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by Sergeant Pepper (#26260383) Attached to: Man Invents Alternative To Cooking Gas
Talk about eating up propaganda... you say that people "make excuse for [Hamas's] terrorist attacks" and then you do the same thing with Israel's! Reality is, they're both wrong. If you can't see that (which apparently you can't) you're not being honest. Then you appear to go on to advocate that might makes right? That because any option but accepting Israel results in Israelis killing Palestinians (in itself wrong) that it should be done? How would you feel if I went in to your house with a gun and shot you and your family because you don't agree with me? It's the same logic but I would bet that you would be considerably less accepting then...

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[fundamentalist capitalism] is an example of a known working economic system

Excuse me while I try to stop laughing...

Seriously, have you ever taken an economics class in your entire life? I mean, not to sound condescending, but GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY... there is very little debate among economists that you need government intervention to have a sustainable economy. What is debated is the amount that is healthy, but the fact that it's necessary is almost never debated.

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That's a stupid argument. The UN says "Let there be Israel!" then "Uh, Israel, please don't be a fuckwad... stop bombing people" and you say that it's hypocritical to only support the second statement because they came from the same source? I am, frankly, offended by how little thought went into your post.

+ - Start-Up With Solar Energy Cheaper Than Coal?->

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Sergeant Pepper (1098225) writes "Nanosolar, a heavily financed Silicon Valley start-up whose backers include Google's co-founders, plans to announce Tuesday that it has begun selling its innovative solar panels which are made using a device very much like an ink-jet printer. It lays down the components of a photovoltaic cell onto a thin sheet of aluminum that is thinner, lighter, and much less fragile than older silicon cells and will cost about $2 per watt while, according to the Department of Energy, building a new coal plant costs about $2.1 a watt, plus the cost of fuel and emissions."
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It's funny.  Laugh.

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Sergeant Pepper
Sergeant Pepper writes "
Doctors in Philadelphia are testing a revolutionary new treatment that is restoring life and bringing people back from the dead. During cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating. It's a trauma alert and people are often declared dead within minutes. But now doctors at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital are bringing people back from the dead. Dr. Lance Becker and his team are challenging fate with breakthrough new treatments that could save hundreds of thousands of lives.
And no, it does not cause you to turn into a zombie and start craving human flesh."

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