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Comment Re:This numbers are dishonest (Score 1) 315

I like 10 better than 8, but 7 JUST WORKS. 7 is not annoying, file sharing makes sense, and everything works as expected.

With 10, file sharing is different, authentication is different, it messes with the start menu still, but golly gee things are shiny. Not a fan, but you're better off with 10 than 8.

I've been using 7 since it's been out and I plan to keep it for a while yet. However I am getting ready to move to linux with an assortment of VMs of 7 for all my specific windoze needs. I plan to keep 7 working as long as possible.

Comment Re:Not surprising and can you blame them? (Score 2) 420

And you wonder why there are so many regulations. It's because of these circumstances that the government has to SPELL EVERYTHING OUT, or business will act like little children and say, "well you didn't say take of my cloths before I get in the shower."


Since this is a technological site I think it's interesting to consider that VW (and all the others as we're now seeing) can't make a clean diesel.

Well, they CAN make a diesel run clean, but only under specific controlled conditions for a tailpipe sniffer test.

The logical conclusion is that when the diesel engine runs clean, it has other undesirable characteristics. This, because, if it COULD run clean AND also have desirable characteristics, they would have it run clean all the time. It's simpler. Why add complexity to the powertrain control modules to have two or more performance modes?

But they don't have it run clean all the time because they can't.

The only logical conclusion is that when it runs clean it has poor performance. No power. No torque. Something bad. Or, they run it so lean that the temps spike and it would hurt engine life. I don't know. They figured out some tricks to fool the sniffer and they couldn't live with it in that mode full time.

The automakers have reached the limits of technology in cleaning the diesel emissions, at least with the diesel fuel available in the USA.

We would be better off to have more diesel out there in passenger vehicles. It has great fuel efficiency, the engines last a long time, lots to like about diesel. I hope this fiasco doesn't kill it off.

Comment Not surprising and can you blame them? (Score 5, Insightful) 420

The law says "pass this test" so they pass the test.

How is this different than standardized testing in schools? The state says "pass this test" so the teachers train the kids to pass the test.

Do they actually LEARN anything useful for the real world?

Do these cars actually have low emissions when driven in the real world??

You be the judge.

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score -1) 956

POTUS already knows about this, and has invited Ahmed to bring his clock to the White House.

Perhaps he'll also write "WTF were you thinking" letters to the chief of the Irving PD, and to the principal of the school. // JADE HELM is over, but Texans still finding ways to look stupid

If one of my kids was in that classroom, and some kid with Mohammed in his name was carrying around some random circuitry in a box, I'd refrain from calling the teacher and the cops stupid. I'd call them diligent. These people were on the ball.

There is absolutely no 100% guarantee that this kid wasn't carrying around a bomb. Even if only 10% of Muslims are 'radical' that means there was a 10% chance this kid wanted to martyr himself that day. Wake up. There are literally millions of radical Muslims in the world who would love to kill you if you don't believe the same way they do. And you think Christians are a problem?

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score 0) 956

Unfortunately, a lot of the stupid seem to have involved themselves in education.

You're kidding, right?

Someone with MOHAMMED in their name carries wires and a circuit board and a clock display around in a box, and it makes noise to boot, what do you expect people to think?

You call them stupid, why don't you put this scenario in a different setting besides education?

Try carrying crap around like that in an airport.

Change the kid's name to BOB JONES and try it at an airport. Same difference. Make the kid an adult and name him Bob Jones - Same result.

Stop trying to be so politically correct and judgmental. This teacher didn't know what the heck little Mohammed was trying to do. Who knows? Maybe he felt like banging 70 virgins that day and decided to go for it.

You might fanticize that we live in some PC utopia but the fact is there's quite a lot of people in the world who like to blow up other people who believe differently than themselves.

Comment Re:DSL (Score 1) 229


Comcast tried $100 a month with no TV for just Internet??! Talk about highway robbery. My dsl really sucks and feels like it's 2005 rather than 2015 with 7 megs a second. My phone losses calling and email abilities if I run Windows update. Sigh

But at least I have no caps and a $40 a month and not $100 price

And it's likely more RELIABLE than the cable connection, to boot.

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