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Comment: Re:No more Flash/Java? Gee, wonder why. (Score 1) 353

by hachete (#34004634) Attached to: Want Flash Player On a MacBook Air? Download It Yourself

It's the logical next step. It appears that Apple are bringing Mac OS in line with the iPhone and iPad. I think they're closing down the Mac OS. Notice that Steve "The Prophet" Jobs was nibbling at Google about Open-ness. I guess this is the next step. Steve "The Prophet" Jobs is redefining "open-ness" to mean what he wants it to mean. And that means no third party frameworks. Neat, hey?

This is my first and last Apple machine. Well played, Steve.

Comment: UK "Competition" (Score 1) 72

by hachete (#33672736) Attached to: UK Goverment IT Chief Backs Open Source Suppliers

The UK govt has never been known for its open policies. Typically, it will hire a firm to build a system, and any incomers will have to buy in to that companies system. Which is nice if you're the gatekeeper. If this ever takes off, then it will be a great step forward for UK software. If the govt publishes the specification, and products are measured against that, then competition is more likely to succeed. We might even get a real software industry.

Comment: Re:Comment your code (Score 1) 590

by hachete (#33491426) Attached to: Programming Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

Always comment your assumptions.

Give usage examples (scripts or modules).

Files that are used.

Conditions when module/script dies.

Major bits of functionality - like, this module forks, or it makes RPC calls to some external system.

Make sure the mother fucking error-statements actually MEAN SOMETHING, a line number whence they came, what caused the error etc.

Comment: Re:Culturally relevant? (Score 1) 420

by hachete (#33262086) Attached to: Lucas Promises <em>Star Wars</em> on Blu-Ray in 2011

Your analysis is spot on.

ESB is better because it was written by Leigh Bracket and Lawrence Kasdan, who have both been involved with adult *movies*. I tend to regard Star Wars as television for film. It pretends to have a majestic sweep, but it feels phoney.

By the time we get to VI, we're into toys and preview screenings big time. There is no hope after that.

Comment: COMPETITION (Score 1) 324

by hachete (#32884334) Attached to: Ballmer Says Microsoft Is 'Hardcore' About Tablets

Amusingly, MS are really shit when they enter a market with real competition - like the tablet, or the smart-phone. The only way they get to control the market is through the OEMs and the corporate monopoly MS have.

Anybody who said that this is a management failure is correct. It's about time they trimmed the top of the tree and started re-focussing. Although I think it's a bit late now.

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