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Comment Re:CEOs stepping down (Score 1) 169

Then they may have just shot themselves in the foot as well. If there were only 15000 women on the world's largest site and millions of men, it is hard to believe that the second tier sites are not the same. Lol, the world's biggest sausage fest. Good luck 'rest of industry'.

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 325

I am genuinely happy that your kids did well, says plenty about their character and also yourself as a parent. However, I do not know what 'picking their own switch' and becoming successful has anything to do with each other. There are consequences that are possible without violence so it seems like you are kind of polarizing the issue. The choice is not hit or do absolutely nothing.

Since we are being anecdotal, my parents never hit me once. They imposed discipline in other ways and I have become successful in school and my career as well. My wife and I have have also never hit my son and he is very well behaved.

Comment Use Common Sense (Score 2) 135

I have pretty strict rules for myself on pulling out my phone. If I am in a conversation I will not check it, period. If I am expecting a message that is urgent (how often does that happen though), I will excuse myself and step away. But if someone is in a group and there is a break in the interactivity and they check infrequently in a very low key way then that's cool by me.

Nothing worse than socializing with someone or a group of people, over a beer or whatever, and a good flow of conversation and laughs and then they just suddenly zone out for 3 minutes on their phone(s). That's a buzz kill man, and I am more than likely going to wrap it up and find something else to do.

Also, watched a fireworks show in Ottawa in August and the three teens sitting in front of us pretty much watched the whole thing through their phones recording it. How asinine is that?

Comment Re: No router with out open wrt. (Score 1) 198

Can you expand on why? I have a couple of old routers that were given to me. One WRT54GS and a Netgear DIR-825. I installed DD-WRT on the Linksys and it seems pretty good. I have had no luck upgrading the 825 even though it says it is compatible.

From the comparisons I read, Tomato does not have the same amount of features and OpenWRT is more of a platform to build on. So I went with DD-WRT. But since I have these things that I don't mind bricking I am open to other options.

Comment Yggdrasil article (Score 1) 136

I was initially interested in learning UNIX but of course had no access to those systems. I read an article about Yggdrasil and knew I had to try that out. I got transferred out of town and got busy with a new job and let it go for a while. When I came back to it I found Slackware. The rest is history...Slack, Redhat, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu etc etc. Been using it on servers for years and eventually moved my desktop as well.

Comment Re:"...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 1197

Oh man are you serious? They are going much faster on the way up. So while yes they lose velocity on the way up they are still going at a speed that will penetrate skin. On the way down it's only gravity pulling them and they don't go that high. If you were sitting on the other side of the lake with a rain coat and pellets came down on you would hear them hit the coat before they fell to the ground, and that's it. You would wonder what that was.

Stellar rays prove fibbing never pays. Embezzlement is another matter.