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by golgotha007 (#19546551) Attached to: Can Apple Find a European iPhone Partner?
I've lived in both Germany and Russia. I am now under the impression that the whole "simlock" thing is a US only stupidity and just waiting for a class action lawsuit before it's finally abated.

Here in Russia, you buy the phone you want. Then you get the service you want.

I can't think of a smarter method than that.

Microsoft Patent Deal Could Leave Novell Behind 246

Posted by Zonk
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robbyyy writes to mention a Computer Business Review Online article about commentary from Bruce Perens to Novell, about their recent deal with Microsoft. He argues that the company should quickly turn its back on the deal, because Novell risks being left behind by open source progress. From the article: "While Linux creator Linus Torvalds has previously stated that the Linux kernel will remain on the GPL v2 license, much of the code that makes up a complete Linux distribution is owned by the FSF, which intends to re-license all its code to GPL v3 as soon as it is completed in early 2007. 'In the face of these changes, Novell will probably be stuck with old versions of the software, under old licenses, with Novell sustaining the entire cost and burden of maintaining that software,' Perens wrote, adding that Novell faces a choice of sticking with Microsoft and being left behind, or turning its back on the patent deal."

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