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Comment Re:But.... (Score 1) 321


  1. They took pictures of Pluto, but decided to show us fakes, because there is something on the surface, we are not supposed to know....
  2. The probe never made it past Jupiter, because one of its moons' defense systems got activated...
  3. NASA hasn't had a space program for 40 years. The money is used to build a secret settlement under Antarctica.
  4. If none of these reasons are true, it can only mean the Truth is even more frightening...

Comment Very funny (Score 1) 97

Big deal. I'm sure the ones soon to be used by businesses and local law enforcement will be much more safe & reliable, because they will be produced in a competitive market environment (instead of by government contract) by 3D printers.

Oh gosh, it took me a second to detect the sarcasm in that statement. At first I thought, "no way - local law enforcement and safe. - LAPD drones???" But then there was that bold marker for pure sarcasm: competitive market environment hehehehe

Comment or... (Score 1) 97

They either need to be designed to not fail (triple redundant, etc) or designed so that when they fail that they are not a hazard to innocent bystanders.

Or when they fail, they could access a map of insurgents living close by.

Drone engine failure, crashing in 2 minutes, list of possible crash sites:
playground: -100
unoccupied garage of elderly lady: 0
vegetable garden: -10
guy who posted anti-NSA stuff on slashdot: +20

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