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Comment: conspiracy is irrelevant... (Score 2) 395

but there are a lot of cheaper, better therapies that are ignored or attacked by pharmaceutical, medical interests, whether natural substances or generic drugs used off label. The FDA essentially promotes expensive, less effective, often dangerous therapies that are officially blessed. I've saved $40,000+ a month recognizing this situation the last several years, with better research and results in my family when the doctors themselves said no real hope several years ago.

Comment: SAT abandons the most promising of undiscovered (Score 1) 134

by harvey the nerd (#46414377) Attached to: College Board To Rethink the SAT, Partner With Khan Academy
Sounds like the College Board will concentrate on evaluating an increasingly dysfunctional middle and abandoning the top 0.1-2% with the SAT. Probably a battery of advanced, expensive achievement / AP tests for the top 2%-5% well educated students, forget about finding untrained native ability. This is a disaster to the poor but promising who can't afford to great schools.

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by harvey the nerd (#46111327) Attached to: Study: Some Antioxidants Could Increase Cancer Rates
A trivial case is folinic acid, aka leucovorin, which is used with 5 flourouracil as the 5FU-LV pair and with third and fourth adjuvants. Old hat. Note: common folic acid is an oxidized precursor of folinic acid.

"Show" is a relative term to the level of evidence. Your tone implies you are looking for grade A evidence, with multiple multimillion dollar trials. There are a lot of lower level evidence cases and what is more important is the individual case. Extensive individualized lab work is already doable but not common. Few spend multimillions for large trials on commodities. Yet.

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by harvey the nerd (#46108573) Attached to: Study: Some Antioxidants Could Increase Cancer Rates
....word choice. Some antioxidants are good killers of cancer cells, and some aren't. Like various chemotherapies, you need to know which ones in which combinations and dosages work, and which don't, for a particular cancer.

Been there, done that, works well. This article just sounds like another pharma shill attack on supplements.

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