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Comment Using the potty. (Score -1, Troll) 117

After he went poo-poo in the potty, how did he ensure his bummy-bum was clean if he was unable so see the toilet paper? Did he use a bidet in the dark? Were the ravioli poo-poos gross and, what we call, "two-flushers" in our house? How would he know when the potty has enough toilet paper in it?

Seriously, if you're going to do science, you have to include the poo!

Comment Re:You keep using that word. I don't think it mean (Score 1) 309

But there'd be no reason to. Industrial power is different because you're paying for infrastructure built just for you, so you pay based on peak usage, not KWh. Water hookups just for outdoor use may have non-potable water, or more commonly, you pay normally for the water but you don't pay for sewer (which costs 3x in some places).

For data, the only difference is "upstream" vs "downstream", which is quite significant. Charging based on the of the data shouldn't fly (that should be the whole point of net neutrality regs, reality aside). Backhaul is all price-per-GB anyhow as I understand it.

Comment Re:Does Sony also provide... (Score 1) 106

The eye has higher effective resolution than Apple has led us to believe with their "retina" marketing. This article shows how human eye can see 530 ppi resolution in a 20 x 13.3-inch print viewed at 20 inches. http://clarkvision.com/imagede...

Which is hardly news in the print world. Most fonts are passable, but noticeably less than perfect at 600dpi. Some fonts still don't quite work right at 1200dpi. Of course, that's without anti-aliasing. Grayscale at 600 dpi can do a pretty good job of representing print if the anti-aliasing is well done.

Comment Re:Sans-Serif (Score 1) 121

Because more people access Google from their tiny telephone screens, where the serifs get lost anyhow.

Small screens still have lower resolution than print, to be sure, but with reasonable anti-aliasing any modern small display will never "lose the serifs". But serifs are an odd on a title/header font anyhow - they're a tool to make it less fatiguing to read large blocks of text, irrelevant to logos.

Comment Phew! (Score 5, Funny) 121

I looked at Google last night and fell off my chair when I saw a differnet, yet oddly familiar, logo. Many dozens of other news outfits were reporting on it, but I waited until I saw the story on Slashdot to confirm it.

Slashdot is to logo confirmation as Netcraft is to BSD's death confirmation.

Comment Re:Turing Test (Score 1) 299

Same reason the advertising industry relies heavily on attractive females: it overrides some higher function of the male brain.

"Same reason the advertising industry relies heavily on attractive females: it overrides all higher functions of the male brain in the vast majority of cases."


Comment Trying to meet someone, how? (Score 1) 299

...because in my experience 80-90% of the women on the paid site were working, self-sufficient adults...

So... that's like, what, eight or nine women?

Or are you counting law enforcement trolls, male impostors, and corporate shills, too? That'd probably get you up to 40% or so of these site's supposedly "female" accounts, the rest being bots pretending to be women, which don't count as "working, self-sufficient adults."

I'm truly glad you met someone you found worthwhile, but in the vast majority of situations, these sites are not good hunting grounds for an actual reasonable partner.

The old standbys are still by far the best, assuming one can pull their head out of their phone or laptop or ipad long enough to actually look around them and actually speak to people. Laundromats, grocery stores, libraries, classes of various types, museums, music stores (what few are left.) You know, places where reasonable, normal people tend to go and can be engaged in the creaky old technique of face-to-face, physically-present conversation. Where you can smell each other, sense each others body language, see how the other person moves, how they do at/with eye contact, make physical contact, engage in courting and other courteous behaviors...

I truly think the current crop of young people have gone and shot themselves in the foot with their overwhelmingly present "everything is online all the time" mentality. Not that you can't find someone online, of course you can, but the real world is still a much better place to try. If, of course, you have at least basic social skills and at least a few desirable characteristics. If not, then things haven't changed one whit -- you're screwed, and not in the "OMG I scored" way. Online won't help such a situation either.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 299

How many people do you think read all of the T&Cs? How many people do you know who have read the Facebook T&Cs, for example (I know two, but I don't know anyone who has both read them and agreed to them)?

I read them and didn't agree with them, hence have zero facebook presence. Does that count? :)

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