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Comment: Re:So, Microsoft is a social leech! (Score 1) 103 103

Scenario A: Google back when they initially developed Android ran into a design roadblock. ...

Scenario B: Google developed Android without ever having heard of any MS patents.....

Have you heard of my "method to present alternative possibiliies in a 'Scenario A: Scenario B: - structure" ??

Comment: Very funny (Score 1) 97 97

Big deal. I'm sure the ones soon to be used by businesses and local law enforcement will be much more safe & reliable, because they will be produced in a competitive market environment (instead of by government contract) by 3D printers.

Oh gosh, it took me a second to detect the sarcasm in that statement. At first I thought, "no way - local law enforcement and safe. - LAPD drones???" But then there was that bold marker for pure sarcasm: competitive market environment hehehehe

Comment: or... (Score 1) 97 97

They either need to be designed to not fail (triple redundant, etc) or designed so that when they fail that they are not a hazard to innocent bystanders.

Or when they fail, they could access a map of insurgents living close by.

Drone engine failure, crashing in 2 minutes, list of possible crash sites:
playground: -100
unoccupied garage of elderly lady: 0
vegetable garden: -10
guy who posted anti-NSA stuff on slashdot: +20

Comment: Re:Kind of see their point... (Score 1) 207 207

In what way was it "wrong?" The C&D likely came from a legal firm hired to police their trademarks, without any prior knowledge of IKEA.



Large corporation that still thinks that the press office does press releases, the ad agency makes your brand popular, and you let lawyers run after everyone else. Guess what? No.

Comment: oh dang! (Score 1) 260 260

With the evil govu'ment cracking down on Uber, I now won't even have to try my newest idea:

If you have a screw driver and a wire cutter in your car you can register online and if you are near someone who needs an electrician you can fix it for them.
I was gonna call it Park'n'Spark but I'm sure the gavu'ment would find some weasel regulatory claim to kill it.

Comment: Re:What he's really saying is (Score 1) 422 422

"I don't know how to use spread sheets properly."

No. He doesn't:

I will happily use a spreadsheet to compute the grades of my students, to estimate my retirement savings, to compute how much tax I paid last year but I will not use Microsoft Excel to run a bank or to compute the trajectory of the space shuttle.

What he is saying is: It is fine to use spreadsheets as spreadsheets.
But there are people who can't use statistical analysis tools who use spreadsheets instead.
People who can't program who use spreadsheets filled with little code snippets to do what a program should do.
And in general people who make a mess with spreadsheets getting results that are hard to audit.

In short, business majors should take statistics classes and learn mathlab, or opt out of it by signing a form promising never to publish any paper that deals with statistical analysis of market factors.

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." -- John Wooden