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Comment Chinese already have everything (Score 1) 38

33 million records from date of birth, ssn, bank accounts, everyone you've ever met, etc from the OPM hack via the Chinese. Now 5 million finger prints. The Chinese already have all the info they need to blackmail people in real life. So why not agree? Notice nothing of this mentioned by the White House or Congress.

Comment Apple pretty much had to (Score 4, Informative) 279

Carriers are moving away from subsidized phones due to changes they are making to make more money off of you. Due to this, it puts sales of shiny new phones at risk.

With Apple's leasing you the phone plan, it completely makes this irrelevant. Not many people want to shell out $700 for a new phone, but $30 a month they don't have to realize they are paying $200 in interest. It is silly human psychology.

They had to do it to keep things going.

Comment Sounds like a shake down more than anything (Score 3, Interesting) 371

How many years have these plants been running at a profit? How long have they had to improve techniques and cut costs to make this more efficient? Gas is no cheaper than it was 15 years ago (inflation adjusted) so what is the hold up? One bad year and "welp lets fold up shop!"

Sounds like a shake down of municipalities.

Comment Re: Competition (Score 1) 83

Azure is so far behind the curve though. MS keeps reinventing their portal to admin Azure and it just gets more complicated. AWS isn't fancy but it works well through the web side. Azure just is a Ajaxy disaster. Azure isn't bad as a mirror failover for your AWS, but personally it's been painful to primarily host anything on it.

Comment SDK is lackluster (Score 2, Interesting) 445

Simple things that all the other platforms has Microsoft lacks. Trying to get a stack trace from an Unhandled exception? Nope can't do that. Want to find out what OS build you are on? Nope can't do that. While little things, the list is endless and annoying for anyone that's been doing mobile for awhile.

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