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Comment Re:Before you get your knickers in a bunch (Score 1) 351

It's my computer, so the only one who gets to decide what software is installed on it is me.

... until you agree to the Win10 EULA.

Which I didn't do. That was a bridge too far, and it pushed me out of the Windows ecosystem entirely. Yeah, it sucks that I can no longer play a large portion of games in my Steam library, for example (which is bloated beyond belief with stuff I'll probably never get to anyway thanks to indie bundles and Steam sales), but that's a sunk cost, and I have a big enough console game backlog over a dozen or so systems (going back to the NES) that I'm not going to be wanting for video games to play any time soon.

Comment Re:Problem (Score 2) 171

Or better, a list of problems:

1. the population that they are targeting with nostalgic remakes is almost entirely through "the point of no more gaming" - that moment you no longer buy 1/5 the games you did because adulthood catches up

Now that I'm an Adult(tm) and have a fair amount of disposable income, I actually buy more games now than I did when I was younger, even though I barely have time to play them like I once did. My backlog is enormous, but I like to think that I'm saving them to play after I've retired. Plus, it's nice to throw some money at developers I like in the hopes that they continue making things.

Comment OTA + HD HomeRun Connect (Score 1) 236

I cut the cord a while back, but since I only have one decent spot in my house where I get decent reception, I use an HD HomeRun Connect and then use either VLC or the PS3/PS4, depending on what display device I'm closest to when I want to watch something.

For streaming media, I ostensibly have access to stuff via Amazon Prime Instant Video through my Amazon Prime subscription, but I hardly ever use it. I've never been a big movie watcher, and there's more than enough free TV around here that I can find something to watch if I'm in the mood. I used to keep a Windows 8.1 computer around just for Windows Media Center, but got rid of it when I realized I was just recording stuff I wasn't getting around to watching. My video game backlog is big enough, I don't need a DVR backlog, too.

Submission + - Debian dropping Linux Standard Base (

basscomm writes: For years (as seen on Slashdot) the Linux Standard Base has been developed as an attempt to reduce the differences between Linux distributions in an effort significant effort. However, Debian Linux has announced that they are dropping support for the Linux Standard Base due to a lack of interest.

If [Raboud's] initial comments about lack of interest in LSB were not evidence enough, a full three months then went by with no one offering any support for maintaining the LSB-compliance packages and two terse votes in favor of dropping them. Consequently, on September 17, Raboud announced that he had gutted the src:lsb package (leaving just lsb-base and lsb-release as described) and uploaded it to the "unstable" archive. That minimalist set of tools will allow an interested user to start up the next Debian release and query whether or not it is LSB-compliant—and the answer will be "no."

Submission + - Chrome AdBlock joining Acceptable Ads Program (And Sold to Anonymous Company) (

basscomm writes: Hot on the heels of the formation of the independent board to oversee "acceptable ads", users of the popular Chrome ad blocking extension, AdBlock, got notice that AdBlock is participating by the program, and that acceptable ads are being turned on by default.

At the bottom of the announcement, buried in the fine print is word that AdBlock has been sold, but nobody will say to whom.

Comment Re: Streaming doesn't work (Score 1) 170

The Vita does not suck... Too badly (though its anemic selection of games seems to indicate that lots of developers share this sentiment). Streaming to the Vita from the PS4 works reasonably well. The problem is that there is no L2 or R2 button on the Vita, and they're emulated by swiping the back touchpad on one side or the other, depending on what button you want. It's clunky and doesn't really work. But video quality is good, and latency is workable.

Comment Re:buy low sell high (Score 1) 552

I guess I should've taken that $2k offer my 3 digit UID when I chance. It's been a fun 18 years or so, but the future of /. doesn't seem to bright.

Wait, what? Is that for real, $2k? LOL. I didn't come across /. for a couple years after it got really going, hence never had an offer to sell my UID.

As for the future, I'm going to try and be optimistic.

I haven't had any offers for this UID either. I probably keep too low a profile.

Comment Re:I think it mostly comes down to discipline (Score 1) 159

I prefer 7-8 hours a night.

That being said... In college, I learned how to survive on little sleep. I kept doing this all through my 20s and 30s. Now I've gotten to the point where it's physically draining, but going wthout sleep is mostly a matter of willpower and caffeine. I start hallucinating after about 24 hours without sleep, but this can be solved by taking small 5-10 minute naps from time to time. I found out the hard way that eventually you burn out from going without sleep for long periods of time, but it doesnt' require special genes.

These days, I just do a better job of setting expectations and agreeing to longer project schedules so I can get the job done without killing myself.

I also need 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I've tried getting by on less, and I can do it for a few days, but I eventually need to repay that sleep debt. Caffeine does nothing for me, so fighting tiredness that way is a non-starter.

Comment Re:Google It (Score 4, Interesting) 189

Damn, that's a nice program. Kudos to Brother.

It's not just Brother, just about every printer manufacturer will send you packing materials and / or a shipping label, all for free. Brother laserjet cartridges get a few points by frequently having the return label already in the box with the new one, so you just put the old one in the box, slap the label on it, and drop it in the mail.

Submission + - NVIDIA Begins Supplying Open-Source Register Header Files (

An anonymous reader writes: NVIDIA's latest mark of their newly discovered open-source kindness is beginning to provide open-source hardware reference headers for their latest GK20A/GM20B Tegra GPUs while they are working to also provide hardware header files on their older GPUs. These programming header files in turn will help the development of the open-source Nouveau driver as up to this point they have had to do much of the development via reverse-engineering. Perhaps most interesting is that moving forward they would like to use the Nouveau kernel driver code-base as the primary development environment for new hardware.

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