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Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score -1) 956

POTUS already knows about this, and has invited Ahmed to bring his clock to the White House.

Perhaps he'll also write "WTF were you thinking" letters to the chief of the Irving PD, and to the principal of the school. // JADE HELM is over, but Texans still finding ways to look stupid

If one of my kids was in that classroom, and some kid with Mohammed in his name was carrying around some random circuitry in a box, I'd refrain from calling the teacher and the cops stupid. I'd call them diligent. These people were on the ball.

There is absolutely no 100% guarantee that this kid wasn't carrying around a bomb. Even if only 10% of Muslims are 'radical' that means there was a 10% chance this kid wanted to martyr himself that day. Wake up. There are literally millions of radical Muslims in the world who would love to kill you if you don't believe the same way they do. And you think Christians are a problem?

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

I can see arguments on both sides of that question. On one hand, yes, it appears racist because it's still an assumption made based on bias; on the other hand, a large percentage of terrorists, historically, have been Muslim, so the bias may be justified.

Islam is not a race

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score 0) 956

Unfortunately, a lot of the stupid seem to have involved themselves in education.

You're kidding, right?

Someone with MOHAMMED in their name carries wires and a circuit board and a clock display around in a box, and it makes noise to boot, what do you expect people to think?

You call them stupid, why don't you put this scenario in a different setting besides education?

Try carrying crap around like that in an airport.

Change the kid's name to BOB JONES and try it at an airport. Same difference. Make the kid an adult and name him Bob Jones - Same result.

Stop trying to be so politically correct and judgmental. This teacher didn't know what the heck little Mohammed was trying to do. Who knows? Maybe he felt like banging 70 virgins that day and decided to go for it.

You might fanticize that we live in some PC utopia but the fact is there's quite a lot of people in the world who like to blow up other people who believe differently than themselves.

Comment Re:DSL (Score 1) 229


Comcast tried $100 a month with no TV for just Internet??! Talk about highway robbery. My dsl really sucks and feels like it's 2005 rather than 2015 with 7 megs a second. My phone losses calling and email abilities if I run Windows update. Sigh

But at least I have no caps and a $40 a month and not $100 price

And it's likely more RELIABLE than the cable connection, to boot.

Comment Re:Not everyone lives alone (Score 1) 229

at that rate, you could watch HD content for 222 hours straight (9.25 days) before you'd hit your 300GB cap

Divide by the number of people in the house who watch Netflix. And subtract all other uses of the connection, such as operating system and application updates on all devices in the household, downloads of purchased video games, web surfing, YouTube, and video chat with relatives in another state.


Comment Re:Advertisers, worry about security? Get real (Score 1) 259

Very much so. Advertising is a plague and deserves to be eradicated. And don't tell me "it finances content", because so can crime, and apparently the distinction is not entirely clear anymore. There are other ways to finance content, and if you do not qualify, maybe your content was not valuable in the first place.

Uh, because pay walls are so well received?

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 319

People don't account for what is being automated changing.

I try to replace myself daily. I write software specifically to try and replace me so that I can work on other stuff. The job that I did when I came out of college doesn't exist anymore. It's a collection of scripts and programs. Society has always progressed like this. Pretty soon drones are going to be picking my crops.

yeah but you had to write the code.

Just like someone has to program the robots.

Comment Re:Waste Disposal (Score 1) 319

Waste collectors have already dropped by 50% in many places because the garbage can is picked up by a robotic arm. The human drives the truck.

Problem is, though that guy is now 2x more productive, I bet his wages didn't budge an inch. Even accounting for the $10k robotic arm.

I know a guy who threw trash for a living after high school. Made a very solid middle class living. Was financially independent well before his peers who went to college first.

He also did a stint driving truck nationwide but went back to trash. Was home more, paid better.

Why? Because no-one else freaking wants to do it.

Some days.... I wonder if he didn't make the right choice! lol.

To fully replace garbage men with robotics would actually be very hard. The robotic arm driving down the street and picking up the cans is one thing, the inner cities with the dumpsters and the stuff in the alleys with all the other crap and the bums and stuff - no way. It would take vision systems and 'fuzzy logic' AI stuff to do it right and not wreck the buildings and the equipment and actually get the trash without killing people.

Comment Re:If your job can be described by an algorithm... (Score 1) 319

well, obviously, if everything is going to robots then your kids need to get into robotics and automation.

As far as robots taking over, that's impossible unless you can't unplug them any more. Terminator and BSG 'happened' because the robots (and accompanying AI) were let out of the box and were 'given' their own power plants and factories to design and build themselves. But even then there has to be robot controlled mines and refineries and roads and vehicles to bring in the raw materials.

It would be a very long road of mistakes before 'robots' take over. Ask someone who programs robots for a living. Every single movement is programmed, they only do what a human has already told them to do.

Comment Re:jobs? (Score 1) 319

Sorry you can't land one with your BS in Literary History of Transgendered Elves of Valinor.

As it happens, "hard" subjects are easier to automate than "soft" ones. That's why our games have physics engines but stories are scripted.

hmmm what would you get if you had a scripted physics engine?

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