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Comment Re:First thing I thought of (Score 2) 446 446

Maybe this is the first step of the grand monetization scheme...

ALM can now start a Kickstarter: "if we receive $20,000,000 we will invest the full efforts of our company into a rockclimbing website and immediately shut down all other websites including X, Y, Z and delete all user data."

The third step would be the hacker provides explicit endorsement of this scheme "as a means to an end" after the Kickstarter begins.

Because of the power-law value of customer information (many fake, some disguised, few real, a couple elected officials with full doxable data) this scheme is the best way to attract payment. Also because the way Kickstarter works and the techniques used to prevent draft evasion (too long for this margin) there is a strong incentive for those with the most to lose to attract payment from those with less to lose.

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