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Comment: Religious Freedom Means . . . (Score 1) 1110

by hduff (#49375709) Attached to: Apple's Tim Cook Calls Out "Religious Freedom" Laws As Discriminatory

"Religious Freedom" means that you can believe as you wish free of government control or mandate, not that you can force others to believe what you believe or others can be forced to act in ways contrary to their beliefs, but consistent with yours.

The Bible is full of stories of real-world penalties that are to be paid for following your beliefs, including death. These modern believers want their outward expression of their beliefs to be free of any real-world consequences from people who do not share those beliefs. That's not how any of this works.

Comment: Share Your Life Lessons (Score 1) 698

Share anecdotes from your past where you learned a life lesson, especially where you made a mistake or bad choice and learned from it. That way it comes across as not so much a morality lecture and more the loving, caring advice you want to share. It provides context. It humanizes you. It makes a bigger impact on her. And it makes a connection from you to her that will endure as she lives her life and raises her children.

Comment: Do You Mean . . .? (Score 2) 431

by hduff (#48924669) Attached to: Justice Department: Default Encryption Has Created a 'Zone of Lawlessness'

Do you mean a zone of lawlessness where my Constitutional rights are violated in the name of "freedom"? Where law enforcement official engage in criminal acts to "protect" me? Where my privacy is illegally violated as a matter of policy?

No thank you, Oberführer Caldwell.

"I think Michael is like litmus paper - he's always trying to learn." -- Elizabeth Taylor, absurd non-sequitir about Michael Jackson