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Comment: Re:ENOUGH with the politics! (Score 1) 1073

by goose-incarnated (#49742337) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

Sure, more little dollars for everyone! Anyone bother to think of the ramifications involving this country printing money every 6 months just to keep the governments doors open? They call it hyperinflation and raising minimum wage is a component of that. Want to see where that road goes? Take a good look at South Africa.

You're confused. I'm in South Africa. I live here. We have never had hyperinflation. Perhaps you meant "Zimbabwe"?

Comment: Re:You got me to jump through hoops - congrats (Score 1) 769

Not going looking to play a pathetic little deliberately time wasting game while time was short is of course the reason - and where did the +3 come from? New goalpost shift from the shitting seagull by the looks.

Here - Eat your words: you said more than one comment floated to +3 If you aren't prepared to eat your words, you shouldn't say them!

Here's an entire article with a vast number of comments along those lines:

Too old? Then let's try this one:

Ah. So when you claimed that comments about women being unsuitable for tech were at +3, you meant in a different story?

That's actually quite funny, I assumed that you were making claims about that story. Why on earth would I suddenly post comments about different stories?

Comment: Re:Is it a Mad Max movie though ? (Score 1) 769

So not being content with flying in from nowhere and shitting all over me, refusing to justify why then buggering off, you now want me to go off on a fishing expedition? Why do I have to provide proof (which you've ALREADY SEEN FFS) while you get to attack me for what your invisible strawman did?

You made the claim that numerous such posts exists. I couldn't find even one. Neither can you, it seems. There's no point in replying anymore - you can't find an example of such a comment/post, and neither can I.

Comment: Re:Is it a Mad Max movie though ? (Score 1) 769

Every fucking time there is a "women in IT" or "women in STEM" article on this site there are plenty, are you really telling me you have not seen at least a dozen by now?

You said :

Some of the AC shit about how women have unsuitable brains etc has floated up to 3 or more.

yeah, I don't believe you: prove me wrong and link to one, please.

Comment: Re:Men's Rights morons (Score 1) 769

What does that have to do with empowerment?

It's got everything to do with fear. Man I tell you, if I was part of a demographic that was the majority in college degree's awarded and minority in deaths, incarceration, fatal disease, dangerous occupations, victim of violence, etc ... well, I'd keep my mouth shut :-)

Comment: Re:Is it a Mad Max movie though ? (Score 1) 769

Obviously it's a reply directly to a "poor me I can't do anything right" post but don't let your choice of pretending to be an idiot get in the way of reality.

It's anything but obvious.

By logic it applies only to "whiny virgins who feel they should have got a free supermodel" despite your attempt to show otherwise.

Nope - I even quoted it so that you won't get it wrong - parent in that thread said "Nerds are...", and you went ahead and replied "you forgot..."

You painted with a broad brush, and I called you out on it - all the abuse in that story is directed *to* nerds, not by them, and you happily joined the mob.

However you got very quiet instead of contesting the subject when I pointed out how far you were off the mark earlier, and here you are back without addressing it - so OK for you to dish it out but not me even when I wasn't actually dishing it out?

What mark? I got busy, it was a weekend after all, so for the fourth and final time, I ask you can point out the upvoted comment that you claimed was made that said "women are unsuitable for tech". You actually claimed that many such comments were made, IIRC, not just one.

(I actually understand: you have to *believe* that it exists. Because if it doesn't exist it means that you were part of the mindless mob. You don't want to believe that you'll be part of a mob.)

Comment: Re:Affirmative Action (Score 1) 528

by goose-incarnated (#49716303) Attached to: Harvard Hit With Racial Bias Complaint

Yea, well you were not kept as slaves, killed for learning to read, beaten with inch and a quarter thick poles (often to death). Your families were not sold separately to different owners and broken up. You were not systematically excluded from education, jobs, housing, medical care for generations and eveb lynched for generations (as recently as the 1990s for several of those). The police don't selectively stop you, shoot you, arrest you while letting other races go without an arrest record.

He said he's Asian, so it's highly probable that someone in his ancestry endured all of that.

(PS. Every race was oppressed at one time or another. The line is drawn with the question "how far back was $FOO's oppression?", and not "were $FOOs ever oppressed?")

Comment: Re:Fine for me, but not for thee (Score 1) 769

So, he's not allowed to say he's not, but because everyone says he is, then that's good enough for you?

I'm allowed to say that I'm LeBron James, but if people can clearly see that I'm not LeBron James, then no, it doesn't matter what I say I am or am not.

That's a different thing to what the article author is claiming. He's distancing himself from a group, he is not affiliating with a group. You, for example, are allowed to distance yourself from whichever group you want to, and you frequently do - you distance yourself regularly from equality groups/people whom you perceive as not being tough enough on males.

That's basically how group affiliation works.

Comment: Re:Men's Rights morons (Score 1) 769

No...because they feel that empowerment slipping away, and they fear payback.

Considering that men die more often on the job, more often off the job, in more violent ways and with higher chance of fatal disease and* kill themselves more often, I seriously wonder what it is "they" fear...

Comment: Re:Is it a Mad Max movie though ? (Score 1) 769

Of course, since you take things personally that are aimed in completely the opposite direction. Where is your apology for your accusation that I was attacking all geeks?

You really won't let this go, will you? Fair enough:

This post over here refers to all geeks. You reply to the post that refers to all geeks over here and add an item - " for being whiny virgins who feel they should have got a free supermodel".

When one refers to $FOO unqualified like you did, you refers to all $FOO. You could have said "$FOO, in general", "many $FOO", or even "some $FOO", "$FOO, usually", etc...

Now, how about addressing the fact that you said, in that thread, that *most* of the comments derogatory to women are upvoted, hmm? Now that I've shown you where you called all nerds whiny, you could show me where the upvoted comments that were derogatory to women are in that story?

(PS, I know you can't; this is not the first time the that claim "most /. commenters are mostly misogynistic most of the time" are made, and then the claimers go silent when asked for proof...)

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