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Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 306

I do occasionally see web ads - hard to escape that without turning off JS entirely (though /. lets me disable them) - but I'd hardly count that as using a Google product. I don't listen to commercial radio; good public radio where I live, and I mostly listen to audiobooks anyhow. I don't have cable, haven't for 20 years. Netflix is fine for keeping something on my TV. I certainly don't watch any broadcast news, where my choices are the propaganda arm of the Democratic party, or Fox. No thanks. I seriously dislike commercials, as you may have gathered.

The one place Google still gets me from time to time is YouTube. I wish there was a better alternative there, but there's educational content on YouTube that just doesn't exists anywhere else. Fortunately the interstitial ads are pretty rare for the non-pop-culture stuff (and I'm sure I could block those too, if I got more active about it).

Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 306

I don't use Google products, because fuck being the product. I went elsewhere. Most people simply aren't aware of what Google does, just as most people think they're the customers for commercial TV.

Google still makes almost all of their money selling ad impressions. You are product. (Facebook too, of course.)

Comment Re:It could work. (Score 0) 544

It's not a theory, it's the truth.

In fact the mkLinux you mention was originally a port done by two guys named Mark and Karl, hence "mk".

Steve Jobs saw Slackware on a CD and, being that he wanted to see the floppy disk die, he chose that distro to port as Mac OSX. Most other distros at that point were still on floppy disk. Woz and Seymour Cray were drinking buddies so when they needed some high performance multi-threading support from Cray's UNICOS system, Woz tapped his pal and got access to the necessary code for a handshake rather than the usual multi-million dollar licensing fees.

The whole "NeXTSTEP" thing was to fool investors into thinking they had a solid product, not something they hacked out over a few weeks. In fact if you do any development on Mac OSX or iOS, you will see "ns_____" things called all the time. The "ns" does not mean "NextStep" as many people think. It means "Nice Seymour" as a tip of the hat to the man that made all that code available for free.

I remember all this like it was yesterday.

Comment Brute force? (Score 1) 83

I may misunderstand this -- my quantum physics are hazy at best -- but I am under the impression that "brute force" isn't the leverage that quantum computing will apply to the problem.

Can anyone who actually understands what a quantum computer could do give us (ok, me) a lesson on the nature of the threat to encryption?

Comment Re:Does the real name policy curb trolling? (Score 1) 223

You entirely missed the point. The community is on FB. They are not going to move, even if I build a much better site. I can't -- no one can, in fact -- offer them what FB does, which is that hub, plus connection to family and friends and job, including the very good chance of re-connecting with old friends, associates and classmates.

What they have is the public. Getting the public away from them is a pipe dream for anyone. Google couldn't do it, and Google+ is *far* better, technically speaking, then FB is.

It is simply glib to say "go build your optimum site" because to be optimum, the community would have to be there. And that is not going to happen no matter what you do.

As I already said, I can live with the down-side. What I can't do is replace with something of equal value.

Comment Re:It could work. (Score 0) 544

Nope. OSX is a fork/mix of early Slackware Linux with some earlier Cray UNICOS multi-threading library support.

NeXTSTEP is based on AT&T SysV UNIX with graphical libraries borrowed from Ashton-Tate's (ahead of its time) Framework suite. If memory serves I think they also uses some of CP/M's successor MP/M 86 for some sweet multiuser stuff.

I remember it all like it was yesterday!

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