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Comment: Re:Batteries are the problem (Score 1) 153

by fisted (#48414013) Attached to: For Some Would-Be Google Glass Buyers and Devs, Delays May Mean Giving Up

Actually I'm not sure if I want to wear advanced battery technology on my wrist or my face if it is storing sufficient energy to easily rip off my hand or my head when something goes wrong.

Why not? You sit in a car that has fuel with 270 times the specific energy of batteries and FAR more Kgs of combustible material.

That comparison doesn't really hold. For one thing, liquid gasoline isn't very combustible. What's combustible is the right mix of evaporated gasoline and air, as it briefly comes into and goes out of existence inside the engine.
Liquid gasoline inside the tank is remarkably stable, which is why we don't see cars randomly going up in flames. Plus, it's not /directly/ strapped to my wrist or face..

A lithium air battery has half the specific energy of wood. I wouldn't worry [...]

Well, TNT has 1/5 the specific energy of wood.

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by fisted (#48344917) Attached to: Raspberry Pi A+ Details Leaked

One downside of the A+ is that it still has only a single USB 2 connector.

There are two down sides worth noting. That's one of them

That's not a downside.
The onboard USB hub of model B is one of the main perpetrators responsible for the high power consumption. It would defeat the point of model A if it was present.

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by fisted (#48314291) Attached to: OpenBSD 5.6 Released

Suspend/resume has been broken there since 2008, and drivers for any recent Intel graphics adapter will not run (you cannot switch from Xorg to a console and back) properly.

[...] Your comment about not being able to switch between X and console suggests your knowledge is at least two years out of date. It was true for a short while in -CURRENT (the development branch) but never the case in a -RELEASE version.

Not true, 10-RELEASE has this issue. I'm experiencing it first-hand, but to also quote your handbook:

6.4.1. Caveats
Intel: as of FreeBSD 9.1, 3D acceleration on most Intel graphics, including IronLake, SandyBridge, and IvyBridge, is supported. Due to the current KMS implementation, it is not possible to switch between the graphical console and a virtual console using Crtl+Alt+F#.

+ - Linux boycott called for->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Linux is a replacement for the Unix kernel which is used in GNU/Linux, originally authored by Linus Torvalds of Finland. It represents a monumental increase in complexity, a slap in the face to the Unix philosophy, and its inherent domineering and viral nature turns it into something akin to an "in-kernel" implementation of Unix that is spreading all across the Unix ecosystem. This site aims to serve as a rundown and a wake-up call to take a stand against the widespread proliferation of Linux, to detail why it is harmful, and to persuade users to reject its use, and especially its ubiquity.

Disclaimer: We are not Unix purists by any means. We do recognize the need for a new Unix kernel in the 21st century, but Linux is not it."

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