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Comment: side effects, measurement and false claims (Score 1) 186

If it were that wonderful, it might save more like 1,000,000 lives a year. 100,000 is potentially a rounding error or redefinition game in measurement.

Major poicy mistakes that enslave us or cause a social meltdown like a revolution, might cost millions of lives per year.

One of the principal problems with health and healthcare today is that individuals, groups an corporations have been shaving and flaking largely unseen pieces of the public's health off for a lousy "profit" this past century with scams, defective goods and techniques known to somebody. We should trust you now with our most personal information that be used as weapons and chains ?

Comment: smart hippies ...what could possibly go wrong (Score 4, Interesting) 396

by harvey the nerd (#47246039) Attached to: "Super Bananas" May Save Millions of Lives In Africa
Beta carotene is only one of hundreds of carotenoids. We know that there are other carotenoids with important properties for human health e,g, lutein, lycopene, astaxanthin.

Better to think of beta carotene as a marker in foods rather than a be-all, end-all carotenoid. Also balance with other oil soluble and anti-oxidant nutrients can be important.

Comment: unhealthy (Score 1) 59

by harvey the nerd (#47092369) Attached to: Cambridge Company Unveils 3D Printed "Fruit"
The ultimate processed food, printed to resemble the real thing. Many molecules of unprocessed, grown fruits and vegetables are quite different. These properties are as yet underappreciated as essential nutrients. 3D printing is a gee whiz menace from faster foods.

I knew a precocious 16 y.o. young girl in a great college, who later married a gourmet chef that made faux foods to delight her taste buds. She died before age 50 with chronic illness that I think reflects modern [lack of] nutrition.

Comment: Re:Ridiculous (Score 2) 334

So when someone dies, the partnership is over and you are supposed to throw away the photos ???? F' that.
German courts are expanding petty cases into US sovereignty areas. F' that.
Attempting to micromanage all sexual relationships long distance is bad for human relations, my VHEMT point. F' that.

Comment: public employee unions poison (Score 1) 688

by harvey the nerd (#47063257) Attached to: Professors: US "In Denial" Over Poor Maths Standards
Even FDR recognized public employee unions would be fatal to the US. That time has arrived.

When public schools fail, parents have to step up with home schooling, private schooling, private lessons. Our kids finished calculus at 15-16 with some out of public school lessons. It was important to burn through the middle school and lower high school classes that are anchored by remedial students mixed with the average and superior students. Also getting the better teacher in a subject is important, No excuses, parents.

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