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Comment Re:"Women don't like trash talk, be more sensitive (Score 1) 863

You were speaking as much/as little for one whole gender as the previous poster.

Nope, I took care to insert the word "general" in there, which you may have skipped over in your haste to respond. You should attempt as much care when reading as I do when writing.

I like how after declaring men and women generally communicate differently you completely ignored my comment pointing two men who have left over the same problems.

Lots of men have left. Ulrich, Alan Cox. In the offline world people leave too, you know. The great thing about *this* particular organisation is that it is completely voluntary. You can say that the invisible green men told you to leave - still doesn't mean much. It's all voluntary.

You are intellectually dishonest and suffer deeply from confirmation bias, not to mention being a poster child for the backfire effect.

Personal attacks, attacking me personally and not my argument... you *do* realise that you're responding in a thread titled "[...]be more sensitive", right? Where's this legendary sensitivity when you need it?

Perhaps I should swoon now :-)

Comment Re:"Women don't like trash talk, be more sensitive (Score 1) 863

Men and women have different general preferences for communications style.

Tell that to Matthew Garrett and Con Konvilas who also both left after getting fed up with your supposed "male communication style".

You're in the minority on this - you do not talk for all males,

Do you appreciate the irony of speaking for all males and telling someone how they don't?

I was careful not to speak for all males - see the word "generally" there? Ever wonder what it means?

Comment Re:Step One: get out of the way (Score 1) 374

Only if the behaviour is harmful to the project. There is no evidence that this is the case.

Except for all of the evidence. Developers leaving, numerous accounts of developers refusing to contribute due to the hostility found on LKML, the unimaginable waste of time from the needless flame wars that list is famous for producing. The list goes on.

Linux thrives in spite of the hostility, which has very obviously harmed the project.

This "fact" is not obvious. What is obvious is that they are *thriving*. You see "chasing away the good devs", they see "keeping the accountable devs".

You are actively avoiding the point that open-source is the ultimate meritocracy - anyone who whines that they do not feel welcome in project $FOO is free to start a project $BAR.

It's completely irrelevant to the point under discussion here. If you're unhappy with the topic, stop whining about it and go start your own discussion.

You are asking "Why aren't more women joining projects?", we are asking "Why aren't more women starting projects?".

So why hijack this discussion? If you want to talk about something else, go start your own discussion!

You inadvertently proved my point - I'm in a discussion with you, somebody who regularly lambasts others for not following your ideology, and yet .... I'm not threatened at all. If I was indeed threatened I will happily go off and start a new discussion. I will not accuse you of bigotry just because you want to discuss one question and I want to discuss another.

Back to the issue you're really trying to avoid - if existing OSS projects make women feel uncomfortable, why *aren't* they motivated enough to start their own? This is an individual decision for each person; they are either motivated enough to start a project or they are not. If they are not motivated enough to even start (regardless of gender) then OSS might not be a good fit for them anyway.

It's all about motivation. Men are highly motivated to start things. Maybe you should use your platform to motivate females instead of trying to get millions of individuals scattered throughout the world to adopt your ideology.

Comment Re:Ethan? (Score 1) 156

With sports teams you can compile enough information to make an educated guess about which teams have an advantage. No matter how much historical data you compile on an individual player, there is no way to predict within a reasonable margin how well they will perform from week to week.

How are individual players unpredictable but teams predictable? The team is comprised of 46 players. If you can't even predict the performance of one player, how can we say that you can predict the performance of a combination of 46 of them?

Because while you may not be able to predict the motion of a single person you can much more easily predict the motion of a mob. Groups are always easier to predict than individuals.

Comment Re:Step One: get out of the way (Score 1) 374

You're missing the point entirely. I'd say intentionally.

The sort of adolescent behavior you're defending not only contributes nothing, but is actively harmful to any project.

Citation needed. People being dicks have managed teams that produce the most well-known products on the planet, continuing over decades - see Linus, RMS and Jobs. Asshole-ish behaviour gets rewarded by the masses *because* it produces what people want.

This is very simple. By allowing or encouraging that behavior, you're actively working against the best interests of the project.

Only if the behaviour is harmful to the project. There is no evidence that this is the case.

All other issues aside, you can not justify that behavior on any rational or technical grounds. It's simply not possible.

You're telling me to build something. Well, I have. So have many other people. We've done it without waving our dicks around and grunting.

Well, so have I. I've actively contributed to the Linux kernel too. And other stuff (opensource) too. So what?

We've done it without alienating potential contributors or fellow coworkers. We've done it without abusive language, bullying, or intimidation.

Those things are not only unnecessary, they're harmful to the project.

Citation needed.

By harmful I mean directly harmful. Agitated developers don't work as efficiently. Time spent chest-thumping and dick-measuring is time not spent working toward the project's goals. It also happens to chase out developers who don't want to waste their time dealing with petulant children when they could be contributing something.

I build things. You waste time with petty insults. Go Build Something and quit all this whining and complaining. It's not productive.

You are actively avoiding the point that open-source is the ultimate meritocracy - anyone who whines that they do not feel welcome in project $FOO is free to start a project $BAR.

