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Comment: Re:Why make enemies of goverments? (Score 1) 80

by flappinbooger (#48944663) Attached to: Mozilla Dusts Off Old Servers, Lights Up Tor Relays

the AC's extension of the analogy is actually really good - It's probably a pretty good way of looking at encryption, VPN, and TOR.

Say it's really really cold out, like an "arctic vortex" kind of condition, which is the state of the internet right now with surveillance and monitoring.

So everyone needs to wear their ski masks to go out, if they're smart. So it would be wrong to prevent people from walking around in ski masks.

But someone ... likely there IS someone ... is up to no good who is ALSO wearing a ski mask.

What do you do?

Comment: Re:Why make enemies of goverments? (Score 1) 80

by flappinbooger (#48941817) Attached to: Mozilla Dusts Off Old Servers, Lights Up Tor Relays

And I bet you have throwing stars and walk around pretending you are a ninja too.

No one said if you use TOR you would be a criminal. They said criminals use TOR so governments dislike it. Now, do you think the corner drug store clerk doesn't like you walking in wearing your ninja mask? I would bet he has no problem with you personally, just when you dress up like a crook trying to rob the store.

ok, lets continue the analogy.

If I walk into a store wearing a ski mask, and don't take it off, I think it would make most people nervous. It's strange behavior.

If I visit a website using TOR, what happens? For one, they won't know who I am unless I have cookies or log in.

Will they freak out? Will they be nervous?

Comment: Re:Why make enemies of goverments? (Score 1) 80

by flappinbooger (#48938973) Attached to: Mozilla Dusts Off Old Servers, Lights Up Tor Relays

I have a balaclava (ski mask) that I have used when outside in the winter. Keeps my face warm. I like it.

Also criminals use them because it hides your face well. From eyes as well as the cold.

So if I'm out walking around wearing a ski mask don't assume I'm a criminal.

Oh wait, this is slashdot - I should have made a car analogy!

Comment: Re:Simple solution (Score 2) 429

by flappinbooger (#48895715) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can You Get a Good 3-Button Mouse Today?

on a lot of the mouses the click wheel makes for a crappy third button.

Some of the worst are when they thought they'd be clever and made the click wheel TILTABLE and CLICKABLE.

Ends up doing neither well.

What I've found is that the cheap mouses the click wheel works ok. The MS and Logitech ones, of course.

Got me the middle button gets used most for opening a link in a new tab, and also has it's uses in CAD apps.

Comment: Re:New Cinelerra for Linux on Feb 2nd. (Score 0) 223

by flappinbooger (#48865041) Attached to: The Current State of Linux Video Editing

Does it come in a box with handcuffs, nipple clamps, whips, chains and ball gag?

Because that program causes physical and emotional pain while using. (at least it used to)

I always pictured it's die hard users decked out in over-the-knee leather boots, leather chaps and vest, black eyeliner, full body tats, piercings and bright red hair, doing the editing while sitting on a chair made of metal spikes while someone yells at them constantly.

Comment: Re:No video on Linux (Score 2) 223

by flappinbooger (#48864969) Attached to: The Current State of Linux Video Editing

Linux has the super low end and the super high end well covered, but it has a few serious areas that are lacking.

This post sums up everything thoroughly and completely.

From personal experience I can concur that for most NLE needs Sony Vegas (and Premiere for those whose brains work that way) provide the proper ease of use and feature set.

Sony Vegas is easy to self teach. The interface is clean, simple and intuitive. Much more intuitive than Premiere. Sony Vegas should be the target for Linux Video Editing developers. Vegas is up to version 13 right now. EVEN IF developers targeted version 9 or even 6 of Vegas ... that would be fantastic and many people would be filled with joy and singing.

Comment: Re:cinelerra (Score 0) 223

by flappinbooger (#48864865) Attached to: The Current State of Linux Video Editing

cinelerra is a very capable open source video editing system for linux.

I use it on an I7 system with a gig of memory, and it handles everything I have done with it very well.

Sooooo..... While you edit with Cinelerra what color are the nipple clamps and how many times per minute does your dominatrix whip you?

Because if you regularly use Cinelerra you obviously like pain. Lots of pain.

I have made precisely one video using Cinelerra and after completing it - to prove a point to myself that I could - I said screw this and bought Sony Vegas and a copy of Windows to put it on.

Comment: Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 489

by flappinbooger (#48851825) Attached to: Windows 10: Can Microsoft Get It Right This Time?

Yeah. 99% of all users don't care about stability (3, 4) or security (5).

Just because he uses ugly computer terms doesn't mean that those don't translate into improvements that a mother could love.

because windows 7 crashes so much?

Security? People don't care about security, they go to wal-mart and buy a copy of norton or mcafee or kapersky and put it on and they no longer care about security because "I put on the antivirus so I'm safe" so no, no-one is going to care about windows 10.

Sorry, 99%. 99% won't care.

Comment: Re:I can imagine... (Score 4, Funny) 97

by flappinbooger (#48742483) Attached to: Hubble Takes Amazing New Images of Andromeda, Pillars of Creation

...somewhere 2 million lightyears away in the Andromeda galaxy a nerd zooming into a similar high resolution image of the Milky Way galaxy, seeing a faint yellow smudge no larger than a pixel and wondering if it's a star or noise in the image.

(reaches over and closes blinds)

Comment: Re:lol sure (Score 1) 166

Who teaches these fabled courses?

This article is pure bs.

Previous graduates maybe. It had to start somewhere though.

Even if this is real (which is really hard to believe) it is going to be outdated, wrong, and useless like nearly everything else NK does that isn't given to them by China and Russia.

Maybe it's taught by the Chinese. Possible I guess.

I just can't help but imagine a bunch of Norks gathered around a Tandy 1000 hooked up to an acoustic modem with an egg timer. Every 10 minutes they switch off. "Ok, now you a hacker."

Comment: Re:Action movies are boring. (Score 1) 332

Have you seen Caprica? While it's set in the Battlestar Galactica universe instead of Star Trek, it is a mostly planet-bound drama set in an age of interstellar travel, examining the implications of technology on the populace. Themes include religion, ethnic gangs, terrorism, and corporate greed. It was well reviewed but tanked in the ratings.

I think I have, I'll have to check and make sure. thanks for the heads up.

Comment: Re:Action movies are boring. (Score 2) 332

Or how about life on Earth. One thing I've never got form watch Star Trek is what kind of government or socioeconomic structure, or demographic and ethnographic makeup, does Earth have. Does it have a (semi-)independent government based somewhere (Rome? Geneva? Johannesburg?) or is it practically communistic in nature? What kind of ideologies, or even religious beliefs and faiths, are there, if any (even if underground)?

exactly. All they ever go on about is starfleet headquarters.

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