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Comment Re: What? (Score 1) 329

If you mean renting like a person with a mortgage on their house is renting it from the bank, I agree with the premise but object to the notion that Apple can do anything and you cannot complain. Neither the bank nor the builder can change the locks on your house or make it uninhabitable.

If you mean renting like if you rented a rental car, i think you are being a bit silly but even if there is merit, you are still looking at a failure to reasonably fulfill a contract. So you can still complain.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 57

I don't think he is complaining about benchmarks but about not being able to derive the point from the article or the benchmarks.

I too suffer the same ignorance as i wasn't aware that there was an issue needing fixed or why this fix seems to be address it. Anyone have a idiots guide to the back story on this?

Comment Re:Streisand effect? (Score 1) 146

That's cute. I like it but..

My original intent was something else. I forget that there is an international as well as a younger crowd here. The used to be these commercials and infomercials on TV in the US for the Hair club for men. It is a group that deals with going bald.

Anyways, at the end of the commercial they showed the narrator who has a full and healthy head of hair who then introduces himself as the president of the club. He goes on to say he is not only the president but a member too.

I guess it just isn't funny if I have to explain it so I'll go with your interpretation. Thanks. You mad me feel old but you also made me laugh.

Comment Re: Can't have a opinion anymore (Score 2) 146

That is why this isn't a slander or libelous suit per se. They seem to be using the fair advertising and unfair competition laws. You can tell from the wording 'false, disparaging, and defamatory statements' and the accusation that bleeping computers is involved in marketing a competing product.

In this there is a little more room to criticize truthful or truthful like statements. Papa John's was sued over their slogan fresher or better ingredients back in the late 90s because they showed a pizza hut pizza next to theirs. They lost even though better is an opinion. The case was eventually overturned based on pizza hut not showing damages not because of the opinions.

Comment Re:Point of Order (Score 1) 323

Not really. POW is a legal definition which is defined by treaty that they fall outside of. They could prove their status by either international advocates like amnesty international or the red cross which do have access to gitmo or with one of their annual tribunal hearings.

They are not just thrown in a hole and left to rot. That option was lost when the government lost the habeas corpus case and congress redefined due process for them.

Comment Re:a clue: Half as much as Clinton (Score 4, Insightful) 323

I was thinking about this today for some reason. I came to the conclusion that wall Street backs Hillary because she was the original modern day wall street banker.

White Water was a land deal in which many people lost their savings on but Hillary came out pretty good. It was declared that she did nothing wrong so no charges were ever filled. Then she somehow made a mint from cattle futures but no one seems to be able to put how together. Fast forward to the financial collapse and we see similar things. Hillary is them, she was their mentor.

Comment Re:Add-ons? (Score 3, Insightful) 358

Sure we can be satisfied. All they have to do is give control to the user instead of making inane changes because they know better for us.

If no one was maintaining this feature, the proper thing to do would be disable on new installs, check settings on upgrades, and put a job posting out for someone to volunteer to maintain it. While they are at it, notify the users of the problem and stop pretending their shit don't stink.

In fewer words, show the users some respect.

Comment Re: More info needed (Score 1) 146

And you have failed to read period. The reference to H.264 was nothing but an example illustrating you were not giving enough information. But if you look further down the page you will see the extension units reference. Here H.264 or any other codec can be implemented via plugins (most likely to direct show ).

My god, its like you lost your wallet and refuse to look under the couch where it actually is because you want to think it is somewhere else. If you don't understand what is on that page, say something. But either listen to the replies and look under the couch or go look somewhere else. A damn webcam has taken you for a ride that you feel the need to beg others for the answer. At least pretend to listen instead of acting like you know it all. The fucking webcam proves you don't.

Comment Re:Welp... (Score 1) 146

If you scroll down to the lower description, it lists "storm codec " under player. Interestingly, the storm codec is a codec package and when 64 bit Windows became available, codecs had issues (the 32bit versions didn't play well in the 64bit version ).

I would give that a serious consideration. I think your usb error might be ancillary to this.

Comment Re: More info needed (Score 1) 146

You better check the spec again idiot. UVC certainly does allow it to extended and incorporate different codecs. And yes, a driver to enable the extendable units is still within the spec - at least with MS operating systems.

It's funny, You come here crying that a cheap webcam kicked your ass and begging for help then pretend to know it all when someone offers assistance while you spout completely incorrect facts.

Here , read all of this carefully before shoveling another falsehood out of your trap.


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