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Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 1) 185

Partner with Microsoft? Sure. Burn it to the ground so Microsoft had to buy Nokia, then make a massive write-off just so they'd have a phone in the market? Probably not the plan. He executed the "We have to get off our current platform NOW NOW NOW and go Microsoft" so well people only heard the first part. But I assume they were hoping for quite a few more converts.

Comment Re:Will not buy TLC NAND (Score 2) 57

Well, smaller process sizes also reduce write cycles. When they went from 2D to 3D they went back to a bigger process size with less defects due to all the layers. Though they had some controller/firmware issues the first 3D TLC NAND had more raw write cycles than state of the art planar MLC NAND. Of course now they're shrinking it again in the quest for even more storage, but the clock got a pretty good reset going from 1 layer to 48. Going from MLC to TLC is more of a variation that cuts write cycles to about 1/3rd for 50% more space, all other things being equal.

Comment Re:Tedious "lol government" editorializing (Score 1) 97

My expense report would make people freak out because I listed 2 lunches for the same calendar day. It took a couple of tries before someone told me to enter one as breakfast

Here in Norway that would probably be for tax reasons. Since excessive wining and dining could be considered a fringe benefit, there are regulations for how much you can charge the company per day tax free. Those limits are adjusted relative to the number of what meals you've had and if any have been provided for you (breakfast, lunch and dinner is singled out) like part of the trip like on a conference. Some give those as part of the trip, you choose how much to eat for and how much to pocket. Eating a double lunch and no breakfast probably triggered some silly rule of gaming the system either in the company regulations or tax regulations.

Comment Re:This sounds pathetic (Score 1) 50

This announcement of 10Gbits to 100Gbits is not impressive .. that is a typical server connection these days.

Heck, in March the first residential 10G/10G Internet connection was delivered here in Norway from Bayonette, source via Google translate. They have a 24xGbit hub with 2x10G for expansion and instead give you a direct line. Note that it mistranslates the prices, it's 5999 NOK = $727/month for 10G, 3-400 NOK = $36-50 for 1G so I'd call it mostly a publicity stunt but for a dedicated research network it's peanuts.

Now 100 Gbit is a bit more exotic but I know "The Gathering", a 5000 people data party had a 100 Gbit Internet connection in 2011 (10x10G bonded) as a publicity stunt though they never peaked beyond 20 GBit/s actual usage. So yeah in 2015 I'd say this sounds mostly like off the shelf technology, of course getting it rolled out into actual production use is nice. But clearly this is about bandwidth to research other things, not state of the art in networking technology.

Comment good grief. So many lies from the far right (Score 1) 373

Look, O got loads of money from the nuke industry. Why? Because he is a fan of nukes.
The problem was that the dems were opposed to it, and the GOP is opposed to ANYTHING that O tries to do.

Right now, is the PERFECT time for the GOP to get off their fucking ass and put forward a bill to really fund nukes. O would back it.
BUT, you nut jobs will not do it.

Comment Could not agree more (Score 4, Insightful) 373

Basically, it is the extremists that are killing America, and even the west.
Many ppl note the fact that the far right HATES science and pick and choose what they want to. And they are correct.
However few ppl have noticed the fact that the far left HATES science and pick and choose what they want to.
Take the case of AGW. A rational person says that the science is overwhelming in favor of AGW. Therefore the smart thing is to drop our CO2 and relatively soon.

BUT, if you run the numbers, you will see that we NEED nukes. In particular, we need gen IV nukes since they can not meltdown. In addition, these can make use of the nuke waste/ aboveground thorium, rather than mining for U.
Yet, the far left fights it. And the far right, really has not done SQUAT for the nuke industry.

Then you have the fact that the far left screams about America's emissions. Yet, current calculated numbers from 2013 show that China accounts for more than 30% of CO2, while the entire west accounts for less than 28%. In addition, China's emission far outweigh even America's emissions. Both in current, as well as total since 150 years ago, or even 1000 years ago.
And that does not include what OCO2 is showing. OCO2's numbers are showing that CHina's emission is well over 40%, and probably closer to 45%. That is HUGE. Absolutely fucking HUGE.
BUT, what does the far left do? They scream that America needs to buy wind/solar from China and continue to drop our emissions. At the same time, they claim that China's growing their Wind/solar faster than America, while ignoring the fact that China's % of electricity from Coal grows EVERY YEAR, and is now in the high 80s.

Where are the calculations that go with a calculated risk?