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Comment Irrelevance... (Score 0) 274

The UK is legislating itself into irrelevance. People leave, people die prematurely on NHS when they get expensive, many people don't even bother to breed there anymore and they have to import incompatible replacements.

Thankfully my last UK ancestors left there over 100 years ago.

Comment Re:overcoming backwater thinking (Score 1) 25

For anybody still reading these exchanges, although there are exclusionary conditions, most people can tolerate high strength IV vitamin C.

Typically they will quickly get and feel better. The stuffs KILLS acute viruses. Even overrun, terminal cancer patients within a few days of death. The IV vitamin C likely will allow them to temporarily eliminate pain and to be energetic for a day or so.

Comment Re:overcoming backwater thinking (Score 0) 25

The IV vitamin C is based on high doses, like 700-1500 mg per kg of body weight. Real MD doctors like Klenner, Duke, or Cathcart, Stanford. Vitamin C is very cheap in its bulk USP powder. Maimstream doctors are the ones likely to allow homeopathic vitamin C doses, like less than 60 mg oral, and often cannot even recognize scorbutic patients.

Comment overcoming backwater thinking (Score 1, Interesting) 25

Combined with IV vitamin C, a powerful viricide, this test could protect world borders. Maimstream medicine never supports tests of IV vitamin C to treat viruses, not since the 1930-40s. Intravenous vitamin C is a great general viricide, extraordinarily successful in early or acute viral infections. Pity they don't use it on Ebola. Read this book online, Injectable Vitamin C by Robert McCracken, PhD, to see what I mean. Also see "Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins" by Thomas Levy, MD (Introduction).

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