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Comment Re:Windows 10 sucks (Score 1) 311 311

I don't want to start a holy war here, but what is the deal with you Windows fanatics? I've been sitting here at my freelance gig in front of my PC (a 8600/300 w/64 Megs of RAM) for about 20 minutes now while it attempts to copy a 17 Meg file from one folder on the hard drive to another folder. 20 minutes. At home, on my Pentium Pro 200 running NT 4, which by all standards should be a lot slower than this rig, the same operation would take about 2 minutes.

You aren't in DMA mode on your hard drive.

Comment Re:Heisenberg (Score 1) 98 98

For "British" insert "The entire First World....oh, except for the United States"....

There, fixed that for you..

There are 2 tiers of health care in the UK. The NHS is the socialized medicine and has problems. There is a private system for those who want to pay. Look it up. It isn't a utopia, and neither is Canada nor is Cuba.

Comment Re:The future is going to be incredible... (Score 0) 46 46

Heh. My future had mile-high skyscrapers, colonies on the moon, atomic powered airplanes, fusion power too cheap to meter, and FLYING CARS, goddamit, FLYING FUCKING CARS!

This kind of ineptitude is the reason we don't have flying cars yet.

Comment Re:Fuck you Mozilla (Score 1) 351 351

And here it is, the reality of popular open source software. People bitch just as much about it as they do proprietary software.

"You can change the source, you have the power!" Yeah, not so much... nobody is really going to do anything except complain. (Well, except that one guy who is now going to make it his life work to fork it into something he calls Freefox that gets used by around 53 people... but those 53 people are very happy about it.)

pale moon is already forked from Firefox/Mozilla

and has more than 53 users.

Comment Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 4, Insightful) 1032 1032

Congratulations, I guess, but the so-called 'student loan bubble' or even this article isn't really about you.

See, what you went and did was BUY some QUALIFICATIONS relating directly to a MARKETABLE SKILL SET.

Getting a $80k degree from a private college for something like philosophy, elementary ed, english lit, or even 'psychology' (which requires a masters or doctorate to make any $) is basically choosing to put a financial noose around your neck.

The days of 'XYZ Bachelors degree' = 'automatic middle class income' are gone.

This is because for about 2 generations now the assumption was you either got dirty for a living or went to college and got a white collar job. If you could string 2 sentences together and do long division your parents told you that you JUST HAD TO go to college whether or not you really knew why. It was just what you did.

Now, everyone has done it, 75%+ of the degrees are worthless, cost of higher ed has far outpaced inflation, the government gave away 'free money' to get it, and now countless 20 somethings are basically screwed and no-one knows how to swing a hammer or use a tape measure.


When the last plumber dies, we're in deep shit.

Comment Re:Good heavens (Score 1) 86 86

"Billboard Advertising Banned Products In Russia Hides If It Recognizes Cops"

Can anyone translate that indecipherable gibberish into English?

An electronic billboard that shows ads for banned products changes what it shows when it sees cops coming.

Or - Facial recognition allows black market billboard to avoid the police.

Comment Re:What we are seeing is ... (Score 1) 359 359

Like M$, like Yahoo, like Myspace and so on, Google is on its way down

As for fb, don't worry, it too is on its way down --- as nothing stays up forever

so... What are you saying?

Is GMAIL going to go away?

Is search going to go away?

What about google drive? That's a for-pay system (the 100 gigs for $2 a month) is that going away?

Or are you just saying that all the fluff and goofy crap will probably stop?

Because people have been saying Microsoft is dead - for years now.

Somehow I think the core of google is going to be around for a long time.

Comment Re:Google Streams (Score 1) 359 359

Google Streams of piss ......

How about launching a product and sticking with it for 10 years or more, you fucking clowns?

Nobody in their right mind chooses a Google product as part of their critical infrastructure ..... because Google keeps closing its products down.

like Gmail?

Comment Re:Approx. every other version of Windows is shit. (Score 1) 122 122

The user interface being set automatically to a touch interface on devices without any touchscreen is idiotic.

Even worse is the polluting of the server products with the same garbage. I don't need, nor want, live tiles on my domain controller. I can't "tap" things, or "bezel swipe" a "charm bar" on a damn VM.

hmmmm, is this server 2012R2 you are referring to?

Does 'classic shell' run on it?

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