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Comment Only 85 years short... (Score 5, Informative) 99

1,000 Years are 525,960,000 minutes, i.e. 52,596,000 10-minutes

According to TFS, the thing has 48,140,288 Frames, one of which is displayed ever 10 minutes.

So they seem to be 4,455,712 frames short of having it actually take 1000 years to complete.
That's 85 years. ...artists... what a meta-failure.

Comment Re:NZ? (Score 2) 69

....what? "falls" into space? You need to reach escape velocity (the direction of which interestingly doesn't matter). At the poles, you have to do it all by yourself, on the equator you only need to add sufficient speed to what you're already getting due to Earth's rotation.

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