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Comment: Re:overcoming backwater thinking (Score 0) 24 24

The IV vitamin C is based on high doses, like 700-1500 mg per kg of body weight. Real MD doctors like Klenner, Duke, or Cathcart, Stanford. Vitamin C is very cheap in its bulk USP powder. Maimstream doctors are the ones likely to allow homeopathic vitamin C doses, like less than 60 mg oral, and often cannot even recognize scorbutic patients.

Comment: overcoming backwater thinking (Score 1, Interesting) 24 24

Combined with IV vitamin C, a powerful viricide, this test could protect world borders. Maimstream medicine never supports tests of IV vitamin C to treat viruses, not since the 1930-40s. Intravenous vitamin C is a great general viricide, extraordinarily successful in early or acute viral infections. Pity they don't use it on Ebola. Read this book online, Injectable Vitamin C by Robert McCracken, PhD, to see what I mean. Also see "Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins" by Thomas Levy, MD (Introduction).

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Comment: Zzzzzz (Score 0) 422 422

It takes decades for a "heat signal" to penetrate 1-2 miles of aerated ice. Any melting on the bottom of the glacier right now is from warming inceases of decades past. Frankly, being a "solarian", I expect to see some "freeze-your-ass-off" global cooling in 2020. Even if not, a net of 90 gigatons pa is a small fraction of a millimeter per year for global sea rise at peak rates of ice loss for processes that **are** cyclical.

Comment: "Why not", Father of the engineer-bride (Score 1) 634 634

Her card says development engineer (as in R&D), XX billion $ company. They nominally wanted a PhD chemical engineer. She finished calculus at 15, was touring inside the better medical school classes at 19, after summer research. Aim, MD-PhD. Decided medical school was too rote, went into fundamental medical research for grad school with a nicely titled/paid fellowship. Went to work for a small biotech, decided she wanted to work for a large company. She's not classically degreed as an engineer. Why not?

1. Nicer liberal arts colleges typically don't offer engineering, nominal 3-2 programs not withstanding.
2. Much of engineering is not typically seen as a desirable school/work environment stresswise.
3. In my generation, female engineering classmates largely failed to reproduce, 0-1 kids. Only one I know with 3 kids, was summa cum laude, married a (to be) highly successful doctor, and quit after his med school.

Comment: better education (Score 4, Informative) 352 352

I got such a "super teacher" module for one of my high school kids (Kentucky Educational TV) with some great demos too. AP Physics B all in one year without the usual introductory Physics course. It was great. The kid worked hard, and switched from music and languages in high school to physics in college.

However she also had a great physics teacher to help her during lunch. I think it might reduce the local teachers time requirement per student 1/2-2/3, but not the skills. Ultimately the kids may have more equal opportunity to determine their level of education by their own interest, ability and effort in such a system.

Comment: it's not "only" (Score 1) 200 200

"only records..."
There no only here, it's just one brick in a big shithouse.
"...or even forwards...actual crimes" DA's have bragged for decades about their ability to indict a ham sandwich.

Various less advertised provisions for "collection" and "sharing" already make broad surveillence an internal US affair. We already have internal checkpoints under various sweeps and searches of the public e.g. Immigration and Customs broadly stopping interior highway traffic without probable cause, wanting to see everybody's trunk, or illicit FEMA home searches and gun confiscations during Katerina. Another thing about police states, people inside the sphere often have a hard time to admit it, perhaps even to themselves, until close to a general breakdown, naked power displays, or open gunfire in the streets.

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