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Comment Why shoot the drone down when (Score 1) 176

You can simply have it.

Put a transmitter on your drone that rolls through known frequencies (1.2, 2.4, 5.8GHz, 433MHz, etc.). Fly your drone close to the enemy drone, roll through the frequency list and take control ownership. Have your drone proxy transmitter events from the ground so your buddy can fly the enemy drone back to you.

Nobody is encrypting control transmission (yet). I believe it is illegal to encrypt traffic on amateur radio bands...

Comment Privacy in danger (Score 4, Interesting) 492

Why does it seem like manufacturers feel that they automatically have a right to your usage data after you buy their product?

Car manufacturers are already making big plans on creating new revenue streams with all the usage data they are collecting on our vehicles. Now, MS is taking the same approach (at least Windows 10 is free). What's to stop other vendors from doing the same? How about that new electric razor you bought; do you really want all your usage information to be sent back to the manufacturer, when you shaved, how you shaved, where you shaved? As more and more products are shipped with internet capability, manufacturers feel that they have a right to collect usage information weather you like it or not.

I'm not liking where this is going...

Comment Re:BBC - hammered by its own Political Correctness (Score 1) 207

I think Clarkson crossed the line when he challenged BBC in a public forum. BBC felt that it couldn't back down, which meant its only recourse was to fire Clarkson. It's unfortunate because I'm a Top Gear fan, and I rather like Clarkson's sometimes rude demeanor.

A rock store eventually closed down; they were taking too much for granite.