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Comment Re: Rule #1 (Score 1) 247

Then you aren't using agile. Or not correctly at least.

We hear this all the time when agile projects fail. What makes you think that the success of other agile projects is due to agile?

One of the most important concepts of agile is to identify problems in the process and eliminate them.

If JIRA is slowing the dev team down, that should be identified in a retrospective & addressed.

Also, a 6 hour sprint planning for 1 week sprints is excessive. The "out of the box" number is 2 hours/week.

Finally, 1 week sprints are quite fast. Typically they should be used for prototyping or by a startup. In either of these cases, the planning "overhead' is usually minimized as everyone should already have a pretty clear idea what is being built.

If everyone has a pretty clear idea of what is getting built, why would you need an agile process?

Comment Re:How it should be (Score 1) 429

Sadly I predict that many comments here won't get that. They will instead call him a pussy because he couldn't stand the heat, and acted like a girl by leaving. Let's see if I'm right.

As MG flies his ideological colours quite high on his mast, a self-professed SJW (in the most non-derogatory sense possible), this gives the world an ideal opportunity to see if there is any merit to the assumption that a more PC and/or inclusive environment produces a better end-product.

If this fork fails to garner any development following in a significant manner then I feel that the question of the "better" environment is at least settled; if other ideologues such as the Anita Sarkeesians and Zoe Quins of the world (all calling themselves developers, mind) do not submit patches to this kernel then I hardly think that the majority of people who don't actually give a damn about other peoples religion/politics will join this fork.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 429

What talent? The SJWs are all pretty talented at being hypocritical and shedding crocodile tears at the UN, but they don't seem to be any good at actually writing code. If they were then Zoe Quinn's "game" would have been more than reams of self-pitying text and some multiple-choice. A teenage script kiddie could do better. Sarkeesian would have several AAA titles under her belt instead of just talking about how everyone else should make games to suit her. That female kernel dev from yesterday would have forked the kernel herself or done something really impressive if she had the chops-- instead she apparently couldn't hang with the real bad asses and tried to make it sound like it was everyone being mean to poor little her. But as far as I can tell she butted into some good-natured ribbing between friends on the mailing list and got all offended at remarks that had absolutely nothing to do with her. Ellen Pao is precisely the same way: lots of talk and being offended but has never actually accomplished anything aside from ruining Reddit (love it or hate it).

The Oppression Olympics: it appears that each is trying to outdo the previous in the amount of outrage they can command from their ideological worshiping followers.

Poetering is the only programmer target of persecution I've ever heard of that actually doesn't deserve the hatred and who has actually accomplished something. But, oh, look: he's not a SJW and he doesn't make a living from being permanently offended; he makes a living writing code and gettin' stuff done (regardless of whether you hate systemd).

Yeah, I hate systemd, and I hate his reasoning, and the fact that his godawful software is being pushed under largely political pressure, but at least he doesn't play the victim card even though he's been the target of many undeserved attacks and abuse. The FOSS community will be much better off without the SJW "contributions". Kernel development should be done by programmers not by self-righteous whiners who complain on twitter about how offended they always feel instead of fixing bugs. We'll never hear of this fork of the kernel ever again because the people behind it are not trying to make good software. I'm not saying that Linus' methods are efficient or effective, just that the goals are different.

Comment Re:Not a hard and fast rule... (Score 1) 247

Except where it does not, of course. Or are you saying all the successful projects which used Agile methodologies to be created don't exist?

Not really - even a stopped clock is right twice a day. As far as TFA is concerned, though, I find it absolutely hilarious that the agile fanclub has now gone so far as to "prove" MMM wrong on a very foundational level. Let me be clear: there are a class of problems that cannot be solved just by working more energetically.

If you think you've solved the halting problem, you're naive.

If you think you've produced sentient AI, you're naive.

If you think you've disproved "throwing more programmers at a late project makes it later", you're naive.

Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence, and the claim made in the summary is in the same class of all other extraordinary claims, hence we require more than a simple "here's why our claim might be true".

Comment Re: Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 819

As opposed to make programmers, the not mytical at all Jabba the Hutts.

'make clean && make programmers', for when I finally develop sentient AI. The first thing I'll create will be an army of contract programmers who'll do my work while I get some sleep :-)

Comment Re:"Women don't like trash talk, be more sensitive (Score 0) 819

Note how she never makes it a gender issue. It's never "kernel developers should be nicer to women", it's "kernel developers should be nicer to other human beings". She is clear that on technical matters being blunt is fine, but backing it up with some subtle homophobia or random insults is not something she wants to put up with.

Men and women have different general preferences for communications style. She is arguing for the more feminine style of communications; she actually *did* make it a gender issue by claiming that people who attack her are misogynistic.

Frankly, neither do it, and I'm male.

You're in the minority on this - you do not talk for all males, or even most males, nor all females (or even most females). Why do you assume that your minority position is the correct one?

Comment Re:Teens shouldn't have access to guns... (Score 1) 433

False analogy. It's ridiculous to compare car accident fatalities to firearm homicide which, of course, would well exceed accidental gun deaths given its nature.

Why are they not comparable? If you claim that something is a killer and is a large enough and severe enough problem to enforce a ban on that something, then it better be a bigger problem than other common killers.

Comment Re:"... only if we're married or similarly situate (Score 1) 242

If you don't trust your wife with access to your accounts, just do what the OP said and put the password on a piece of paper in a tamper-evident envelope in a safe place that only you and her have access to. She can then get to it whenever she needs to, but it will be obvious to you if it is ever accessed.

I subscribed to the idea of choosing a mate that I can completely trust. This world is a hell of a lot easier to get through when you know that someone has your back.

People change. The person you married ten years ago is not the same person you see every day today.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 565

A small grocery shop in town has just installed a commercial juicer. He charges a lot, but it's pure juice and no additives.

And that stuff is bad for you. A single serving of apple juice made from nothing but apples contains the sugar from around 3 apples (but not the fibre). You then drink the thing in a few minutes (juices don't quench thirst very well, so you tend to drink the entire serving), giving your system a nice sugar shock...

Face it, if you gobbled down 3 apples in 120 seconds you'd get some pretty odd looks. At least by eating the whole apple you get the fibre to slow the uptake of sugar in your digestive system.

Fruit juices are the worst thing for your system.

Comment Re:Teens shouldn't have access to guns... (Score 1) 433

When was the last time a teeneger planned a mass killing with a car, you master of logic, you? I especially like how you got modded up because people like what you're saying, rather than it making any kind of rational sense at all.

You want to look up the percentage of gun-owners whose gun has killed people and the percentage of car owners whose car has killed people. When less than a fraction of a percent of gun-owners are irresponsible one has to be clinically insane to suggest that we remove the guns from the rest.

Comment Re: Gun Free Zone (Score 1) 1148

That's not what I'm asking. There are many reasons for the violence in the US and Mexico. Since it is hard to separate all the causes, I'm asking if we can prove that gun carrying is beneficial another way.

You're taking the authoritarian route - you shouldn't be asking for reasons to allow $FOO, you should be asking for reasons to disallow $FOO. This is how most laws work most of the time. Is there any reason $FOO is bad enough that we need to outlaw it?

I'll ask again. Is there any evidence that having armed bystanders prevents or lessens the severity of these mass, indiscriminate shootings?

Link above you (reply to your previous post) provides ample evidence. It happens enough that it appears to be worth the risk.