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Comment: Re:Beneficial to Be Difficult (Score 1) 613

by g0at (#30881216) Attached to: Why the IRS Should Automatically Fill In Returns With What It Knows

I should be able to submit my 1040 electronically for free, from the website. Instead, I have to go to a 3rd party, where my income levels dictate I have to pay

That's how it's been in Canada for many years (the process is called NETFILE, and it's free.)

Do you seriously have to pay a third party just to submit your return? Wow.

Comment: Re:c++ is 'write-only' code (Score 2, Insightful) 752

by g0at (#30505188) Attached to: The Environmental Impact of PHP Compared To C++ On Facebook

What C++ has always lacked, and PHP, Java and others do not, is a bundle of standard libraries that let you do things like process XML, talk to databases, and make templating EASY.

I agree with you, but there's one small thing I don't get.

Faced with this piece of information, someone thought the logical thing to do was to, er, write an entirely new language?

What? Your logic is circular. PHP did not have standard libraries for XML (etc.) until after it existed, obviously.

PHP was invented as a lightweight server-side preprocessor as an alternative to CGI, not as a general-purpose systems-engineering low-level compiled language.

(I don't disagree with your gist that PHP is not well suited to many of the jobs it's used for today, but I wanted to clarify the history.)


Comment: Re:Won't Switch From Safari Yet (Score 1) 197

by g0at (#30368224) Attached to: Google Upgrades Chrome To Beta For OS X, Linux

much better than Safari since you can _reattach_ tabs back into the main window

Unless I am misunderstanding you, this is possible in Safari (though potentially inelegant). Tabs can be dragged to, from and between any two tabbed windows. If you have only a single document window, though (i.e. one or no tabs showing, depending on your prefs setting), you must first induce the display of a new tab before being able to drag the principal document.


Hardware Hacking

OS X Update Officially Kills Intel Atom Support 610

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the hackintosh-smackintosh dept.
bonch writes "After apparently disabling and then re-enabling support for the Atom chipset in test builds of their 10.6.2 update, Apple has officially disabled support for the chipset in the final update. This makes it impossible for OSX86 users to run 10.6.2 on their Atom-based netbooks until a modified kernel shows up."

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