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Comment: Re:Non removable battery, no memory card slot. (Score 1) 152

by Daniel Phillips (#42948417) Attached to: HTC Unveils Revamped HTC One

I have never had any issues with any Li-ion batteries as long as they are properly maintained. That means do not let it run below 20% (yes, it means stop yakking on the phone and stop playing games on the phone if it is that low).

In which universe does that qualify as acceptable usability for a consumer device? Especially considering that typical high end smart phones don't even last a day, just running maps or other moderate loads.

Comment: Re:Non removable battery, no memory card slot. (Score 1) 152

by Daniel Phillips (#42948371) Attached to: HTC Unveils Revamped HTC One

SD cards are going away on phones

Sounds like wishful thinking from someone who doesn't have one. SD cards are plenty fast enough for me. I would far rather have an SD card than be forced to futz around with USB cables, dongles, adapters etc. I have some Android devices with SD card and some without. I have a strong preference for the devices with SD cards. That's one of the big annoyances of the Nexus 4, no SD card. Plus, needing a special tool or a pin (problematic on an airplane) to get the SIM card out is just plain idiotic. But I digress. I note that Samsung has begun to see the error of their ways in that regard.

Comment: Re:Open Source (Score 1) 297

by Daniel Phillips (#41425653) Attached to: Can Microsoft Really Convince People To Subscribe To Software?

Microsoft knows how to reclaim home computing. They need to make your computer the system that you use to watch TV.

That's quite funny. My last TV (from LG) came with a copy of the GPL because it runs Linux. I think this is pretty common. I can assure you, there are zero TVs running Windows.

Comment: Re:Why is this relevant? (Score 1) 68

by Daniel Phillips (#41418193) Attached to: Torque3D Engine Goes Open-Source

I think there's some confusion. The id tech engines are under the GPL, so all games/tools/etc created from it must have their source released.

Torque 3D is under the MIT license, so no one has to release their source regardless of the type of project.

And as a bonus, the good bits could be imported into a GPL project.

Comment: Re:Going for the S3 (Score 2) 470

by Daniel Phillips (#41359013) Attached to: iPhone 5 GeekBench Results

Micro USB i'll give you, but for many myself included the battery/sd slot are "meh" features I'll never use.

It's not just the irritation of having to basically throw the phone away when the battery inevitably fails, it's the fact that you can't ever actually turn your phone off. Doesn't that creep you out? Or perhaps by Apple standards, that amount of creepiness doesn't even move the needle.

As for flash slot and *standard* USB port *on the phone* like all Android devices have... did it ever occur to you that just apologizing for it doesn't get back all those customers who bought Androids just because of that blatantly missing functionality? It's hard to overstate just how convenient it has proved to be, to be able to power my Android phone from any USB cable. Without needing a dongle, which, trust me, you will never have around when you need it.

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