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by hjf (#47628145) Attached to: China Cracks Down On Mobile Messaging

As an Argentinian (if you know our recent history): No, people tolerate everything. People don't "uprise" spontaneously. People don't go out and protest.

They don't.

I've learned that ALL protests are organized by someone with a political motivation. Nothing more.

We're in a situation worse than what we were in 2001. And people just carry on with their lives every day. Humans are tame criatures, they will take absolutely everything and accept it. Look at the life in the Middle East for example. Iran, once a westernized, modern country, taken back to the middle ages by the muslims. And people didn't protest.
The Khmer Rouge killing everything and everyone. People didn't protest.
You'll see people oppressed all over the world. In third world nations, and in the US too. And guess what? People don't do anything. The ones in power take it all.

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by hjf (#47596749) Attached to: Google Spots Explicit Images of a Child In Man's Email, Tips Off Police

Not checksumming or hashing. It's called "feature extraction". I know about it. I made a video about a little software I made based on OpenCV which is able to identify a picture I show it, through my webcam, among 20,000 pictures stored in my computer. It's the only video in my youtube channel that actually has views.
Anyway, once you have the features, you can analyze an image and see if it contains any part of any of the images in your database. It doesn't matter if it's slighlty blurred, partially covered, rotated, and it doesn't matter if it takes the whole screen or just a fraction. In my demo I show how my program recognizes Magic: The Gathering cards in my hand (which is much more difficult than recognizing poker cards).
Oh, and it does this at several matches per second on a Core 2 duo class machine.

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Easy there, union guy.

I said I agreed with the previous post. I'm not anti union. And I'm extremely critical of the government (I'm not american, if that matters).

But unions ARE corrupt, and they are as corrupt as the government. The ideals of unions are good. The problem is: they become giant and extort money from the company.

Here in Argentina the truck drivers union is preparing for a 2-day strike, demanding a 40% raise (after a 30% raise not even a couple months ago). Truck drivers are making more money than many professions (doctors and engineers for example). A truck driver doesn't spend 10 years of his life in college, yet he makes more money than a doctor here, thanks to the "truck drivers union" which paralyzes the country whenever it wants something. That's sheer corruption right there. In fact, that's the reason unions existed in the first place: to protect the "little guy" from the big guy. Except they're the big guy here, and they act like it.

+ - Amazon patents white background photography

Submitted by hjf
hjf (703092) writes "Photographers hate it. Designers love it. Balancing the right amount of light so that the background is pure white, and the subject is correctly lit is a technique that's been used for decades in photography. Brought to you by the same company that pantented 1-click buy, now we have a patent on white background photos. Never before the term "prior art" has been more relevant."

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