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+ - Microsoft's server boss talks Azure and more (Q&am->

Submitted by hodet
hodet (620484) writes "Interview with Bob Muglia on Windows Azure

From TFA:
After two years of building Windows Azure, Server and Tools President Bob Muglia said yesterday that the cloud operating system is ready for business customers of all sizes to give it a try. At its annual Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft announced several new Azure features including the ability to move existing applications and virtual machines into Microsoft's hosted service.

Read more:"

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+ - Quantum computing may lead to a quantum Canadian l->

Submitted by hodet
hodet (620484) writes "From the TFA: .."D-Wave is pioneering a new high-performance computer that uses the laws of quantum mechanics. In theory, one can dramatically reduce the time and memory requirements for computation by harnessing and leveraging the mysterious properties around quantum physics.""
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+ - Ottawa killed cellphone cost calculator->

Submitted by hodet
hodet (620484) writes "The Canadian Government has killed what could have been a very helpful application for Canadian consumers amidst some lobbying by the the Telcos.

From TFA....

"After spending tens of thousands of dollars creating and testing an online calculator designed to help consumers select their ideal wireless plan, Industry Minister Tony Clement killed the project weeks before it was scheduled to launch. Government records suggest intense lobbying this spring by Canada's wireless companies, who feared the service would promote lower-cost plans, played a key role in the decision.""

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