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Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 149

Many common (scsi) cards in Solaris had 32 bit support and never got 64 bit support.

Yes. Adaptec AHA-2940. Holy shit. That was like THE most common SCSI card.

Also the error was cryptic, and the installer (being 32 bit at the time - 2006 IIRC) let you install it but it wouldn't boot after install - there was no 64-bit driver for the card.

Comment Re:More bad (Score 5, Insightful) 43

Yes. I am from Argentina, which, as many of you know, is a really shitty country right now. But, a few years ago, we rejected (along with most of South America) the ALCA/FTAA. The problem with this agreement is that it's full of technicalities that benefit no one but the US. Americans learned a lot from NAFTA (with Mexico taking a hit in US manufacturing), so they added quite a few provisions to make the FTA one-sided.

You see, as it is, the US pushes for elimination of trade barriers, or, basically, customs regulations (since they are the simplest and most effective ways of protecting a country's own manufacturing). But the agreements say nothing about INTERNAL REGULATIONS: for example, food standards. One of Argentina's main exports used to be beef. But for many years we've been banned from selling in the US market due to "concerns" about foot-and-mouth disease: It takes only 1 confirmed case of this disease for the USDA to impose a 3-year ban on beef. Or, in other words, it takes only 1 CIA operative to infect a cow in Argentina to ban all beef, at once (Argentina's surface is "only" about 1/3 of the size of the US, so you understand that a country-wide ban for a single case is just plain stupid).

Another problem is that the US HEAVILY subsidizes certain products, enabling two things: on one hand, unfair "competition" since Argentina is completely unable to sell, for example, corn due to the extremely high subsidies. On the other hand, it enables dumping: the US can flood Argentina's market with extremely cheap corn, destroying the corn "industry" here.

This is the problem with "free trade" agreements proposed by the US. They follow the same doctrine as US foreign policy, and only benefit the US and their blood brothers (UK, Australia, Canada and NZ).

Unfortunately, the US has never seen Latin America as an ally (the explanation being really simple: pure racism, still deep in US roots - see who their "partners" are and what color their skin is), and they have historically manipulated Latin America's economies and governments, generating hate and division between neighbors. They decided to make deals with a single country and allow them to become an enemy superpower and creditor, instead of dealing with many smaller states and yet retain cheap labor but with the added benefits of: easier language, smaller distance, not so different culture, and basically the same timezone.

Unfortunately the US will never accept these conditions.

Comment Re:Move to the latest version? (Score 1) 435

i suggest you start reading on ipv6. it's really not that hard. you're making it overly complicated and assuming things simply because YOU DONT KNOW STUFF.

just start reading on networking: ipv4 and ipv6, both.

fe80 is called a link-local address. it's a complicated concept. it's not the same as an autoconfigured (SLAAC) address which is global and can be created by EUI-64 (based on your MAC) or a temporary IPv6 addres, which is also autoconfigured by SLAAC but it's temporary (lasts for 1 hour or so) and it's used to keep your privacy on the internet. it's a completely random IP.

and you can get a tunnel working NOW with for FREE.
this has been available since AT LEAST 2002 when i first tried it.

Comment Re:Move to the latest version? (Score 1) 435

Also you "didn't need" a IPv4 dns because you have like 5 devices in your network. But i know idiots like you, idiot's who don't believe in DHCP or DNS, and who just static address everything.

And then wifi comes along, with DHCP almost mandatory for mobile devices, and struggle to figure out how the hell they're going to handle the mess of fragmented IPv4 addresses they have in hand right now.

Fucking amateur.

Comment Re:Ads won't go away (Score 1) 307

Are you american? Please tell me you are so I can pull out the "In my country we have free healthcare" and hear you whine that it's not really free because you pay for it with your taxes.

Linux is free. LibreOffice is free. For a great many years the whole internet was free.

Linux is free, but most contributions are by people getting paid for it. Most by redhat, a lot by Microsoft.
LibreOffice is free, but was paid by Sun
The whole internet was free, but paid by universities.

Nothing is really free.

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