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Comment: Re:Wow, I'd be pretty angry (Score 1) 167

by hodet (#48418411) Attached to: Microsoft Azure Outage Across the Globe

I wonder how big an organization would have to be to actually make a private cloud useful. As you say, part of the benefit is having access to infrastructure that you don't have to pay for unless you need it. If you own the cloud than you have paid for every last piece of iron that is sucking up power in your datacentre. Does dynamic provisioning offset this cost? Would governments be the only clients that private clouds truly make sense for?

Comment: Re:Yawn ... (Score 1) 167

by hodet (#48418357) Attached to: Microsoft Azure Outage Across the Globe

Excactly, that is the key here. It does have its purpose and all too often these discussions focus on the 'Cloud vs Inhouse'. It's not that simple. You have weighed the pros and cons and have determined that cloud computing is more advantageous for you and probably a whole lot more cost effective. But its not a fit for everyone and I suspect cloud services over promise to some clients for which it is not a good fit.

Comment: Re:Was impressed until.. (Score 1) 144

by hodet (#48407557) Attached to: What the US Can Learn From Canada's Internet Policy

With the conservatives sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some. The minute it becomes politically advantageous to harm the internet in the country you can bet they would. This is not a government that is concerned with doing the right thing. They want to get re-elected first and foremost. This time it worked in our favour. The other two major political parties are no better. The article makes it sound like Canada has it all figured out. I was chuckling when I read it. I guess if your frame of reference is the US political system then Canada looks great.

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