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Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 649

First, Linux isn't restricted to x86 hardware (you knew that right?). Second, HA isn't all or nothing. Very few (very expensive) machines go all in on HA. By far, the most common case is RAID (which is implemented on x86 hardware all the time).

Honestly, the RAID thing is a brown paper bug for systemd that should never have made it into a distro and should have resulted in a crash program to fix that in days. It should not have resulted in claims of "not a bug".

Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 429

Well I was going to let it be since someone else who also didn't get the joke down moderated.

But since I got multiple responses while down modded...

It was a joke.

Playing on the idea that the ability to see A cup porn stars is a critical aspect of having a high quality life.

One dead frog at your service*

*This is an idiomatic expression. It refers to having to explain a joke. I am not literally killing a frog.

Comment Re: Getting a car repair (Score 1) 429

My "genuine dealer service" accidentally put power steering fluid into my brake system ruining it.

At first they were going to fix it but once it went north of $3000, they balked and said a prior maintenance 7,000 miles previously might have put the fluid in (since i came to them for the one 3,500 miles before).

In the end, they gave me a verifiably good deal on a replacement new car when I pointed out they could fix the car for almost "free" since it was mostly labor.

Since then, I always tell the service tech this happened on a prior visit before they start and I always check the fluids before I leave the lot.

But there is nothing magical about a particular mechanic.

I agree on the warranty. Now that I've retired I will probably be exiting 'new car land' in another 5 years and be in the land of used cars again.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 649

And let's not forget that systemd destroys high availability by refusing to mount btrfs degraded if one of the drives fails even if it's set up as RAID1. It refuses to even try the mount commend and drops to the shell (eventually). If you issue the mount manually from there, it mounts right up. They apparently don't know what high availability is all about.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 649

If systemd didn't use butt-ugly APIs, it would be a lot easier to mix and match. For exampl, you want to suspend? Call /sbin/suspend which might be an suid binary, or might use a private interface to a daemon running as root (depending on need). That constitutes a nice standard interface. Want to manage a daemon? Run a manager and pass it the path to the daemon it should manage. Again, a standard interface that can be used by any init system to provide more advanced functionality.

It seems that everywhere there is a choice between a goofball tangled mess and a simple and easy to use interface, systemd is all over the former.

Comment Re:Wrong way around (Score 1) 649

It's much faster and easier to cover everything in shit than it is to scrub it all away again.

The projects are out there, it just takes a little while to bootstrap. Meanwhile, I am working with Jessie and fvwm using sysv to avoid systemd to the extent possible. That is, where I haven't just stayed at wheezy for now.

For example, have a look at

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 3, Insightful) 429

You can still buy the "less expensive" incandescent bulbs that are actually much more expensive than LED's now (plus the risk of changing high lights on a ladder every 9 months.

Did you read the parent post? This is a case of buyers who want to buy electric... who walk in prepared to buy electric... and the sales people steer or even actively push the buyer away from electric. Mainly- again from the article- because the electric car will cost the buyer LESS money on maintenance.

You can bet the dealerships have set up commission structure to encourage sales of gasoline cars too.

Electric cars don't make as much sense as they did in 2014 with oil breaking $40 a barrel. But in 2-3 years oil is going to scream back up to over $100 (inflation adjusted) a barrel (it's done it twice before) and electric cars will be almost free to buy then when you consider improvements in battery life and capacity combined with an average $16,000 gasoline savings vs an average $1600 electricity cost. Plus another $4,000 in reduced maintenance costs.

The gas car is the "less expensive" bulb that breaks down and requires more maintenance AND burns 10x the energy that that the "more expensive" bubls do.

Most LED bulbs (now at $4.98) pay for themselves in 3 months now. The rest is free money from reduced energy bills.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 429

For my last three honda's, I used internet pricing.

I send an email to each dealerships requesting a bottom line final offer quote and then go buy from the best price.

One time I got their and they tried to change the price (which was ironically about $700 over the next price but at a more convenient location). I walked out the door and got the car cheaper at the other dealership. After getting service there a few years, I switched to the more convenient dealer (probably bad practice on my part encouraging the scammy dealer but it was a half hour difference in driving time each way).

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