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Comment: writs of assistance (Score 2) 207

NSA surveillience used by domestic LEOs function as writs of assistance, the traitorous general search warrants expressly forbidden by the Founders and a major cause of the American Revolution. No matter what title they have, some officials need to be tried then shot and/or hanged.

Comment: billing scams (Score 1) 570

by harvey the nerd (#47564409) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'
A lot of bills these days are fraudulent in nature. Some are subscription mentalities, eager to charge like municipal taxes, instead seem to miss the concept of delivering satisfactory service or goods. Others may be generational changes in perception as to what constitutes adequate completion and quality for final payment.

Medicine is a wasteland of overcharges and ineffectiveness. We are able to reduce major medical costs 90-99%(!), with better results, through cheaper overseas providers AND our own applications of medical freedom from FDA and US med mafia.

Overall, incompetence and grossly overpaid nobodies eat a lot of time on bad bills. They may aggressively report bad payment for false bills, while it takes time to settle anything fairly or correctly, if ever. May not even be worth it. F'em, we can do cash or not buy at all.

Comment: Re:dumbo (Score 1) 291

by harvey the nerd (#47489505) Attached to: Australia Repeals Carbon Tax
Most advanced STEM people I know (PhDs, 1500+, patents, etc) have refrained from expressing their concerns and doubt for a long time, some figuring they missed some details or not worth the hassle. Now they can be reasonably certain how busted the CAGW data, models and technical processes are. Politically this becomes an existential fight to remain somewhat free, while some totalitarians are making the big grab. It has become worth the hassle.

Comment: dumbo (Score 0) 291

by harvey the nerd (#47483767) Attached to: Australia Repeals Carbon Tax
CAGW is a scam that has become a religion seeking justification to mulct, enslave and decimate the world while ignoring the real threat, lesser global cooling periods and the main ice ages.

Only now has a public debate about the science actually begun and already it should be clear that CAGW promoters are more than a few cards short of a full deck. Altered data, history, obvious discrepancies of prior warmer periods like higher water or abandoned high altitude terraces, missing physics in models, gross errors in feedback like positive instead of negative, and the general use of character assassination rather than refutation.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.