramaswamy's email, “We are working in the payments team to figure out how to incorporate bitcoin into our plans” but TNW interprets this as "it would suggest Google was getting ready to support the virtual currency". NO. It suggests that Google is thinking about how it could possibly do that.

Comment: Re: One and the same (Score 1) 441

by hummassa (#46052031) Attached to: Why Whistleblowers Can't Get a Fair Trial
Assuming you are right, and THEY exist: As long as none of us peek behind the curtain, we'll never be capable of doing that. Even after we remove the puppetmasters, I am fairly certain new, improved puppetmasters will show up. (obviously, if you are wrong and there is no THEM, changing puppets does change things) (or at least create the conditions for changing things) The truth, IMNSHO, is that the will to get to power usually generates power, and no people have more will to have power over others than psychopats/sociopaths, and so those naturally drawn to power. Non-empathically-challenged people have to put safeguards in the social fabric and system just to be protected from the empathically-challenged people that will undoubtedly rise to power.

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