It only takes a single developer to start an open-source project that is independent of existing projects. If none/few are started by your favoured $CLASS of people you cannot blame the existing projects for not being welcoming to your $CLASS of people.

It only takes one person to start a project. You are asking "Why aren't more women joining projects?", we are asking "Why aren't more women starting projects?". In the latter question there is no FUD around "toxic environments", "brogrammer culture", etc - yet the women aren't there in numbers anyway.

Comment Re:It could work. (Score 0) 569

It's not a theory, it's the truth.

In fact the mkLinux you mention was originally a port done by two guys named Mark and Karl, hence "mk".

Steve Jobs saw Slackware on a CD and, being that he wanted to see the floppy disk die, he chose that distro to port as Mac OSX. Most other distros at that point were still on floppy disk. Woz and Seymour Cray were drinking buddies so when they needed some high performance multi-threading support from Cray's UNICOS system, Woz tapped his pal and got access to the necessary code for a handshake rather than the usual multi-million dollar licensing fees.

The whole "NeXTSTEP" thing was to fool investors into thinking they had a solid product, not something they hacked out over a few weeks. In fact if you do any development on Mac OSX or iOS, you will see "ns_____" things called all the time. The "ns" does not mean "NextStep" as many people think. It means "Nice Seymour" as a tip of the hat to the man that made all that code available for free.

I remember all this like it was yesterday.

Comment Re: Rule #1 (Score 1) 263

Then you aren't using agile. Or not correctly at least.

We hear this all the time when agile projects fail. What makes you think that the success of other agile projects is due to agile?

One of the most important concepts of agile is to identify problems in the process and eliminate them.

If JIRA is slowing the dev team down, that should be identified in a retrospective & addressed.

Also, a 6 hour sprint planning for 1 week sprints is excessive. The "out of the box" number is 2 hours/week.

Finally, 1 week sprints are quite fast. Typically they should be used for prototyping or by a startup. In either of these cases, the planning "overhead' is usually minimized as everyone should already have a pretty clear idea what is being built.

If everyone has a pretty clear idea of what is getting built, why would you need an agile process?

Comment Re:It could work. (Score 0) 569

Nope. OSX is a fork/mix of early Slackware Linux with some earlier Cray UNICOS multi-threading library support.

NeXTSTEP is based on AT&T SysV UNIX with graphical libraries borrowed from Ashton-Tate's (ahead of its time) Framework suite. If memory serves I think they also uses some of CP/M's successor MP/M 86 for some sweet multiuser stuff.

I remember it all like it was yesterday!

Comment Re:How it should be (Score 1) 569

Sadly I predict that many comments here won't get that. They will instead call him a pussy because he couldn't stand the heat, and acted like a girl by leaving. Let's see if I'm right.

As MG flies his ideological colours quite high on his mast, a self-professed SJW (in the most non-derogatory sense possible), this gives the world an ideal opportunity to see if there is any merit to the assumption that a more PC and/or inclusive environment produces a better end-product.

If this fork fails to garner any development following in a significant manner then I feel that the question of the "better" environment is at least settled; if other ideologues such as the Anita Sarkeesians and Zoe Quins of the world (all calling themselves developers, mind) do not submit patches to this kernel then I hardly think that the majority of people who don't actually give a damn about other peoples religion/politics will join this fork.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 569

What talent? The SJWs are all pretty talented at being hypocritical and shedding crocodile tears at the UN, but they don't seem to be any good at actually writing code. If they were then Zoe Quinn's "game" would have been more than reams of self-pitying text and some multiple-choice. A teenage script kiddie could do better. Sarkeesian would have several AAA titles under her belt instead of just talking about how everyone else should make games to suit her. That female kernel dev from yesterday would have forked the kernel herself or done something really impressive if she had the chops-- instead she apparently couldn't hang with the real bad asses and tried to make it sound like it was everyone being mean to poor little her. But as far as I can tell she butted into some good-natured ribbing between friends on the mailing list and got all offended at remarks that had absolutely nothing to do with her. Ellen Pao is precisely the same way: lots of talk and being offended but has never actually accomplished anything aside from ruining Reddit (love it or hate it).

The Oppression Olympics: it appears that each is trying to outdo the previous in the amount of outrage they can command from their ideological worshiping followers.

Poetering is the only programmer target of persecution I've ever heard of that actually doesn't deserve the hatred and who has actually accomplished something. But, oh, look: he's not a SJW and he doesn't make a living from being permanently offended; he makes a living writing code and gettin' stuff done (regardless of whether you hate systemd).

Yeah, I hate systemd, and I hate his reasoning, and the fact that his godawful software is being pushed under largely political pressure, but at least he doesn't play the victim card even though he's been the target of many undeserved attacks and abuse. The FOSS community will be much better off without the SJW "contributions". Kernel development should be done by programmers not by self-righteous whiners who complain on twitter about how offended they always feel instead of fixing bugs. We'll never hear of this fork of the kernel ever again because the people behind it are not trying to make good software. I'm not saying that Linus' methods are efficient or effective, just that the goals are different.

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