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Comment Re:It's absolutely stunning how WAY OFF most of yo (Score 1) 675

- Of course there is protection of free speech in Germany. And that freedom ends exactly where freedom of others starts. What is prohibited is public speech that aims at depriving minorities (religious, ethnical, etc.) from constitutional rights, or calls for criminal acts. If can't personally find this to infringe on my freedom.

I find it useful to allow people to speak such offensive things. This makes it easier to identify the assholes.

Comment BOOT Magazine (Score 1) 136

In the mid-90s an issue of BOOT Magazine had an article about various non-Microsoft operating systems. Linux seemed to offer what I was looking for and RedHat 5.1 was my first successful install. I went to Mandrake with their first release and have stuck with that (now Mandriva) ever since. I was privileged to contribute to the RedHat Unleashed series with Bill Ball and write for both MaximumLinux and LinuxFORMAT magazines as well as contributing to the Mandriva documentation. It has been an amazing experience.

Comment Re:Zune (Score 2) 300

My Zune still works fine and I'm typing this on a first gen SurfacePro, some products that do their job well just don't sell (in this case because of the worlds worst marketing).

Many good products fail. Success in the market often has little to do with the usefulness or quality of the product.

Comment Re: Hate to be that guy, but Linux (Score 1) 517

In my experience, Linux desktop response suffers way more heavily under high disk load then Windows desktop response. Something with the way Gnome and KDE are prioritized in the kernel loop I would expect. Run something in the background that is chewing up the disk and expect windows to draw very slowly.

Try a lightweight desktop. Mageia5 using the LXQT desktop zips along on my 12-yo hardware.

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