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Comment Your "laws" (legislation) ignore my rights (Score 1) 382

Right off the bat, legislation is confused with natural laws, a prime error. Then legislation that contradicts foundational principles in increasing degree is still called "law". In the end, we have chaos and tyranny. Such legislation has no inherent moral authority, but suckers enough people to create hesitation over the resistance and counteraction needed to really put an end to "enforcement" of such (tyrannical) "laws".

Comment combo tablets under 4 cents in India... (Score 1) 372

The two drug combo tablet, Pyrimethamine 25mg + Sulfadoxine 500mg, has many generic suppliers in India, for under 4 cents a tablet, with a lot more sulfa drug added in. The aseptic pilling and blister packaging probably cost more than the pyrimethamine at 1 cent.

$13.50 per tablet of 25 mg pyrimethamine was a joke and an utter ripoff. The $750 makes the French Revolution more understandable when they started shortening corrupt financiers and government royalists after a short trial...Sort of a closer shave with that super sized Gillete thing.

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