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Comment: vs iatrogenic; rationalizing nothing (Score 1) 447

Homeopathic medicine often had an advantage with respect to iatrogenic medicines. Many diseases are self limited and may clear themselves or at least stabilize. Many medical treatments were outright injurious (e.g. mercury, arsenic, war gas based based) and homeopathy could actually produce head-to-head better results. Even now many mainstream cancer treatments and last ditch medical treatments will have fearsome adverse effects that people have to decide when doing nothing **IS** better.

Comment: how about 10 yrs for execs (Score 5, Insightful) 284

How about 10 yrs in the slammer for execs guilty of corruption and bribery? Like creating retroactive changes to the laws, raiding the public domain, and making perpetuities out of basic, limited copyright in faster world of the internet. My contention is that copyright for ephermera, like news, TV and movies, should have been SHORTENED from 28 yrs to a lower number !

Comment: LSU 1970s; history (Score 1) 127

by harvey the nerd (#49179163) Attached to: Physicists Gear Up To Catch a Gravitational Wave
The article only talks about MIT history and laser inferometers (LIGO). It doesn't credit Louisiana State University's efforts to build resonant mass gravity wave detectors from the 1970s. By 1972, physics Prof William O Hamilton at LSU was working on a multi-ton aluminum bar and a He3 dilution cooler in what would become the Allegro graviy wave detector.

Some interesting history papers:

Comment: sellouts (Score 1) 958

by harvey the nerd (#48965769) Attached to: Science's Biggest Failure: Everything About Diet and Fitness
Much of the bias, pseuoscience and error comes from university "authorities" and thought leaders that were purchased wholesale, and media that claim (big) "Science sez..." The nutrition field has had many sellouts to industry.

If you want to know what science says, read and analyze papers yourself then compare with other papers. Then make some observations and checks yourself, just to be sure. There is always vested interest groups eager to do your thinking for you, for only a small part of your health, wealth and freedom.

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