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Comment Re:zealots ^2 (Score 0) 245

...complete fabrication by denialists
You obviously weren't there in my grad school. The Ice Age question was a potential concern for an indefinite future of unknown timing. Again this uncertainty was a driver for initial funding on major climate science.

...was 50 years ago.
You miss the point. There is an element of changing perspectives, and repeating fashions here.

"I have a much harder science background"... in climate science? I studied physics and computer science. And I know enough to know what I'm not an expert in.
Climate science is still early stage with lots of contradictions, politics and predictive failures. The models simply do not work from fundamentals. Your assertion of "denialists" as if it were a more mature, proven field with easily observed, successful predictions totally discredits itself with lack of recognition. The internal politics of climate grantees view of their own flaws have been shown to be so fetid and corrupt that adversarial, exploitative cult would be a better discription.

And you slightly demonstrate my thesis of angry dissonant crowds :->

Comment Re:zealots ^2 (Score 0, Troll) 245

Stephan, simple denigration of oppositional views and their holders is not going to be effective. The original justification of large scale climate studies ca 1970s-80s, had to do with the concern of Ice Age timing, indicators, mechanisms and prediction. In this vein, the climate researchers continue to fail badly.

I have a much harder science background than you do. I am old enough, that in graduate school, that the principal criticism of CO2 was its likely lack of adequate effect to prevent an Ice Age in any near term if needed. There are numerous scientific violations CAGW promotors create and blow past to manufacture their scenarios and narratives. I see a lot of egregiously bad science and social-political engineering in the CAGW works. These non technical attacks run off like water.

Simply put, I have my own hard earned opinion.

Comment zealots ^2 (Score 2, Insightful) 245

The French govt probably doesn't want events that provoke large crowds with angry people that might have zealots with conflicting views. Imagine: Angry CAGW zealots meet climate realists/"deniers" with normal angry puke and threats. Islamic terrorists decide the cover and distraction is perfect for a bigger score, sending more infidels to burn before police even realize the attack.

Comment remember Plato and Thales (Score 2) 75

There are echoes of multiple catastrophes like "The Deluge" and Thera in legend. No telling what we will find when the archeology of the last 25,000 years is recovered from the flooded ice age shores in 300-400 ft of water. Thales awed warring Greeks to scamper away from battle in 585 BC with his showmanship about blotting out the sun, showing us he could predict total eclipse. Bits of math and astronomy might be precious surviving threads no telling how far back. Plato's claim of priests' families handing down secret history / legends across the millenia might not be total bs. Time immemorial indeed.

Comment AR vs flying hazards and pervs (Score 1) 108

Most people are not live firing their assualt rifles up and down the street in the their urban neighborhoods every weekend. No AR owners are looking at my daughter sunbathing in our atrium through their gunsights. No one sees weekly reports of AR being dropped from a height on passersby. There are traceable gun records for original shop sales, too.

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