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Comment: Re:One-time pads (Score 1) 205

by fisted (#49748115) Attached to: Australian Law Could Criminalize the Teaching of Encryption

I already indicated in my last comment that you're tearing down a straw man; I didn't even mention the theoretical proof. My point is, that gibberish is sufficiently non-deterministic to still be practically secure to use as an OTP. Your reply couldn't have made that more clear, the fact that my example was't even a full-length OTP but rather regular repeated-key XOR notwithstanding.

And frankly, bitching about high user IDs, itself useless and ad-hominem, while posting anonymously? Grow a fucking pair.

PS: Check this out if you actually want to do a bit of practical messing with crypto. It might help to get out of your ivory tower once in a while.

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