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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 459

Sorry, let me clarify.

During those 8 weeks or so it is a full time job. And honestly, some of the laws and especially the budget are so complex that it isn't something you just whip out the pen and start writing. Maybe full-time research staff, but honestly that is the job of legislators.

And I personally believe that they should spend as much time reviewing old laws for relevance, modification and possible repeal as they do making new ones.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 459

I don't know. This was the way things were set up back when it all started, a couple hundred years ago. The intent was that government was small enough to not be a full time job.

The problem is that belief has become a religion. We are no longer in the 1700s and the complexities of governing such a large and varied State have greatly evolved. It really isn't a part time job anymore, but not enough people are willing to admit that.

Comment Re:Customer vs Product (Score 1) 65

I think they're engaging in Dice-like thinking, that they want the site to work and to be a certain way (that involves lots of buzzwords), and they're finding it terribly inconvenient that the users, who are also the content providers who attract each other to the site, want something entirely else

Comment But seriously.... (Score 3) 1309 about on the stories that are not yet "official" but are available to logged in users (grey title bar instead of green), let them comment, if they wish, and then if the story makes it to the official front page, just move it there, comments and all, instead of re-posting it and losing those comments in the process.

Comment Re:So why the secrecy (Score 1) 171

You should have taken the prior poster's advice because your ignorance is really showing here. It doesn't matter whether you're in the city or the country, cell towers don't allow the same positional accuracy as GPS. They're not even remotely close. Sure, the phone company knows what tower you're associated with, but that tower covers several city BLOCKS at the very least. Given that thousands of other cell phones are likely in that same urban radius, it makes locating you via cell tower kind of ridiculous.

Comment Re:Too Late (Score 1) 237

It promotes a shallow understanding of the way things work. You can be good doing this, but will never be great unless you understand the fundamentals, deep down. This applies to almost every craft, and companies who are in the business of creating things should know that. It matters.

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